Hyde & Co. celebrates Singapore’s long history as a flourishing trading port for teas and other exquisite products. It draws inspiration from its past – the old world British charm and its present – a thriving and exciting metropolis. continue reading
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Level3 2015-11-23
785 North Bridge RoadSingapore 198753By invitation from Hyde & Co cafe, I'm here with a few girl friends to try out H&C's new dinner menu together with new desserts.New dinner menu available now from every Wednesday to Saturday, 6.30pm - 10.30pm. Reservations are recommended.(1) Drinks $7.50 each(a) Into the Woods - Iced berry tea with blends of ripe berries, hibiscus and rose hip.(b) The Addams Family - Iced moroccan apple tea with fresh slices of granny smith and rim of glass coated with sugar.- Both were refreshing cooler drinks great for hot weather like Singapore. My opinions, they're decent but I prefer "Into the Woods". The rim of sugar was too much for The Addams Family.(2) Buffalo Wings $10.00- For starters, we have chicken wings tossed in Chipotle BBQ sauce. This starter presents us with slight spiciness and a nice smoky jalapeño taste. Celery and carrot stripes on the side are accompanied by creamy homemade garlic aioli dip. A great finger food dish to start with before our mains.(3) Assam Halibut $21.00- We start off our mains with a fish dish. Recommended way of eating is to toss all ingredients together first before you eat as I tried tasting each seperately and it wasn't impressive. The halibut was fresh, soft but tasted bland. You have to compliment it with H&C homemade assam to get the flavour and to highlight, the sourish mild spicy assam was indeed gooOood.. Japanese soba was too soft and slippery for my liking, wish they were more firm. No surprises for this fish dish.(4) Nasi Lemak Risotto $22.00- A fusion yet familiar dish with great efforts behind. Risotto cooked in coconut cream and fresh coconut water, resulted in a more sweet than savory aftertaste. Risotto was grainy, al dente, more of the authentic style which italians would have prepared it. The deep fried leek slices together with the crispy ikan billis scattered around, adds more crunch to the overall dish. The yolk from the poached egg was too runny to be mentioned. Prawns cooked with H&C homemade sambal sauce were fresh, crunchy and blends very well with the sambal. If only the sambal can be more spicy, I believe it will bring up more punch. The infusion of lemongrass was also a great move as you could smell it along way while enjoying the dish. A great marriage between Asian & Italian cuisines.(5) Beef Cheek Rendang $25.00- This beef cheek rendang was the most pretty dish among all other mains. As told by the chef, this beef cheek rendang was slow-cooked for more than 4hours to achieve this tenderness of meat. It was flavourful and each bite is thoroughly immersed with the marinades. Sweet potato mash was nicely done with a smooth texture, not overly sweet and it disperses a buttery fragrance. The crostini laid on top not only beautified the whole dish, it's texture was really crispy and also made inhouse from scratch (6) Truffle Mac & Cheese $18.00- The overwhelming smell of truffle made my saliva drools way from H&C kitchen before this dish reaches our table. This truffle mac & cheese looked ordinary on appearance but tastes otherwise. From top, the torched panko gave an additional crisp to the cheese and I'm so loving the "chao ta" aftertaste in my mouth. The candied bacon bits were the source of saltiness, paired with the roasted mushrooms, this is savory!! Macaroni texture was good, not too soft or mushy. Put each different elements onto your spoon and gulp them down in a mouthful, it's da bomb! A very tummy-warming dish and also my most loved among all other dishes.(7) All Star Tea Affogato $7.50 each(a) Millie - Comprises of Vintage Earl Grey tea, Orange zest and Vanilla bean ice cream. Smells good and tastes mild minty with strong citrus aftertaste. It's quite a refreshing choice.(b) Matilda - Comprises of Strawberry Ceylon tea, berry compote made inhouse and vanilla bean ice cream. Ceylon taste was very distinctive, with light fruity berries aftertaste, this is my no.2 love among all 4.(c) Charlie - Comprises of Chocolate meringue tea, salted chocolate drizzle made inhouse and vanilla bean ice cream. No wow factor for this selection, it's just simply taste like creamy chocolate milk.(d) Hamilton - My no.1 choice and I recommend you guys to try it. Comprises of spiced lapsang souchong, sesame segments and vanilla bean ice cream. This tea was heavy with strong smokey flavour, the dried chilli flakes gives you the additional punch along the way. This combi is something unique which I think you can't get it elsewhere but here at Hyde & Co.(8) Christmas Gingerbread Waffle $14.00- This creation was made from a gingerbread based waffle, topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream in the center, paired together with caramelized apple slices, wine poached raisins and drizzled with salted caramel sauce. I can feel Christmas came early Gingerbread waffle was very crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. Cinnamon smell and taste was quite heavy, you could get it in every bite. Luckily, the salted caramel drizzle plays an important role by neutralizing the cinnamon taste in my mouth because I'm not a cinnamon person. If you are, this creation is made for you. The caramelized apple slices and raisins also brings up additional sweetness to this dessert dish and giving it more texture while biting. This Christmas waffle will be launched after 2nd of Dec so stay tuned!(9) Coffee- Magic- It's Hyde & Co first year anniversary and to celebrate the mark of this new milestone, new coffee blend, Magic, was introduced. Magic blend consists of beans from Brazil, Sumatra and Ethiopia. Heavier hazenut & chocolatey notes with slight berry sweetness aftertaste. This blend was more intense than their usual one and I'm loving this more. Come down to get your hands on it, no regrets definitely!! continue reading
