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Review (5)
Level3 2015-01-29
Uncovering the great food that are available in Sunshine Plaza beside Victor's kitchen and Wanton mee. Ichi Tei Japanese Bento & Udon, which is located just beside Parklane Zha Yun Tun (Wanton) Mee House offer affordable Japanese food with good quality. Ichi Tei Japanese Bento & Udon is a small shop that cater 5 tables of customers only, hence be prepared to wait if the shop is full or you are with more than 4 people as there won't be any table that can sit large group of customers.From the menu, spoiled of choice from Don to udon to Sashimi that are available for ordering. However, do remember to check for the type of sashimi that are available for the day as it may differ depending on supply. Sides and drinks Sashimi Moriawase ($18) - 3 different kind of sashimi served, we have HUGE pieces of salmon, swordfish (white colour thingy that you seeon top) and clam ( the one in red which i presume). Fresh and sweet, are the 2 words that came to my mind. Spread some wasabi on the sashimi to kill off bacteria. Chawanmushi ($2.50) - Nice little pot of steamed egg with chicken meat and narutomaki fish cakesChicken Teriyaki Don ( $7.50) - This is one of the popular dish which you must order and try. The Chicken meat is grilled in the oven and this really test the skill of the chef. The top layer of the chicken was grilled to slightly charred and at the same time the meat is fully cooked and succulent. The teriyaki sauce which was then pour over the meat and seep onto the rice, making it fragrant and savory. Each bite on the meat making me to want more!!Thick meat chuck!!!Tel: 91391746 Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 8.30pm (Closed on Sun)Verdict: 4 /5I really love their food, the quality is high and price is pretty much affordable too compare to other Japanese restaurant that offer similar range of japanese food. Service is prompt and fast, i didnt have to wait for too long for my food.The only concern i have should be the ventilation. Poor ventilation and i smell of food after I left that shop. Other than that, the rest met my standard.I will definitely come back again, maybe not when i am working in my office wear. continue reading
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Whenever Sunshine Plaza is mentioned, I am sure that most of you would be thinking of Victor's Kitchen or Parklane Zha Yun Tun (Wanton) Mee House. Well, if you have missed my earlier post in 2011, there's another hidden gem in Sunshine Plaza and it is Ichi Tei Japanese Bento & Udon aka Ichi Tei!Oh, since I am on this, I visited Victor's Kitchen 2 months ago. Standard has dropped, and their selection of dim sum and drinks has been decreased (which means several items on the menu are not available). It was a disappointing meal.Back to Ichi Tei..Ichi Tei located next to the Parklane Wanton Mee is a small eatery specialising in Japanese cuisine such as Bento and Udon set. It is a small shop unit with limited seating capacity and can sit up to a maximum of 22 customers at any one time. Sounds alright? Well, there are just 5 tables with 14 seats inside the shop unit while there are 2 tables with 8 seats outside the shop unit. I would not advise you to visit if you are coming with more than 4 persons.Although Ichi Tei was just a small shop unit, it had a cozy and homely ambience. However, the chairs were not exactly comfortable.The kitchen located at the back was just a small narrow kitchen.Ichi Tei is managed by two persons; a husband and wife team. The husband takes charge of the back end; the kitchen and cook the food while the wife runs the front end operation and serves the customers (takes the order, serve, collect payment and clear the tables). Disposable chopsticks and spoons are place on every table together with chilli powder. Two years back, I remember that the food used to be served on disposable bento plates for dine-in. I am glad that they have switched to something more environmental friendly.The post shows a consolidation of food consumed over several occasions.Beef Teriyaki Don $10The Beef Teriyaki Don served with potato salad and a bowl of miso soup was listed on the menu as a 'Must Try!'