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Enjoy Restaurant quality food at coffeeshop prices!!! Hua Long FIsh Head Steamboat has revamped and now serves delectable and innovative zi char dishes at very affordable prices.Must try their fish head steamboat, very comforting and flavourful. Also their white beehoon on opeh leaf is awesome!!!Read full reviews here: http://ilovedawn00.blogspot.sg/2014/07/food-review-hua-long-fish-head-steamboat.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-19
This place is recommended by one of my friends who frequents here as her house is nearby. Braised peanuts that are often served as an appetizer! This dish is highly recommended by my friend and she always order this every single time she comes here to eat! I must agree with her as the duck is really soft and yummy The honey pork ribs is not bad as the meat is tender and it had just the right amount of sweetness. We needed a vegetable dish and so we ordered the Spinach & Salted Egg hotpot. I can't eat spinach but I tried the soup and it is quite flavourful! Overall, a pretty decent place for dinner and be sure to come early as most of the tables are already reserved! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-01
We brought our dearest Grandma there to celebrate her 85th Birthday. We were told no reservation is required if we reach before 6 pm as there are enough tables available at that time.We managed to be there at about 5.30 pm and we were ushered to one of those bigger tables for 7 adults and 2 kids. We were then presented with the menu and the friendly Auntie waited patiently for us to browse through the menu and decided what to eat. She even advised which dish contains pork when she knew our Indonesian helper would be eating with us. She attempted to recommend few seafood dishes as well as those new dishes on menu. Bowls and plates with utensils and condiments were served soon after we ordered. Though we did not request but plates were given for the kids. Fried Prawn Paste Chicken came first. Most dishes including this one served in the biggest portion. A total of 16 pieces were served. The chicken drums and mid-wings were seasoned well then coated in a thin layer of batter and deep-fried to near perfection. It was done well to give its skin a noticeable crispiness complemented with tender meat within. The kids particularly enjoyed this dish though the taste of prawn paste was not too distinctive. Next, it came the Fried Prawn Roll. The prawn rolls were first steamed then chopped into the smaller pieces before coated with a thin layer of flour to deep fried. When it was served, the Auntie reminded us that the filling of this dish contains pork. It was nicely deep-fried to give it the desirable crispiness. It tasted good on its own but tasted even better if eaten with the accompanied sweet sauce. The Longevity Noodles was served next. We were given the stir-fried and the braised version to choose. We opted for the latter. It was quite a big plate with fresh tasting ingredients like sliced abalone, prawns, squids, shiitake mushroom, sliced carrot and sliced hard-boiled egg. My Grandma particularly enjoyed it. She wanted a refill after her first bowl. The Fried Egg Omelette with only prawns came next. Though this dish was meant for the kids but we specifically requested to omit the pork so our helper could have it too. It was a simple dish with comforting taste. Herbal Duck Soup was recommended by the friendly Auntie. She suggested we go for a pot first and to order more if we like it. The herbal taste was a little overpowering. Some of us enjoyed it but some did not. It would be nicer if the duck meat was slightly softer. Sweet & Sour Pork was our favourite dish. The chunky pieces of pork were deep-fried then stir-fried with the sweet & sour sauce with its other ingredients like the green pepper, red pepper, pineapple, onion and tomato to give it the desired taste. The sauce has got a well-balanced taste of sweetness and sourness that went well with rice. The Fried Rice was served next. The portion was substantial to share amongst us. Though not the best tasting fried rice but it has got a comforting taste that we liked. The texture of the rice was rather grainy and not overly greasy but the wok taste seemed missing. Braised Tofu with Mixed Vegetable served last. The deep-fried tofu was braised well with flat beans, cabbage, carrot, shitake mushroom and cauliflower etc. A comforting dish to go with rice.It was an enjoyable dinner to celebrate our dearest Grandma's birthday as a family. And, the total bill was reasonably charged at $119.00. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-06
I went to dine at this coffee shop. I ordered one bitter gourd soup from this zi char stall. It costs $4 for one bowl, and it includes quite a lot of ingredients like fish cake, egg, ginger, meat, fish slice, tomato and of course, bitter gourd. Overall for such a big bowl, in my opinion it is worth the price of $4. Do remember that it is best to eat while it is still hot, because if left cold, it will not taste good anymore. continue reading
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Level3 2013-06-02
For detailed review: http://phuachiuyen.wordpress.com/2012/08/12/hua-long-fish-head-steamboat-%E5%8D%8E%E9%BE%99%E9%B1%BC%E5%A4%B4%E7%82%89-amk/For our main, we tried the longevity noodles ($18) and we were pretty pleased! Good spread of ingredients. The taste was just right; it wasn’t salty at all. It felt homely too. 8/10The salted egg chicken ($8). Contrary to our expectations, there wasn’t any strong salted egg taste. It was fragrant mainly due to the oats used in the dish. I think it should be named oats chicken instead. It wasn’t so crispy afterall so it felt slightly soggy. Not so good! 6/10The “dong buo” pork meat ($12). Nice! Something like the typical chinese lor bak. The pork was very soft. The sauce was more towards the bland side; it was not too salty and suited our likings! 7/10The honeydew prawn balls ($22). We found it a bit expensive. It was well presented though. The prawns were huge, crispy and hot. The salad sauce and grapes made the overall dish good. I dug out the honeydew to eat too! This was my favourite dish out of all the rest I had. ^^ 8.5/10It’s worth the try if you’re living nearby and looking for a simple zi char meal. I think they didn’t use much MSG because I wasn’t thirsty at all after the meal and everything wasn’t overly salty. Anyway, nothing too grand here captured my picky tastes so I doubt I would purposely make another trip down. Heh.Overall satisfaction: 7/10. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)