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Hot Dog
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Level4 2014-02-10
If you are hungry after your shopping in Ikea, there is a snack shop just opposite the checkout counters, so that is really the first thing you see after paying for your goods and stepping out of the Ikea store. Popular items are the hotdogs and soft ice-cream, although they also sell other food like curry puff here.It's a self-serve shop so you have to queue at the counter to pay and collect the items to "DIY" at the side. For hotdogs, you'll get a plain bun with a chicken hotdog without sauce and for ice creams, you'll get an empty ice cream cone and a token to activate the ice cream dispenser machine.The ice cream dispensers with How-To-DIY instruction signs above.Other than the ice cream dispenser, there are also two counters with chilli, mustard and tomato ketchup that you can choose to top your hotdog bun with, depending on your preferences.Hotdog (Mustard & Chilli) ($1.00)For $1.00, this is really quite value for money. The bun is run-of-the-mill but the chicken hotdog is quite springy and delicious. The mustard sauce and chilli sauce are quite tasty and add a dash of sweetness, spiciness and zest to the hotdog bun. If you are won over by the sauces, they are actually also selling them in bottles at the Ikea Swedish Food Market next door!Soft Ice-Cream ($0.50)The ice cream is pretty smooth and creamy and the biscuit cone is quite crunchy. Taste-wise, I find this okay, not really the best I've tasted, but no complaints since this costs only $0.50. Although the prices are already quite cheap for each item, there are still value set meals to give you even more value for your money! For example, it is only $2 if you get the set of hotdog, ice cream and a drink, which is also self-serve and refillable. Pretty worth getting! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-23
Having Ikea Hot Dog is one of the routine task whenever I visit them. With a cost at $1.50, we get to enjoy a cup of drink fillable at their drink kiosk and a Hot Dog Sandwich. At such an attractive pricing, their Hot Dog queues are always snaky. I bought their combo at $2, consist of Hotdog bun, Drink and Ice Cream. Customers get to enjoy self service in ikea getting their sauces, drinks from the station so as the ice cream. We were given a token and a cone for the ice cream at the cashier counter upon payment. Look at the semi-auto ice cream machine in the video.The ice-cream tastes more of vanilla and was sour, not to my liking.The hotdog was steamed and served in the bread. Mustard, chilli and tomato sauce are self service at the counter. However due to the public holiday crowd, these condiments ran out very fast and customers turned rowdy although there were 2 counters. Throughout these years of patronizing, Ikea Hot Dog has never disappoints. Whenever people talks about Ikea, I would link to their food instead of its furniture. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)