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Tucked quietly at an inconspicuous corner at East Coast Road, this was definitely a rare gem spotted. The owners of the ice cream parlour were friendly and took special efforts to strike up conversation with each and every customer, be it a walk-in like us or the regular patrons. The casual setting of the ice cream place with stools fit for adults and kids alike is surely a must-try spot if you are along the Katong eating district. Chendol | S$6.50/-Always a fan of our Singapore desserts such as chendol and ice kachang, this almost became a must-try when I spotted it on the menu. The salted gula melaka ice cream was extremely rich and bold in flavours and certainly won my palate over. Paired with the usual sweet red beans, pandan jelly and attap seeds, it was almost reinventing the usual chendol enjoyed at a hawker stall onto this innocent looking plastic cup.Red Ruby | S$6.50/-One of the newer creations that was added onto the menu, the Red Ruby is a familiar dessert for most but under the influence of the liquid nitrogen, the dessert was reinvented, almost. With flesh scraped from the young coconut, the sweet coconut water was used in the making of the coconut ice cream. The addition of coconut milk enriched the flavours and made it a lot more robust. The icing for me was the diced water chestnut coated in a thin jelly that added crunch to each mouthful. Yes, it was definitely on the sweeter side but isn't that the whole point of having a dessert, to cure our sweet tooth craving?While we still crave for the lovely scoops down at Chin Chin Lab in London, I think we found our next best in Singapore, for now.Full review is available at http://www.makeyourcaloriescount.com/2015/06/sg-ice-queen-ice-cream-creations-with.html continue reading
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The very first impression of Ice Queen is that of an atas ice cream shop. A classy outlook with glass windows overlooking the interior of the store. It is strategically located among the shop houses along the east coast road where all the eateries are. Conveniently after dinner, you can just pop by the store for some desserts. It's mainly catered for take-away as there are only a couple of seats within the store.I guess what sets Ice Queen apart from the rest of the ice cream shop is the unique renditions of some popular desserts such as the thai dessert Mango Sticky Rice, or local delights like chendol and the frozen cocktails they have in addition to the typical scoops of ice creams. Also, the use of nitrogen in making the ice cream seems like a new gimmick in attracting onlookers.We decided to try something from both of their creations & frozen cocktails. So we chose their Japan Hour ($6.50) & Chocolate Strawberry Margarita ($9.90). I like how their ice cream and margarita are rich in flavor. & the ice cream is definitely smoother and creamier with much lesser icy texture when liquid nitrogen is used in the making of ice cream. Japan hour brings out the typical flavor of a Japanese dessert - matcha ice cream with sweet red beans and chewy black sugar mochi. While for the Chocolate Strawberry Margarita, it tasted a pretty good blend of liquor and sorbet. Refreshing yet with the feeling of that drinking a frozen margarita. Nice attempt by Ice Queen, personally like it pretty much. & Japan hour is not too sweet too, well balance of the various flavors. It's worth a try if you're near the vicinity and looking for something different and atypical! continue reading
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Ice Queen is Spizza’s new neighbour, and although it looks like yet another ice-cream parlour it actually is more than that. Its actually Singapore’s fourth Nitro ice-cream brand, and their menu not only offers various flavours of nitro cream but also an interesting mix of fusion flavours.It seems that Chendol fusions seem to strike a particular note with me lately; I knew I had to get the Chendol ($6.50) after seeing the menu online. For their variant, they used Salted Gula Melaka ice-cream and combined it with pandan jelly, sweet red beans and Atap Chee. This is an innovative though safe combination; the Salted Gula Melaka ice-cream strong with its coconut flavour matching with sweet red beans and pandan jelly and Atap Chee, which I am glad is not forgotten with their iteration of this local favourite. Probably just a suggestion: have the sweet red beans done softer so there’s less chew to blend in with the smooth texture of the ice-cream. Its also worth the note that the nitro cream was not only rich, but creamy and sticky as well, which is pretty near to gelato.We also tried the Mango Sticky Rice ($6.50), and we were really blown away when we went for the first scoop. Thai mango lovers would love how the nitro cream turned out to be; sticky, creamy, rich and tangy sweet. Sitting atop sticky rice drenched in coconut milk, this comes really close to having the real deal. And the wow-factor; fried Mung Beans sprinkled atop the ice-cream gave it a crunchy texture and a taste similar to rice krispies. Very innovative indeed!For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/ice-queen-tides/ continue reading
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