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Walking through Kampong Glam neighbourhood, saw a contemporary white interior designed cafe. On the next coming week, i was brought by my boy to try out this cafe that very different from others. It is very English. Why do i say that ? Revert back to Quoted line on the wall;" You can't buy happiness but you can buy tea. And that's kind of the same thing "A cozy bistro, Hyde & Co besides known for their high teas and crumptes, they also have Brunch Menu, that is soemthing different from others cafe that we shall tryHawaiian Pulled Pork TartineNot much sure why the pulled pork is called as ten hour cooked pulled pork. Does it mean need 10 hours to cook this meat ? What i am sure is, it was inviting especially when it together with juicy sweet caramelized pineapple. The topped side of sweet potato chips make the food more appetizing.The Full WorksThough it was not my first time saw a big mushroom, yet it was surprising when i saw a big mushroom served in the plate. That is what we called as Portobello Mushroom. The large Crimini mushroom was nice baked with cheese. Meat was firm and scrummy. As usual bacon is always salty! But its streaky bacon was just nice eating it with crunchy bread. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Located along the busy stretch of North Bridge Road is Hyde & Co. Hyde & Co is a cozy contemporary English-themed cafe located in the heart of the vibrant Kampung Glam precinct and they are turning 1 this weekend. Hurray!! This christmas, they're trying something big! What's Big? They are starting dinner service!They are literally located in between Bugis and Lavender MRT, both aren't a far walk away and there's some public parking parallel spots along the stretch of North Bridge Road. Prior to this week, Hyde & Co served all day breakfast from 11am-6pm and never had a dinner menu. I've always passed by this place on a weekday night and wondered why they weren't open.Their dining area is white washed with red and green wall decors for christmas, the table tops are either white or pale grey. The food is what brightens up the place for sure!So here's their dinner menu. A single A4 page that may look very simple and typical to you, wings, pasta and waffles, but read the details and you'll realize that Hyde & Co has done well in researching and formulating a dinner menu to stand out from the crowd. Owner Derrick together with the team headed by Chef Naz, who has a background in malay cuisine and trained in Italian cooking; came up with an array of modern european dishes with a local twist. Situated in the heart of Kampong Glam, with nearby places of worship, most of the dishes have a twist of malay and peranakan flavours. 1. Into the Woods $7.50Into the woods is one of the few Hyde's special teas. These teas are specially sourced and imported directly and sold under the name of Hyde & Co, which means you can't get this tea anywhere else in Singapore. This Into the Woods is a very refreshing iced berry tea with blends of ripe berries, hibiscus and rose hip. It is subtly sweet and yet has a slight sourish taste due to the berries. It has a fragrant armor of arabic shisha! 2. The Addams Family $7.50The layer on the top of the glass, was sugar! I was surprised, as in a typical alcoholic drink, I would've expected it to be salt! This is an iced moroccan apple tea with sliced apples paired with the sugar, makes it a very light and refreshing drink.Both are great drinks for a warm sunny day afternoon and you don't feel like getting an iced sweet drink. These drinks are rotated on a regular basis, so do check on their availability!3. Buffalo Wings $10These buffalo wings are not for the faint hearted! They are jam packed with chipotle BBQ sauce! They are what I would term as "mildly spicy". As someone who doesn't really like spicy foods, and yet still goes into Quaker Steak & Lube and attemps half a dozen of level 100, yeap. Not for the fainted hearted!Together with the garlic aioli, celery and carrot sticks. This is a full-on tradition buffalo wing starter! Can't have your wings without those raw veggies! 4. Assam Halibut $21Chef Naz explained the sauce used here is from Assam Pedas which literally means "Sour Spicy". The homemade sauce is what gives this dish a local twist. Together with burnt cauliflower, french beans, soba and the halibut. I can't help but think about how it would all taste. The sour and spicy smells of the assam sauce was enough to make me want to dig in almost immediately!I highly recommend you to toss and fold in the fish with the sauce and soba, as the assam sauce is seriously the best thing that has happened to that fish! The fish itself is so soft that you can't really cut it, so when you mix it together with the sauce, you'll end up with little minced fish slices for sure. But fret not, dig up a spoonful of halibut, with a cauliflower and soba and there you have it. The definition of modern european food with a local twist, which is what the owner Derrick is trying to bring across to the typical hipster crowd. Is this going to be a new trend? 