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Level4 2016-01-13
For more food reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comEver wonder where did the Hong Kong Roasted at Bukit Batok Community Centre go to? We came across some articles online mentioning the move of the stall to Bukit Batok Village Eating House after the big revamp in the community centre.It was my first experience having meal from an industrial canteen at a height with views and find it rather interesting overlooking at the stacks of Public Housing as well as Multi Storey Carpark decks. Though canteen is at the highest level of the industrial, the spiral carpark has given me ample space in the turning point thus driving was made easy without being too taxing on the head - giddiness.Hong Kong Roasted is occupying two stall space in the canteen selling both noodle and rice. Most stalls are closed on a Sunday morning except this Roasted Meat Stall and the drinks stall. We were quite unsure initially if Hong Kong Roasted Meat will be opened as the whole industrial area was pretty quiet until we smell the roasted fragrance of Roasted meat lingering at the upper levels of the carpark.They were very generous with the braised Sauce & chilli sauce and place them in bowls.The meat platter consists of 3 kind of meat, roasted duck, Char Siew and Roasted Meat. Roasted duck was glistening on the outside and was up to the mark. Yum yum!The roasted meat (Sio Bak) was roasted with a charred taste and skin crispy. When you bite on it, you can hear the crunch literally.While Char Siew was on the lean side. However, the meat was not tough and surprisingly quite soft to chew.Overall, it is glad to see Hong Kong Roasted Meat still around the vicinity. Roasted Meat Lovers, you may want to make a trip down to the industrial to have your fix. continue reading
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