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Level4 2012-04-27
Tortellini $ Prawn This cafe has unique decoration.I'm quite like the environment there.The prawn is quite big in size,so it is juicy.And the amount of prawns is quite lots.The cheese make the prawn taste nice.I would like to add more pepper,so it not only have cheese taste and it is also have some spiciness.It is really not bad. continue reading
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Level1 2011-10-15
After a short wait, our dishes arrived and we tucked in. First impressions, the beef (medium well) I had was very well done and the meat was tender and a little juicy. The hog tail fries tasted like the curly fries from MacDonalds and the salad looked like it could use some sprucing up. I managed to try some of my friend's chicken and it tasted kinda weird with peachy-mangoey sauce on top of the chicken. The sauce tasted like those you would find in puddings. Overall, the food was average.The waitresses were friendly, but a little lacking in service. continue reading
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Level4 2010-12-25
Hog's Breath Café has definitely lost its quality in their food. I remembered they used to have fantastic steak and huge crowd in their restaurants. But recently, the restaurant is quiet and standard in food dropped. I went with a friend to the Robertson outlet and it was a disappointment. Many of the dishes on their menu were not available. Firstly, the BBQ pork ribs that I wanted was not available (which I came here for), therefore I requested for lamb cutlets, which to my disappointment was not available as well. Finally, I ordered the lamb shank which was available. The dish came and the lamb was hard, it didn’t taste good. It felt overcooked or been frozen for awhile. My friend ordered the fish & chips which was oily and dry. The service staff was not sure of the menu and food items available for sale, they had to check and get back to us many times which was annoying. The total bill summed up to $60+ after GST and service charge. It was definitely not worth the price. I will not return to the restaurant again. continue reading
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Level4 2010-11-23
We have ventured to all outlets of Hog's Breath Cafe and this was the last one to try out. Whenever we have our lunch or dinner at Hog's Breath, we would only order 1 type of steak and that was the Natural Prime Rib Steak that has been slow cooked for 18 hours before they sliced it up and grill it for you as per your order. I love the natural taste of beef.The beef was so tender that it melts in your mouth and yes, we had it medium rare. You can choose your sides. I would normally choose garden veggies and baked potatoe. The garden veggies consists of carrot, broccoli and 1/3 of a corn. It was a balanced meal of 200g of meat with vegetables. So, no more guilty feeling of having too much meat. If you still have room in your stomach, do try their dessert. The environment was a bit noisy cos there were a number of tables filled up already but it was okay as I am there for the food. If you want to chit chat with your friends, it could be a little noisy when the place is crowded. continue reading
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It was a marketing promotion that attracted me and decided to dine at Hog's Breath. Not that I hadn't heard of Hog's Breath Café prior to that, but you know when there's so many explosion of new malls with new restaurants and cafes out there, it's a little difficult to keep up.On deal.com.sg, it was a 50% discounted deal, price of $15 for $30 vouchers at Hog's. That made me purchased two pieces, which means we had a total of $60 spending power. The moment I hit ‘purchase’, I started to look forward and the visit wasn't a letdown.It was just last Saturday. We had a knowledgeable, helpful and attentive waitress who greeted us promptly upon arrival. We did make a reservation though but turned out to be unnecessary after all. I'm really upset to say that it was just my boyfriend and I, with another caucasian couple prolly in their late 30s, to the entire restaurant that night. Such quietness on a Saturday night just wasn't meant to be.Upon seated, the same waitress kindly informed us about some changes in the menu and that the kitchen had ran out of mashed potatoes if we did intend to get some, but we didn't anyway. I really liked the fact that she took such initiative. We wanted to use up all $60 and at the same time, try an appetizer, a main and a dessert, so we came to a decision to share a Buffalo Wings, Calamari Prime Rib Steak and Mississippi Mud Cake respectively.The Buffalo Wings was really such a signature. Hot and crispy chicken wings/drums with vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce and sizzling butter. The wonderful side blue cheese made it better with every dip.The Calamari Prime Rib Steak wasn't as good as expected though. It was a generous portion that also came with 2 sides, we choose grilled vegetables and curly fries. Enough for 2 in not-so-hungry mood. The beef was tender and chewy but apparently didn't have any taste nor juice, strange combination I know, I thought it could be pan-fried. Thank god for the blue cheese and burmese sauce($1.50) that made it a lot better. For the calamari and curly fries, they were crispy to an extent but clearly undercooked as the color of both were deep pale. Grilled vegetables were yummy. The Mississippi Mud Cake was basically the highlight of my night.. Have I mentioned how much I love my desserts? A large stack(in both height and width) of brownie cake that was drowning in chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a scoop of solid vanilla ice-cream. Garnished with a sliced strawberry on top. Chocolate-related desserts will always have my attention.I can’t say more how much it was really worth the deal. Such lovely dinner for only $30, then again I’m not sure what my take will be if it wasn’t for the vouchers. continue reading
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