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Review (3)
Level4 2017-06-04
Very old school traditional coffee shop, where the owner made the drinks in singlet and draw string pants. The must order drink here is the coffee served with a piece of butter on top. Also served in other hot drinks such as holicks with butter (S$1.30). continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-30
I never did expect to find such a old coffee shop amongst the modern buildings in not just this area but Singapore as a whole. Everything about this coffee shop has not changed. I spotted the elderly Uncle in his usual white t-shirt and his pocketless pull-string pants. The main reason for not having a pocket is to prevent the coffee boys during those olden days to steal the money collected. This elderly Uncle is running this coffee shop with his son from 4 am to 8 pm, daily. Time has come to a stand still right here. Heap Seng Leong is definitely a part of the history and i could not help but wonder how much longer would this place be around? i am glad that i made the effort to drop by before it is gone for good.I am here for their Butter Kopi and i ordered some toasts to go along. Butter Kopi can only be found at those traditional Hainanese Coffee Shops but not many are still serving it these days as the younger generation is not able to appreciate the goodness of such traditional taste. The younger Uncle served the Butter Kopi first then came back with the toasts a couple of minutes later. The first look of the Butter Kopi was not an appetising one. The butter melted rather quickly in the hot coffee then left floating on the surface of the coffee. I stirred it slightly, to mix the melted butter with the condensed milk then took my first sip. Honestly, i never did expect myself to enjoy it. It did not taste too buttery, in fact, i could hardly taste any butter taste in it. But that piece of butter has added the extra bit of creaminess to the coffee to enhance its flavor quite a bit. It did not taste too acidity but rather smooth in general. This was my first time tasting the Butter Kopi and i have fallen in love with such an unique taste. It just got me to wonder if i am to try getting a block of butter and sliced it then have it with the coffee from my usual coffee stalls at the food centre near where i stay and whether would i get the similar taste?The toasts with a piece of butter sandwiched in between and a thin layer of kaya did not taste any different from others that i have tried. Those pieces of bread were nicely toasted to give its texture a slight crisp. Though not too special but it complemented with the Butter Kopi perfectly and to make this as a perfect choice for afternoon tea. I do hope this old coffee shop is going be around for another few decades to able the younger generation to experience the Kopitiam culture during their grandparents or their parents' generation. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-29
Located about 8 minutes walk away from lavender MRT station, is a old coffeeshop which is already rarely seen in Singapore. Coffeeshop of these kind has been replaced with modern coffeeshop which deem to be cleaner. Over here, beside old furnitures which might be older than us, the old uncle uses the conventional way to toast the bread~ charcoal grilled bread. On top of that, the background music was hokkien oldies and the shop was placed with lot of marble table top with wooden legs and plastic red chairs.Although simple as it look, this breakfast set has the taste that sent you back to the 70s. The bread($1.20) was charcoal grilled with the burnt area been scraped off. The half boiled eggs ($1)was cooked to perfection and best of all, it's served without you having the hassle to remove the eggs from the eggshells. The coffee($0.60) was made using the traditional brewing way of using the coffee socks. I would highly recommended the butter coffee($0.90),It was a normal cup of coffee with a slice of butter inside. However it was not oily, in fact it bring out the taste of the coffee and make it even smoother and lighter to be drank.Overall it was a cheap nostalgic affair, I like the place as coffeeshop like these are diminishing in the modernizing Singapore. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)