. Personally, I thought it was just average with nothing much to shout about. The beef did not strike me as particularly outstanding. In addition, this was one of the most expensive Don set on the menu. Their other Don sets fared better. Beef Teriyaki Don $10 - Potato SaladThe Potato Salad served in the Don sets was delish and left a deeper impression on me compared to the beef. It was essentially mashed potato.Beef Teriyaki Don $10 - Miso SoupMiso Soup was decent.Chicken Teriyaki Don $7On another occasion, I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Don which was still as good as before. As with all Don set, it was served with potato salad and a bowl of miso soupChicken Teriyaki Don $7Chicken Teriyaki Don $7The Chicken Teriyaki was grilled in a Japanese styled oven where the heating element comes from the top. The chef had to adjusting the height of the pan to ensure that the chicken teriyaki was cooked. The Chicken Teriyaki was to die for - it was well executed and delish. The top layer where the skin was, was grilled till it was sightly charred resulting in an incredibly crisp texture. Beneath, the meat was tasty and succulent. With each bite, the flavours and juiciness are bound to satisfy your palate.Shishamo Udon $7.50On a third occasion, I ordered the Shishamo Udon which was not too bad. If you are a Shishamo fan, then this would be fore you.Shishamo Udon $7.50The Udon was not bad and the soup-base was light and tasty.Shishamo Udon $7.50The Shishamo were served separately with shredded Japanese cabbage and mayonnaise. The Shishamo were fresh and grilled till the ends were crisp. (Shishamo is capeline or what we commonly know as pregnant fish)Overall, I would say that their food are not too bad. Ichi Tei would be a place worth checking out. The must try would be the Chicken Teriyaki Don. The Saba Don is also another item to try (based on my past visit 2 years ago). The service at Ichi Tei was prompt as it was just a small unit which can cater to limited number of customers. For such a small operation, you would be surprise that they offer quite an extensive variety of food. Although they have increased the price slightly compared to my visit in 2011, I am still of the opinion that is value for money. I noticed that during lunch time, a significant percentage of their customers prefer to takeaway the food as proper disposable bento plates were provided.Do note, it can get quite warm if you are choose the table nearest to the kitchen. Blogpost: http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2013/08/ichi-tei-japanese-bento-udon-sunshine.html continue reading
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Level2 2013-11-14
Out with my sister looking for a place for lunch, decided to eat ichi tei instead of the other stores at sunshine, since nothing really interest her much other than this store each order a set, and i must say the sashimi salmon from the sashimi teishoku set ( which is $14 ) was really yummy, it not cut very thick so is good, plus the wasabi isn't the kind that will spice your nose if you put alot, guess is the right kind since it really taste nice. the shishamo was crispy and not over burn, cooked nicely and tasty. if you order ocha/green tea, you get a refill I guess continue reading
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Seems that I'm the only openricer that frequents this place (duh, I live above).But over the past seasons, they grew to become so successful they have now two stores to add more seats, which proves how famous they are for their original recipe, freshness, authenticness and the good service always given by the duo hubby and wife without other helpers.I was back here again today, before peak hour around 5pm, starving to mad.Looking at the more extensive menu and some omitting the old menu, they have increased the price for slightly $1-2 in the past, compared to my old post.What's new was the extension and the new set menus, which I ordered their chicken katsu curry rice for $9, included the miso soup, tiny potato appetizer and the main dish.I LOVE THE APPETIZER. Wish it wasn't just a bite. It was light, cold, creamy, bright. I thought it was mayonnaise at first.I understand why how they maintained their popularity with the main dish. Thick curry sauce delved into the well-done fried chicken breaded piece, chopped and nicely placed on top of the japanese-like rice was heavenly. There was no secret to addiction rather than how the taste was not because of preservatives/fake flavorings.The chicken was fried well done and it was soft, crunchy, thick and meaty, whatever you're looking for in a katsu.The rice I am surprised, that I managed to finish the meat first before i got to the rice, where I thought the other way around. So it was that much! So it was a fairly large portion all good!Miso soup was really flavorful on the very salty side, so a random TIP would be to just add a small spoonfuls of water should you want to dilute the saltiness. Other than that, ask for mayo - your katsu would be much more heavenly, and that makes up No. 1 eating place, "Ichi Tei". continue reading
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