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Level3 2016-04-26
Original Review on http://www.nahmj.com/2016/04/29/hua-yu-wee-seafood-restaurant-singaporeHua Yu Wee Seafood Restaurant 华友园海鲜 is located within a colonial bungalow along Upper East Coast Road. It is standing strong at its original location since it started. And it is not an unfamilar icon to those who stay in the area. But for me who is far away from Hua Yu Wee, I was surprised to find out about this zi char place. In case, you do not understand "Zi Char", in means a place that dishes out Chinese food at a casual, relax environment.It has this old school looks and ambience. Don't expect anything classy or hipster, but the look of the 70s. It seems nothing has changed since they started at the location.Since it is a Zi Char Place, one could expect all sort of Chinese cooked dishes; ranging from tofu and vegetables to seafood and meat to noodles. As I didn't order the food and I did not have the chance to lend my hands on the menu, as such, I don't know the price and the exact name of the dishes.We started with Spinach Tofu with Mushrooms. The tofu was almost drowned in the mushroom. I was amazed at how smooth and silky was the tofu.Next on the table was the Lala. The Lala was swimming in a spicy and strong ginger seafood flavoured broth. I was glad the Lala were fresh and there weren't sand in them.Hardly would anyone order 2 vegetable dishes. It is kind of strange though. We have a Broccoli and Huang Di Miao. Both were stir-fried with garlic. There isn't much to describe about greens. Maybe green and crunchy as they should.The Squid Paste You Tiao is popular dish at Zi Char places. We ordered a plate that night too. Squid paste was chewy. A pity the You Tiao wasn't as crispy as it should be but certainly not soggy though.The Feng Sha Chicken is a dish highly recommended by one of the diners who visited the restaurant. By the side were dishes of chopped garlic and ginger as dips for the chicken. I took a piece of breast meat (by accident), surprisingly, it wasn't dry and the meat was tender with a very crispy skin. But a little salty.Cereal Prawns were de-shelled before deep frying. This made it very convenient to consume and the best part, in my opinion is that the cereal were still on the surface of prawns. This dish was decent though one of the diner whose fave is cereal prawn felt the cereal wasn't tasty enough. Perhaps it was lacking of the herb such as the curry leaves that are usually fried with the cereal.We ordered both the Chilli Crab and the Black Pepper. None prefer the latter. The wok hei (the char fragrance) was far too strong and almost like the black pepper were burnt. All the 7 diners prefer the Chilli Crab. With the chilli crab, deep fried buns are always necessary to dip the crowd-pleaser sauce. Even though the Chilli Crab is a popular, highly raved dish at Hua Yu Wee, I felt there is room for improvement. Personally, I felt the tomato sauce flavour was a little too overwhelming.Before having our last dish, the dessert, we have the Seafood Hor Fun. It may not look appetising especially after all the sumptuous food earlier but the Rice Noodle beneath the sauce was excellent. The Wok Hei was strong. I wouldn't mind having only the rice noodle with no other ingredients.Yam Paste was the last dish to end the night, which I find it mediocre. The yam paste wasn't as flavourful as it should be. I think they did not use Lard to cook the dish. And the ginko nut wasn't soft but hard and chewy and it wasn't sweet. It wasn't cooked using the traditional Teochew method.Beyond the old fashion look of Hua Yu Wee Seafood Restaurant, there were quite some delish food worth looking forward to. And I heard they have quite some off the menu dishes. If keen pop over to ask for them.More reviews on http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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Level2 2015-07-17
We have ordered the following- Stir Fried Long Beans with Crispy Fried Shrimps- Spinach Tofu with Mushrooms- Seafood Kway Tiao- Cereal Prawns- Feng Sha Chicken- Chilli Crab- Black Pepper CrabThe total bill was about $260 (~S$37 per pax). We had 6 adults and 2 young kids. It is along East Coast Road. If you are driving, do patronise them early as the car park may be full. They provide valet service as well. The place emits a familiar nostalgic feeling. Making you feel at ease. A welcome change for the usual posh seafood restaurants. Highly recommended for family and friends gathering.For full review with pictures: http://www.eatdreamlove.com/hua-yu-wee/ continue reading
