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At Hoshino Coffee, sip on our "hand-dripped" coffee over satisfying and tantalising desserts. continue reading
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Level3 2017-12-29
This time visited Hoshino Coffee at Plaza. I like the surrounding decoration have always unique for his fusion style. Order their lunch deal and also their best spaghetti. Always I’m not in favour for spaghetti but would be their signature Hoshino Spaghetti. The spaghetti is 100% perfection, serve with garlic soy style sauce, it not too oily. Toppling with the spinach, sesame, tomato, mushroom, half cooked egg on top it. I surely love it with sesame seeds too. With their signature Hoshino blend black coffee with ice lemon. It was a good combination and finish up in no time. High recommendation for spaghetti lover. continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-13
Located on the third floor extension of Plaza Singapura, is Hoshino Coffee, a popular Japanese chain of coffee shop. I wanted to try this so badly at Shibuya but time did not allow. So back here in Singapore, I decided to go all out and try it!! 7 soufflés ordered and here goes my personal soufflé buffet!!Now that is supposedly Spring in Japan, even though my Japanese friends told me it snowed last week and it's currently 6 degrees celsius in Tokyo, the Spring menu for Hoshino coffee includes this super pretty pink  strawberry soufflé pancake!"Gotta catch em all!"1. Hoshino's Spring Pancake Soufflé $14.50++So after the waitress took our 7 orders of soufflés, all the 4 pancakes arrived at all table all at once! The strawberry ice cream was very smooth, it wasn't too sweet but the syrup they provided us was very sweet indeed!Use it sparingly over the soufflé, as it can drown out your taste buds and we had 6 more soufflés to try and we didn't want to kill our taste buds. The soufflé itself is alot harder than the normally fluffly soufflé. As it is a pancake, I would consider it more like a fluffier and slightly tougher version of a chiffon cake.2. Pancake Soufflé with Chocolate Banana $13.50++Lots of chocolate sauce going on here. When you order a pancake soufflé, you have an option of whipped cream of softee. We went with softee for all our pancake soufflés and we liked the softee. Japanese soft serves, you can never go wrong with them! The pancake soufflé don't have any fillings inside, unlike the hot vanilla soufflés.3. Pancake Soufflé with Mango $13.50++We decided to go easy on the syrup for this one, having tried the first Spring soufflé with syrup and the second one with alot of chocolate sauce. The softee itself isn't very sweet, as such you can taste the subtle sweetness of the soufflé pancake!4. Pancake Soufflé with Matcha "Ogura" Bean Paste $13.50++The most modest of the pancake soufflés, and my personal favourite. The matcha soft cream here tastes very similar to the one I tried at Tsujiri, it has a stronger bitter after taste than the typical sweet and sugar-ladden matcha ice cream. The bean paste is also very sweet, as such, be careful not to get a sugar-overdose trying to eat that on it's own! 5. Vanilla Soufflé with Chocolate/Custard/Matcha sauce $10.80++ eachAll the vanilla soufflés arrived at our table just as we were done with the pancake soufflé!You gotta pour the sauces into the soufflé and the soufflé was steaming hot as we sliced it open, and even as we dug in, each spoonful, you could still see it steaming!! It is a very hot dessert, and be careful not to burn your tongue!Of the 3 sauces, my favourite was custard. It had the right amount of sweetness! The chocolate was abit too sweet for my liking and the green tea wasn't sweet at all!and here's the bill for our exploration of 7 soufflés at Hoshino coffee!!Service is pretty good here, there's a button for your to press and the waitress will come to you. The also provide you with a bag to put your things. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-22
We were there at 6pm on a weekday evening, and since there was no queue (happy!), we decided to have our dinner there. The place look really nice and comfy to chill but sadly only two of us couldnt get to sit on their comfy looking sofa seats which is for a bigger group. Anyway, it was our first time there so was quite excited to try the food.Being green tea lovers, we ordered the Hot Matcha Latte ($9). I feel it is quite overpriced for this small cup of matcha latte which I can finish in a few sips. But it is really nice, thick and powdery, and I could feel the real matcha taste in it, warm and satisfying! I love it!I had the Fuwa Fuwa Hoshino Souffle ($15.80). True to its name, it is soft and fluffy, and beneath the fluffy souffle is hot and pipping delectable rice with mushrooms, pork and beef. The waiter told us that all their rice dishes contains beef, if you strictly cannot take beef, avoid the rice and go for the pastas. I don't usually take beef coz I dont like it, but as I wanted to try this Fuwa Fuwa Souffle, I went ahead to order. Anyway, it wasnt too bad, and just a few pieces of beef isnt too beefy either, so it is acceptable. I like the rice, its warm and tasty, real comfort food to me.My friend had the Lobster Bisque Spaghetti ($16), and it was a very large serving. I tried a bit and it was quite nice, strong lobster taste of the soup and spaghetti. My friend like it and finished every bit of it! We were quite full from our mains, so we had to skip dessert.As we have not met up for many years and had a lot to chat, we were there from 6pm till about 930pm. I was afraid that they would chase us after we finish our meal, coz we could see queues forming at 7pm. But to our delight, they did not chase us and allow us to sit and chat even after we finish our meal, but well, we still had our drinks with us. Service was quite good too, and they were very diligent in refilling our iced water! So we had quite a pleasant experience on our first visit to Hoshino. The things here are quite pricey especially their drinks and desserts, so I may think twice about coming back again.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-29
I had a lobster bisque spaghetti $16 and was surprised by its portion which was larger than average. The prawns were not of the freshest quality but they were not small. There were 3 prawns and the spaghetti was soaked in the lobster bisque. The lobster bisque taste was strong and there were some mini tofu cubes too. It may be too overwhelming for one person to finish it all. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-28
Japanese blended coffee $5.80. The coffee was too bitter for me despite adding 2 servings of sugar. Can't really appreciate this black coffee but it was aromatic and rich.fuwa fuwa souffle $15.80. This was really fluffy and the rice underneath this fluffy goodness was flavourful and moist, accompanied with pork that tasted like bacon and ham and beef which did not have a strong beefy taste. There was a waiting time of around 15 minutes for food to arrive after being seated. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)