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Heng Heng Curry Cafe serves a wide range of comfort food. The dishes range across many cultural groups, allowing diners to have a better understanding of the diverse culture in Singapore through food. The interior is covered in textured walls, and soft lighting. continue reading
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11:30 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Chendol Curry Fish Head Fragrant Pumpkin Rice with Nonya Prawns Ngo Hiang Ngoh Hiang
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Served mostly Chinese-style luxury food, Heng Heng Curry Café was place where I can release stress after busy working day. Simple décor accompanied warm lightning, it was basically a multi-cultural concept under one roof. Service was friendly, staffs were all willing to help.Without tempting Curry, you would never complete your visit at Heng Heng. Teochew-inspired bowl obviously, the fish head was huge and firmly fresh. Overflowing with assorted veggies such as Ladyfingers, Tomatoes, Long Beans, Cabbages and Brinjals, entire was a boiling perfection. Not only thickly usual yellowish broth, it was also guaranteed to burst your appetite from the very first savoury spoon. Price at $28.90, it can be served up to 3 persons.Boasting tender pork, the taste was heavier than Fish Head Curry. Fatty part was in just right amount, it was bite-able without greasiness. Infusion of spices, richness of Coconut Milk was heavenly joined in the gravy. Nicely escorted plain rice, the portion was filling and comfortable. The price for it was $9.90, it definitely worth a try. For me, it was a casual restaurant to gather friends and family for sumptuous food. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-16
Heng Heng Curry Cafe serves a variety of local delicacies, serving dishes from diverse culture group in Singapore. The place was easily accessible at Woodlands, basement of Causeway Point Shopping Centre.Delicacies offered were well like by young and old. Families were seen dining with the signature's dish of the cafe placed on the table over the flaming fire.Greeted by the Red Hot Curry on the cover page of the Menu, it's hard to miss out such a starring dish.Instead of the traditional feedback form placed on the table, Heng Heng Curry Cafe welcome comments, feedbacks or suggestions via email as stated in their signage which was glued on to every table.The beverages that ease the spiciness for the night was none other than the sour plum juice served in the old rustic kind of cup which seemed to have chipped off. Dont be fool by the look, its actually design on purpose and its made of glass instead of the old school metal cup.While my dinner kaki had his cup of refreshing lychee drink to pair with. A pretty common drink filled with 2 lychee fruit and syrup.Made fresh and served daily, all their Ngoh Hiang rolls were delicately prepared according to their secret recipes with ingredients from our local market. Dabbed them into the sweet dark sauce and enjoyed a burst of mouthful unique flavours. Altogether with its cripsy texture, it is a perfect side dish to the main dish or even good to pair with just plain white rice.The signature's item that was well liked by all. It was advised that one should not leave the restaurant without trying Heng Heng's Curry Fish head. This portion allows a serving from 2 to 3 pax.This local favourite dish with their distinctive combination of flavour under the naked fire. The level of spiciness was still bearable, prepared with their unique blend of freshly ground spices and handpicked ingredients. The teochew style of fish head with fresh "Ang Ko Li" Fish simmered in the well tangy flavoured curry is indeed mouthwatering. The amount of coconut milk used was pretty well ratio with an acceptable curry thickness. I will recommend this place for family dining. Here's a video from the Curry Pot: continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-19
Being an all-time curry lover, I was pretty excited to get my fix of curry at Heng Heng Curry Cafe. This restaurant belongs to the Minor Food Group Singapore which also has Thai Express, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, New York New York, Buffet Town, Kiseki, Shokudo Concepts, Pinle among other brands under it, and these brands hardly disappoints. Heng Heng Curry Cafe situates itself at the basement corner of Causeway Point right next to the escalator, you can never miss it. They have some really cool curry dishes which people hardly expect could go well with curry. The pictures on their menu all looks so appetizing that you may not know what to order. I decided to go for the simple Curry Chicken ($9.90). The gravy is really amazing, not overly spicy and really cooked to the right consistency. The chicken aren't as tender as I've expected but they were still tasty because they probably have sinked in the curry flavour after long simmering hours. The potatoes aren't the regular ones you expect from normal curries but rather those lightly fried ones, probably because they didn't want then to be overcooked and mashed up or other reasons. I prefer the non-fried ones though. This is how well the golden curry goes with the white Steamed Rice ($1). I love the coriander they topped it with because it's really fresh. The curry also comes with long beans & eggplant which are nice too, provided you're not a picky eater. My buddy who was with me went slightly adventurous and ordered the Curry Chicken Hor Fun ($8.90). There are mixed reviews about the portion of the hor fun but I believe it's just the way they put it, because she took quite a while to finish it too. But I do agree that they could be more generous withy the chicken. Hor fun was a tad bit dry but it goes kind of well with the hot curry gravy. Who doesn't need drinks for their curry? I've ordered the Grass Jelly drink ($2.80) and they come in this vintage looking mug which I kind of like, the drink was also pretty awesome and sufficient as well. However, one thing I dislike about this place is how they charge for their Plain Water ($0.50). Would leave a far better impression without it. Overall, they do have good curries, portion of the chicken curry was great at a reasonable price and they have really good and friendly service staff too. Maybe I won't recommend the hor fun but I'll most likely be returning for their signature fish head curry and other dishes on their menu! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-18
Curry Chicken Hor Fun $8.90The curry chicken hor fun tasted rather average. For a cafe that specializes in selling curry food items, this was disappointing. The hor fun absorbed the curry sauce rather quickly and so it got quite dry after some time. The hor fun seemed to have been stir-fried and had a little of the wok-hei fragrance and it went well with the curry. The portion of the chicken meat was quite little though. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Met up with some friends fro dinner at Causeway Point before going Night Safari. Walked around the basement & since there isn't much crowd, we decide to settle here for dinner.Lime juice with sour plum was refreshingAsam Laksa Seafood. The thick asam gravy is very thick, slightly sour & not too spicy. Cucumbers, onions & pineapples add an extra umph! NiceCurry Vegetables. Curry is also quite thick and not too spicy, taste quite nice Ngoh Hiang (meat roll) is nice too. Love the crunchy chestnuts inside. It is even nicer when eaten with the homemade chilli & dark sauceFried Chicken Wing is very tender & crispy on the outsidePreserved vegetables & Pork Belly with Pumpkin Rice. Pork belly is soft & tender, but the preserved vegetables is a bit blandBraised Pork & Egg Rice Set. Braised pork is also soft & it's a little sweet.Serving portion for the side dishes are just nice for sharing among 4 person, so it's quite a nice place for small group gathering. I'll probably be back again to try the Fish Head Curry. continue reading
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