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Hua Yu Wee is a Chinese Zi Char eatery that exudes a touch of nostalgia. The only 1970s seafood restaurant that has stayed at its original location, Hua Yu Wee serves up tasty and beautifully presented old school Chinese fine dining Zi Char dishes at mid-range yet affordable prices, all in a charming colonial setting.Ambience at Hua Yu Wee channels its colonial past. The huge white mansion houses not only the restaurant, but also the living quarters for staff. And while the indoor air-conditioned area is rather small, there is a large outdoor seating area, sheltered by awnings. I imagined ambience used to be much better in the past when Hua Yu Wee was next to the sea, but reclaimation of land has changed the landscape behind Hua Yu Wee to a jungle. Service at Hua Yu Wee is old school as well, staff are polite and efficient, with a certain air of elegance. They wear a brightly coloured pattern kebaya top, reminiscent of the national airline, fitting as it seems Hua Yu Wee is now managed by an former cabin crew who retired from flying. That may explain why staff are observant and attentive, generally standing by and observing tables in case they're called. Master chef Mr. Teo Ah Chye heads up a team of 10 chefs in the Hua Yu Wee kitchen. While the menu isn't extensive, they produce great tasting classic Chinese Zi Char dishes, all tasty and flavourful, and presented beautifully. Small portions are usually enough for a group of 3 - 4 people, while large portions are sufficient for up to 10 - 12 people. And despite the fine dining status, prices at Hua Yu Wee actually cheaper in comparision to other major seafood restaurant brand names.The Fresh Prawns And Tomatoes On Ice (SGD $15 per 100 grams), also known as Wasabi Prawns or Sashimi Prawns, is a signature off the menu item only ordered by those in the know. The 1-day advance order ensures only the freshest, juiciest prawns are used, butterfly and laid on ice surrounded by butterfly tomatoes. The dish is consumed by first dipping the fresh prawns into a mixture of light soy sauce and wasabi paste, then slowly savouring it!The Crispy Baby Squid (SGD $12 medium) is absolutely crunchy, with a slight sweetness from the marinade. Even several diners who don't enjoy squid gave this dish a thumbs up!The Chili Crab (SGD $75 for 1.5 kilograms, medium) was delightful. A fresh, meaty crab with roe, doushed with a spicy, savoury, tangy chili sauce, accompanied by crisp Fried Man Tou Buns. Very good, and cheaper than elsewhere!The Olive Fried Rice (SGD $16) has a interesting textural contrast from rice krispies that are sprinkled over the dish. The olive taste is prominent in the rice, but I thought the overall combination was only decent at best.Hua Yu Wee is highly recommended by regulars of the place, who even know about several off the menu items available here. Reservations are recommended! Full Hua Yu Wee review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/06/zi-char-hua-yu-wee.html continue reading
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Level4 2011-10-13
This restaurant has been around for a long time and it is the last of the seafood restaurant along Upper East Coast Road. It is in an old colonial bungalow which is the air-con part of the restaurant. Behind the bungalow patio is the non air-con portion. It has an old world charm and looks the same since I came here many years ago.It has a big parking place in front of the compound of the house and is packed at night.Ambience is not very nice but food is above average.The Spinach was fried with garlic which is nicely done and very tasty.The baby squids were highly recommended by my sis. The baby squids are crispy and have a strong flavour which coats the little squids.The Chilli Crab is the star of the dinner which is served last as the waitress said it takes some time to cook. Crab cost $42 a kg. The chilli crab gravy has a tangy taste like pineapple juice has been added to it. The tomato gravy goes very well with the fried mantou (buns) or rice. The crab is meaty so it is easy to eat. It is more than enough for 2 persons. continue reading
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A colleague of mine came down from Taipei and some of us decided to bring her to the last standing seafood restaurant along Upper East Coast Road, away from the hustle and bustle of the city area. Hua Yu Wee is an old bungalow converted into a restaurant that has an alfresco as well as air-conditioned dining area. We ordered many of the chef's recommendations and when the final dish came out, everyone seated at the table near ours turned and admired in awe! The pepper crab of 2kg each looks like transformers on a plate! and needless to say, it was simply delicious. The meat was tender and the pepper was very fragrant! A must try! continue reading
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