5. Beef Cheek Rendang $25 *Highly Recommended*Okay if you don't take beef, for whatever reason, you are missing out on life! This is a 100g 4-5hour slow cooked beef cheek served with sweet potato mash, slaw, in-house made crostini and homemade rendang sauce. The rendang sauce wasn't spicy at all! So no worries there if you don't take spicy! Look at that picture of the beef cheek! The beef was so juicy and tender. You pretty much don't need to chew up the beef at all, as it just melts in your mouth! Chef Naz did a great job with slow cooking the beef!The sweet potato mash was a nice touch! I loved the sweetness level of it. The crostini was also a nice decoration but it was abit too hard for me. The slaw doubled up as a "crunch" for the dish, when mixed with the sweet potato, it was fabulous!6. Nasi Lemak Risotto $22 *Highly Recommended*This is the first time I've seen a Nasi Lemak with a poached egg! Take about going on the extreme ends of western and local foods! Using fresh coconut cream, in-house sambal sauce with very fresh and crunchy prawns, there's also a lemon grass aroma to whet your appetite. The ikan bilis was also very fresh and crisp and there was alot of it! Every mouthful of risotto had at least some ikan bilis in it!Unlike your typical mushroom risotto you find in Singapore, this is a more Italian take on risotto whereby it's more al dente with a slight crunch to each grain. The poached egg was a nice instagrammable point of the dish. Not to mention, the egg yolk adds as a sauce ingredient!7. Truffle Mac & Cheese $18 *Highly Recommended*This is not your typical truffle mac and cheese. Take note! Chef Naz explained how he rendered the bacon till there's no more fat in the bacon and he uses the essence to cook the mushrooms! Topped with candied bacon, torched bread crumbs and roasted mushrooms, this truffle mac and cheese is set to satisfy your mac and cheese craving for sure!The portion is actually quite large, I feel it's definitely more than enough for 1 person. The cheese itself wasn't too overpowering and the cream wasn't too gerlat either. I would recommend just scooping up some burnt mac with the sauce and bacon to get a more well-rounded sense of the dish!8. All-Star Tea Affogato $7.50 eachDerrick gives his creative team the freedom to come up with their own menu and their barista came up with the itea of affogato tea! Typically, affogato is taken with coffee and this is my first time hearing affogato with tea. When asked why not over-the-top milkshakes, he goes, it's alot of money for a milkshake that 2 or 3 people would share. But an affogato at $7.50 is alot more affordable and the customer will be able to finish the whole drink. Rather than nitpick the ingredients in an exploding milkshake. The tea served here at Hyde & Co is exclusively available here only! Check out their tea menu as they will be selling their tea per 100gm!When it came to the teas, here are their offerings for the affogato, which are named after broadway musicals.1. Matilda - Strawberry Ceylon with their own in-house berry compote. You could taste the strawberry subtly, and with the ceylon tea, it was like drinking a strawberry tea with ice cream! This is a very light and fruity drink.2. Millie - Vintage early grey with orange zest, this was my favourite! As an earl grey lover, this tea hits the spot for me! Not to mention the citrusy after taste was very refreshing!3. Charlie - Chocolate meringue tea, with salted chocolate drizzle. Sadly I couldn't really taste the salted chocolate drizzle and after the ice cream melted, this tasted more like a chocolate ice cream milk shake, still not a bad drink though!4. Hamilton - Spiced lapsang Souchong with sesame segments. This was a very interesting drink. It tasted like a smoked drink! I watched as the barista gently sprinkled some chilli flakes onto the drink!Overall, the tea affogatos are a new kind of drink, it's not too bold a move I feel. It may not be an overnight hit yet, but there's definitely chance for this to be the next "instagrammable" drink!9. Christmas Waffle $14This is a new item to be launched on 2/12/2015. This is part of their christmas menu and will only be served in the month of december. The waffle itself is a gingerbread infused waffle, topped with caramelized apples, wine poached raisins, premium vanilla bean ice cream and salteed caramel drizzle.The waffle itself stayed crispy despite our forever-long photo taking session. The ice cream was partially melted by the time we started to dig in. But nevertheless, the exterior of the waffle remained crispy and on the insides, fluffy and sweet! The sweetness was due to the cinnamon from their gingerbread batter! It's a rather ingenious idea, I must say!The caramelized apples were sweet but the salted caramel drizzle helped to cut back the sweetness level. The premium vanille bean ice cream was very creamy and smooth and it was pretty dense! Their waffles are well made and I cannot wait to come back try and their pulut hitam waffle! This is probably one of