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Level4 2014-01-08
Located right next to the Yong Tau Foo stall at the Food Republic at Causeway Point, you can also pick the ingredients you want to add to your hot pot. Even some of the ingredients are quite similar to the Yong Tau Foo stall, like the enoki mushroom, crab sticks, beancurd skin and vegetables among others. Of notable difference though is the array of meat available at the Hot Hot Pot stall. Unlike the Yong Tau Foo stall, this stall charges by the gram. Basically, the base price starts at $2.00 and every item thereafter will be weighed and priced accordingly. Vegetable dishes are charged per 80 gram while meat goes per 100 gram. We ordered for two person to share and our ingredients consist of chicken meat, chinese sausage, crab stick, beancurd skin, enoki mushroom, vermicelli and even rice cake! Quite a weird mix I suppose, but that's the beauty of being able to choose what you want. You can also choose if you want it dry or with soup, as well as the level of spiciness for your pot base but we opted for the healthier non-spicy soup version, although it came looking a bit like Yong Tau Foo. As we went during dinner time, there was quite a queue and we had to wait a while for the food to be prepared. It came in quite a big bowl although the portion was just nice for two person. The soup base was quite tasty but not overly salty for us. We liked that the chicken meat was well cooked and was quite meaty. Other than the chinese sausage, which didn't fare too well in soup, the rest of the food were just the right firmness and not soggy. My personal favourite was the rice cakes which were cut into slices and were slightly chewy. Wished I had taken more of those! We had a 10% discount for Passion Card members so our final total was about $10.50, which we thought was quite reasonable for two people. Overall, worth a try if you're looking for hotpot in the vicinity, although you might need to take note of the amount and weight of ingredients chosen to avoid a surprise when paying the bill. continue reading
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Level3 2013-11-28
Hot Hot Pot is actually Ma La Xiang Guo where you get to choose your own ingredients Yong Tau Foo style, but they will charge you according to weight instead of per item. Price is on the slightly expensive side, but you can moderate the amount of food you choose.By default they will cook you the dry version, but you can actually request for the soup version with no extra charge. I like the soup 1 as it feels less oily and the soup is really delicious.You can also choose the level of spiciness for your Hot Hot Pot. It goes from small, medium to big (Xiao La, Zong La, Da La).My bill for that day. I ordered for 1 person. continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-30
As I continue to try all the Ma La Hot Pot stalls, I chanced upon this newly opened stall at the Food Republic at Causeway Point.Like most of the Ma La Xiang Guo stalls in Singapore, you can choose the ingredients you want, and it will be charged according to weight. This stalls also sells some other Sichuan dishes but I didnt really get a closer look as it was really crowded that day.My first impression of this Ma La Xiang Guo stall is that the variety of ingredients for selection here is much wider than most of the other places that I have visited, however, it seems that their price is also higher..For example.. they charge $1 for 80g of Veg while most places only charge $0.80 - $1 for 100g of Veg. Prices for meat & mushrooms are also slightly higher.Food is okay, not too fantastic and somehow have a little sweet taste which I dont really like. They also charge you an additional $2 for the pot base which I feel is ridiculous. What pot base? It's just some chilli and some condiments.Our bill. It looks expensive but we ordered a huge portion for 3 person to share so I think it's still acceptable. Slightly on the expensive side, but still acceptable.Overall, I think it's not worth to have the Ma La Hot Pot here as the food is only mediocre and it's more expensive than other places. continue reading
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