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What to do when you are on a budget but want a decent meal in a comfortable environment that isn't a fast food outlet? Go to Hot Tomato of course! Its clean and modern decor in its signature colors of orange and white makes it a pleasant and lively place for a casual meal with friends or family. Incidentally, orange is also known to be stimulating to the appetite. Big appetite or not, the menu here is not as extensive as I'd like, but there is still a sufficient variety of meals to choose from, such as the mains, grills & spaghetti, pasta, and soup, salads and sides. Best of all, the dishes here are mostly pretty affordable and there are set meal upgrades that you can opt for a more filling meal without busting your budget by too much.Teriyaki Chicken Aglio Olio ($8.60)This came with quite a decent portion of grilled boneless chicken thigh on spaghetti aglio olio with a side of crunchy salad. The chicken chop was juicy and tender, and the sauce was pretty tasty and peppery. The aglio olio was cooked al dente and it was also evenly seasoned, although I thought that the flavour of the aglio olio could be a little stronger. We did like that the spaghetti wasn't too dry or too oily. Set Meal Upgrade: Mushroom Soup of the Day + Garlic Bread + Ice Lemon Tea (All Day Upgrade $3.50)We upgraded our meal for a soup of the day, which was Cream of Mushroom, and a choice of Ice Lemon Tea (you can also choose Lime Juice, Coffee or Tea). Unfortunately, we forgot to take photo of the soup as it came after our mains and by then we were busy tucking into the food. The soup was quite creamy and delicious with a generous serving of chopped mushroom bits. We both gave it the thumb up for taste.Mashed Potato with Pepper Gravy ($3.90)We also got an extra side of Mashed Potato which came in a small bowl. The mashed potato was smooth and creamy and the sauce was quite peppery. I thought that "peppery" seemed to be a common thread among quite a number of their dishes. The Mashed Potato was a nice addition if you want something more with the meal but I personally found the set upgrades sufficient.Chocolate Cake (Upgrade $2.50)We also upgraded the meal to add a cake for $2.50 which we initially thought was a good deal as the usual price was $3.50. But we were a tad disappointed when we saw how small and thin it was. Taste-wise, we thought that this wasn't exactly a cake and was more like a condensed version of chocolate mousse but nonetheless it was still quite decent in taste. My only grouse was that there was just too little of this melt-in-your-mouth chocolate treat to really satisfy me!Overall, the food was quite decent and we thought our meals were quite reasonably priced at just $14/++ each (before service charge and GST) for a complete meal with a main, soup of the day, dessert and drink. It was worth getting the set meal upgrade for the soup although we were split on our verdict regarding the dessert. I thought it was decent enough but my friend didn't find it worth the price especially considering the serving size. Service was also quite decent despite the dinner time crowd and the staff was fairly responsive. But you might want to go slightly earlier as there is usually a queue during dinner time. One other thing is that they will charge for a glass of water at $0.20 per glass. So do take note if you need a drink but do not plan on upgrading the meal! continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-04
Right after school head to Causeway Point Hot Tomato with my mates we ordered Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Chop and Grilled Pacific Dory and also chicken wing with onion ring .the portion of the food was rather quite less and after eat I and my mates still feel hungry. they should give a bigger portion of food.As the timing was around 6pm therefore no student price . anyway , the food was nice very tasty especially the dory fish. Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Chop $9.90Grilled Pacific Dory $9.90chicken wing with onion ring $6.90 continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-25
Headed for dinner at Hot Tomato one day with my sisters and we ordered:- Spicy Hot Wings ($6.90)- Mix grill ($13.50)- Spaghetti Carbonara ($9.90)- USA Pork Chop and Sausage ($10.90)The appetizers and main dishes were served pretty quickly, one after another.I had the carbonara pasta but there wasn’t much to rave about. Still it is a good attempt. The bacon bits and ham helped to add flavour to the otherwise quite bland carbonara sauce. My sisters had the mix grill (pork chop, chicken fillet and sausage), and the USA Pork Chop & Sausage. Both came with a serving of pasta which is great because it ensured that your carb needs are being met in addition to your proteins.Overall the place has a pleasant vibe and for the prices it charge for its meals, I had say it’s a fair price to pay and definitely worth a second visit! continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-23
Among my family and friends, Hot Tomato is well known for its aglio olio and relatively affordable sets. After visiting last week after a long time and ordering the same dishes I love (or used to), I was partially disappointed.As usual, I ordered the soup + drink set because it is worth the money. The Ice Lemon Tea was pretty normal and more towards the tasteless side than sweet. The tomato soup was good: thick and flavourful. The small garlic toast looked delicious, but it was too hard for my liking.The Teriyaki Chicken Chop was probably the best dish on that day. The teriyaki sauce was sufficient for the entire chicken and the flavour was not too overpowering. This made up for the not-as-tender chicken. The side salad actually had a really nice tangy dressing. Even someone who doesn't like greens like me finished up the entire salad! The aglio olio, however, was a major disappointment. It used to taste really good, but this one just didn't have the flavour coming out and it only felt oily without the right taste. It was a drastic difference in quality and I'm hoping it was just a bad day in the kitchen.While the chicken was good, the salmon was pretty bad. The mango salsa sauce was sufficiently sour and sweet, but it was too little to cover the entire salmon, which was essentially tasteless. The meat was also not soft and chewy and it was such a chore for my mouth that I ended up leaving most of it on the plate. I did not enjoy the overall dining experience and the standard has definitely deproved. Now I will think twice before coming back here, and it looks like I need to find a better place for aglio olio. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-18
Hot Tomato at Causeway Point has relatively the same decor as every other Hot tomato -orangey mosaic tiles, lots of white tables, and clean plastic seats for the casual vibe that patrons are looking for. They serve a good range of Western food -steaks, grills, pastas and a small selection of coffee and desserts.They have all day set meal upgrades at $3.50 for an additional soup and drink to your main, and water is chargeable at 20c.We ordered a Chicken Chop ($8.50) and a Pan Fried Dory w Lemon ($9.50). Portion wise it's a good size and I was impressed by the more-than-expected, generous serving of lettuce haha (Western food nowadays usually sees that a meagre amount of vegetables end up on the plate in a lacklustre attempt to provide contrast to the meal, sigh)The Chicken Chop has this skin that practically glistened with the sauce -the sauce was pretty good actually. Not too salty, and had a slight sweetness to it. The chicken was fresh and the meat was ample. Served on a bed of Aglio Olio and a side salad, the balance of flavours can be contrasted. The aglio olio was slightly on the dry side, and the spaghetti was a tad overcooked. Other than that, it was tasty and well-seasoned -there was a hint of herb, parsley as well as garlic!The Dory is tasty even without dipping into the mushroom cream sauce on the side -the fish is fresh but slightly flat, and I would have liked it less "fried". I did like that the natural flavour of the fish could be retained though, and that the sauce was on the side, not poured over the fish. The mushroom cream sauce is (suprisingly), not that thick! It has a nice richness to it that complements the fish without you getting too sick of the taste. There is also a hint of onions in the sauce, elevating the flavour.While the side of lettuce can hardly be considered as a "salad", the dressing was quite refreshing -I'm guessing it's a simple throw-in of lemon juice and olive oil. The simplicity of it actually ups its appeal because the freshness really comes through. I would have liked for a variety of lettuce to be used though, instead of just icerberg/romaine.Service here is pretty warm and friendly, and the staff is generally attentive! If you go during certain time windows, there are different discounts/promotions going on, so that's something to look forward to. We recommend their fish and chicken grills -don't bother with the steak. You're better off paying more for something better! continue reading
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