my favourite waffles of 2015!10. Flat White $5There's no better way to celebrate Hyde's 1st anniversary this month, then to celebrate it with an anniversary blend, Magic! Magic is a blend taken from Brazil, Sumatra and Ethiopia. It has berry sweetness, hazelnut and milk chocolate tasting notes! Watching their barista, Damien in action was pretty intense! The latte art is so pretty and done so quickly and smoothly! *applause*My flat white was slightly sweet and I could definitely feel a "kick" on my first sip. I wondered to myself, how could I be missing out on such an awesome cuppa all my life!?I think Hyde & Co has what it takes to combat the already saturated hipster cafe market with their new dinner menu that is truly unique to Hyde & Co. You can witness a great teamwork from the owner to the chef and barista. They also take in feedback so humbly and work towards providing the best dining experience and value to a customer.Verdict : (1) Great mix of modern european with tradition local twists (2) Quality food (3) Great drinks (4) even better desserts! continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-14
The rather quaint Hyde & Co., which opened in November 2014, has a rustic British English countryside cottage charm. They've since become popular for their high tea, with an extensive selection of over 45 types of tea, scones, crumpets, and brunch offerings. Ambience at Hyde & Co. resembles a British English tea room. With white walls, rustic wooden furniture, fine English teapots and plates, faux green shrubs, and little potted plants, Hyde & Co. has an quaint, comforting atmosphere. Natural lighting during the day streams in through the large window in front, while warm ambient lighting illuminates the place at night. Great place for chilling and lingering over meals!Service at Hyde & Co. is partial self-service, with ordering and payment over the counter, though staff will serve orders to your table. The menu has ample descriptions of each dish, so the only interaction with staff happens if you have a special change request, which they'll normally accomodate. They do have basic product knowledge if questioned, it's just that the counter is rather cramped, so you'll naturally limit interaction. Otherwise, rather forgettable service overall.Food at Hyde & Co. is British English fare, and more. Typical breakfast / brunch favourites feature on the menu, several are given an Asian twist. Generally, I find food here to be average to above average in taste, with portions nicely sized for individuals. They also have pretty good desserts here. Prices are reflective of a typical high-end cafe, budget about SGD $28 per person for a meal at Hyde & Co., and I feel it's worth visiting.Channeling the spirit of Singapore's British English colonial past, the artisanal selection of teas here are a fine blend. Created for the passionate, bold, explorers, the Tea The Hyde Co.llection (SGD $12.50) is a black tea adapted from a 150 year old recipe, a blend of assam tea leaves and ceylon tea leaves, infused with hints of citrus and bergamot. Smooth, rich, strong, with a slight spice taste, fragrant and calming. Great as a daytime tea! Highly recommended!Loved the moist, soft texture of the Ondeh-Ondeh Cake (SGD $7.90), which features a pandan / screwpine leaf flavoured sponge cake, layered with sweet gula melaka / palm sugar infused desiccated coconut, topped with salted coconut buttercream and desiccated coconut. Looks sweet but isn't overly so, this cake is wonderfully light and totally delicious! Creative modern fusion cake, highly recommended!Images of a magical snowman come to life might be invoked through the Mr. Frosty (SGD $18), a decadent sweet breakfast dish of s'more brioche toast. With warm, crisp bread, gooey marshmallow fluff, chocolate nuggets, graham cracker crumbs, sliced oranges, caramelised banana, crushed peanuts, and butterscotch drizzled over rich vanilla bean ice cream, this is a filling dish for those with a sweet tooth! Comfort on a plate!Full Hyde & Co. review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/11/hyde-co.html continue reading
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Level3 2015-06-22
As you explore the precinct of Kampong Glam and North Bridge Road, you'd chanced upon this tiny whitish cafe situated along the main road - Hyde and Co. A unique name, a name of tea parties and childhood storybooks, we were amazed by the interior of this almost a 9 month old cafe.TeaPersonally not a tea lover but they serve a variety of teas. Floral, fruity, hot or cold, they have a selection to choose from here.Besides, their tea, they serve an extensive brunch menu too:The Big Ben Poached eggs, mushrooms and a drizzle of hollandaise works for me anytime. Yes, i am talking about the egg benedict. Speedy GonzalesProlly its name is derived by the speed that you can finish this plate. Easy to eat, roll it up and bite. Braised bbq pork with scrambled eggs and guacamole. The flavours don't complement each other though. The full works The typical full breakfast. Average. Waffles!! The waffles are different and not the norm. A take on Hyde's uniqueness. I must say I love the toasted marshmallows on the waffles. overall review: full review and pictures @ http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2015/06/hyde-and-co-north-bridge-road.html continue reading
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