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At Ichiban Sushi, diners will discover an attractive combination of price and quality. From a wide range of conveyor belt sushi and sashimi to udon and more, it is an ideal place for food lovers to enjoy traditional Japanese food at affordable prices. continue reading
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Level2 2015-06-14
we had our late lunch in this restaurant on a Sunday, no queue is required. we've ordered a premium set meal: manpuku $20.9. it includes a grilled salmon with teriyaki saurce, cheese baked scallop, tako, miso soup, fruits and rice. all these are delicious especially the salmon and scallops. we've another main course which was a unagi tamago don $18.9. this is fine, nothing special. the sushi we took was fine too. dessert: matcha shiratama ice cream. this is a matcha ice cream with rice balls and red beans. I love the combination continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
Went to Ichiban Sushi at the Clementi outlet for lunch with my friend. We ordered Chawanmushi Salmon Cheese, Salmon Asaparagus, Lobster Salad, Chuka Wakame (seasoned seaweed sushi), Salmon Avocado Mayo, Mixed Vegetable Roll and Tamago sushi.The Chawanmushi was good. Nice but a bit salty. I like it that way. It had a thick chunk of crab meat with a few slices of mushroom. Tastes better than the chawanmushi bought from food courts and other stalls.I didn’t try the salmon because it was my friend who ordered those. She initially wanted to order sashimi but settled for salmon. She commented that the salmon slices were very thin. (Maybe cause she is comparing it to sashimi). The salmon is lightly cooked. The Salmon Avocado Mayo tasted very silky. I think it could be cause of the avocado mayo.The Tamago is good by itself, no need to add the soy sauce or anything. There wasn’t anything special about the Chuka Wakame. There is a tinge of wasabi in the Lobster Salad. Quite strong actually that I almost got choked by it. The Vegetable Roll is very refreshing. Maybe cause I had it after the lobster salad. It is very crunchy cause of the cucumber. Hardly tasted the avocado. Still it is like vege goodness.Overall we paid $28 for the meal which I think was quite reasonable. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Went to this place after school the other day to celebrate the end of the semester! I like this place as it feels more cozy than the other ichiban branches that I've been to. Perhaps it's smaller in size which makes it more homely. The food is nevertheless, awesome. I ordered the Wafu Steak Wazen ($16.90)The set includes: Scallop covered with cheese, baked to perfection; chawamushi: crabmeat, ggingko, meat, mushroom; and two slices of oranges. I like the scallop as it was juicy and the cheese that covered it has melted nicely. Orange was a little sour and the chawamushi was as good as what I imagine it to be. This is the Beef Steak. I think it's really worth the price as the beef had a thick cut and was really juicy! There were also many onions surrounding it which enhances the taste but unfortunately, I don't eat onions like so. I definitely recommend dining at this branch as the songs they play are really calming and the place has this really chill vibe! continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-06
Ichiban Sushi is part of a chain of family restaurants serving not just sushi and sashimi but many types of Japanese staple dishes adapted to local tastes. The chawanmushi $3.90 is pricey for a small cup but the smooth silky texture makes it a popular side order. Adults and kids alike cant resist the slimy egg custard gliding down their throats. Each cup contains a piece of diced chicken, a gingko nut, half a crabstick and a stalk of honshimeji mushroom.The kurobuta pork with rice served in a hot stone pot is part of a great value $5++ set available only on weekday afternoons. It is a generous portion with delicious slices of kurobuta pork, sliced onions, bunashi mushrooms and the weird additionof a piece of silken tofu. Last item does not go with the rice but no complaints anyway. The set comes with free flow of green tea and a cup of their house miso soup. continue reading
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With highly accessible outlets throughout Singapore, I wouldn't be at the least surprised if Ichiban Sushi comes straight to your mind when someone mentions Japanese cuisine. At Ichiban Sushi, one might opt for a wide range of conveyor belt sushi and sashimi, a la carte, as well as various promotional platters, udon and rice sets.It was quite some time I visited Ichiban, and I thought why not have a good dinner before my wisdom teeth surgery? And so I did. I am sure that those who had their's plucked out would understand the agony of not being to savour any kinds of food. Before the dishes and hot ocha had even arrived, the waiter(esse)s had already scored high, impressing us with their amiable and pleasant services.We ordered the Ishiyaki Jyu Set (S$18.90) - a value set consisting a portion of oyako-don, pan-fried prawns and salmon, chawanmushi, miso soup, as well as a serving of fresh fruits. While the seafood was nothing to rave about (and a tad dry too), the Oyako-don (below) was spectacular. The chicken was tender and juicy, constantly tempting one to take the second bite. You know what's better? Pairing it with the roughly-mixed eggs, which complements the chicken so well, brings the Japanese classic up, yet to another level.Sukiyaki Wafu Set (S$18.90) caught my attention the moment I looked at the menu. As a beef connoisseur, I do have a certain expectation of my steak. The Wafu steak was pre-cut to mouth-sized slices, enabling easier consumption and what's expected on your part is to control the doneness. Although the broth was slightly heavy on the salt, the succulent beef slices which I had it done medium-well, was nothing less than satisfying with a dip of egg yolk. It comes complete with a side dish of baked cheese and tuna, Japanese steamed rice, miso soup and fresh fruits.What's better than having a good, hot sukiyaki in the winters? Oh God, I nearly forgot that Singapore is on summer-mode all year round.All in all, Ichiban Sushi proves to be a great place for casual, yet quality Japanese comfort food in a friendly atmosphere. continue reading
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