Every dim sum creation is crafted diligently with heart and soul, and every ingredient is conscientiously selected to produce the authentic flavor of the Hong Kong dim sum. Express delivery is provided island-wide to households and corporate customers. A wide variety of ala-carte dim sum, dim sum bento sets and party sets are launched to satisfy all dim sum lovers. continue reading
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Full review at http://lepakwithyaops.com/hong-kong-zhai-house-of-dim-sum-since-1988Follow Lepak With Yaops on Instagram and FacebookFounded by Susan Ng, this humble outlet in the neighbourhood of Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 is an established dim sum manufacturer and one of the bigger player in this industry. In addition, after a re-branding of image in 2014, Hong Kong Zhai now has a delivery arm that allow one to sit back and enjoy hot steaming dim sum delivered to our doorsteps!My parents and I had differing opinions as we enjoyed our food. I thought that it was above average while they felt that otherwise.These were our orders:Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimp ($3.50)BBQ Pork Rice Roll ($3)Glutinous Rice In Lotus Leaf ($3)Red Bean Paste with Melon Seed Bun ($1.60)Siew Mai ($2.80)BBQ Pork Pastry ($3)Creamy Custard Bun ($3)If I were to compare it to 126 Dim Sum and Swee Choon, the only disadvantage will be its lack of variety, otherwise food standard is definitely comparable. However, the advantage will be its affordability! Hoo-ray for that! continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-17
Good:- The baked egg tarts taste delicious. The sweet and soft egg custard blends perfectly with the flaky tart.- The porridge taste peppery and good with century egg in it.- The stamed siew mai were tasty and its meat was juicy and soft, while the shrimp dumplings were springy, but a little small.- Dim sum prices here are generally cheaper than those in restaurants.Not-so-good:- Most of the other dishes taste average. The glutinous rice in leaf is mildy fragrant and leaves you tired after eating half of it. The spinach in crystal ball and beancurd sheet roll were not spectacular at all.Overall:Have visited a couple of times for the dim sum. Do note that although cheaper than restaurants, the dim sum here are not very cheap either. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
I went back for the egg tarts. I made an effort to go early as I am determined to get those egg tarts this time. They claimed their egg tarts are as good as the famous egg tarts from the famous Tai Cheong Bakery in Hong Kong. I am a frequent traveler to Hong Kong and i ate it often enough to compare the taste. I was lucky to get hold of the last few egg tarts of that day. The appearance of these egg tarts did not quite stand out. Firstly, these egg tarts are not fresh from oven. They have been pre-baked and left it there to sell. First to notice is the crust is not as buttery nor crumbly and it does not melt in the mouth. The custard fared slightly better. It is rather sweet, creamy with nice eggy taste. I would very much prefer the egg tarts to have flaky pastry rather than the traditional pie crust. I gotta try the Salted Egg Custard buns too. The skin of these buns is rather thick. If you left it for too long, it tends to be a little harder.The salted egg custard filling is not enough to have the exploding effect so it did not get to flow out as expected. It has got a creamy texture but the salted egg taste is not as dominating. Though not an expert in the Salted Egg Custard Bun but this is not amongst the best that i ever eaten. Average tasting dim sum at reasonable pricing. Though not the best but not a bad choice. continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-18
This spring roll is so delicious! With the juicy and sweet mango paired with the succulent and juicy prawns, this spring roll is just too addictive. Love the sesame seeds sprinkled on the spring roll as it adds a different taste to the entire spring roll. This spring roll is a combination of sweet and salty taste and it is very nice especially when it is hot and crispy. this large dumpling consist of vegetables and it is really good. The skin of the dumpling is not too thick and it is really soft and good. The vegetables inside the dumpling adds a nice crunch to the soft dumpling and do not just skip this dish due to one's personal dislike of vegetables as it is really good. Best eaten when hot or warm as when it is cold, the dumpling skin would become a little hard. The xiao long pau served here is also not bad. Becareful of the soup inside the pork dumpling though. Love that the skin of the dumplings are all not too thick.This beancurd roll is really delicious and the fillings inside the roll is really fresh and good. The prawn inside is succulent and fresh and the amount of fillings is really generous. The beancurd roll also has a deep fried version and both the steamed and fried versions are equally delicious. The fried version is a little oily but it is very fragrant. Love the crispy beancurd skin that gives a nice crunch when biten into. dip the rolls into vinegar and the rolls would be even more delicious!Egg tarts are a must have for a dim sum meal. Love the sweet and custardy egg enclosed in the flacky tart. This egg tart is really good as the custard is really smooth and it still wobbles when you bite into the egg tart. The flacky tart complements the sweet custard very well and this egg tart is very delicious when warm. However, i find the custard a little too sweet. Other sweet dim sum such as red bean banana roll can be found here. The banana roll has red bean oozing out when biten iinto and the banana slices adds a nice taste to the red bean.Fried wantons are jusr too hard to resist and the fried wantons here at Hong Kong Zhai is really crispy and delicious. The wanton consist of a large fresh succulent prawn and mince meat and the wanton is fried till golden brown. The wanton goes really well with the salad cream and chilli sauce. For the more health conscious, the wanton is also really good on its own. The wantons though fried are not at all greasy and eating a few at a time is no problem. The jiao zi here is also not too bad but felt that the fillings were a little too little and the skin a little thick.Unlike the normal apple fillings found inside the pie, this consist of bananas and red bean.Love this sweet "dessert" to end of the dim sum meal. This dessert is really nice especially when served hot. It is crispy on the outside and the red bean paste just oozes out of the pie when biten into. The aroma of the banana compliments the red bean and goes nicely together. This dish can be eaten hot or cold. This is something like a red bean pancake just that the red bean paste is more liquid and the fresh and aromatic bananas add a different flavour to the red bean.Love this barbeque pork roll as the sweet char siew(barbeque pork ) goes really well with the flacky exterior that encloses the pork. The sesame seeds add a really fragrant smell to the already delicious roll. The fillings inside the roll is very generous and in every bite, you would surely be able to eat both the flacky skin and the sweet pork fillings. This dish is really nice when warm. The char siew pau here is also really good. The warm soft pau encloses generous fillings of barbequed pork. Both the barbeque pork roll and the pau is quite similar just that the exterior of each dish is different. You should definitely get both though as both are just too good to resist! continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-03
This place moved from the coffee shop across the street.Why?Rental. That's why. Says the boss.No choice. Have to do such a boliao thing to move he says. How cute.Well, wherever his stall may be, his food is still good enough for me.The sad part though would be his carrot cake. It's not my top choice for an order. It usually is though. And I order it anyway because I like these carrot cake things. Which means even if it isn't that nice, as long as its available i'd get it. oops.The cheong fun was smooth and slippery.And the char siew bao was the star!Sweet and savoury all at once, encased in a mildly sweet bun. continue reading
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