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Ikoi Japanese Restaurant offers a gastronomic indulgence with an endless parade of authentic Japanese cuisines perfectly set in a lush Japanese setting. continue reading
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Today, Celine* and I decided to head to Ikoi Japanese Restaurant for lunch in the rain, just to satiate our sashimi cravings. It was a rather last minute decision, and I was surprised that she managed to make reservations in the morning for our noon-time lunch. Anyway, the well-known Ikoi Japanese Restaurant is located at 401 Havelock Road #01-01 Miramir Hotel, Singapore 169631 and the number for reservations is 6887 3788.The restaurant has a rather sleek but simplistic, classically Japanese design - clean white and light brown tones, open concept and colorful tatami seats. Yes, we were fortunate enough to be given a Tatami seat even though there were just two of us, and it was my first time sitting this way - rather comfortable.While browsing through the menu, we were being served the complimentary items such as the sumptuous Salmon Sashimi slices drenched in a lightly-flavored sauce, and the small teapot of Seafood Soup that I have missed since my last visit here years ago. The Sashimi was very fine and meltingly tender, and the seafood soup was tasty as ever, especially with the squeeze of lime wedge into it.Very quickly, they brought us the first items of our order. The Shisamo which I have swo rn off during my last Japanese restaurant visit. This was an order by mistake, and the sinful recollection of its deliciousness when I was here years back - well, it is still delicious and filled with roe. The Agadeshi Tofu was lovely too - meltingly-crispy skin and sweetly smooth insides, floating in a plate of light soy sauce.Next, the dish of Cucumber slices with accompaniment of tasty, savoury Miso beans - a refreshing delight. The lightly-salted and soft Edamane beans which made for a good snack in between waits. And the California Temaki - handroll with cucumber sticks, crabmeat, omelet and Japanese rice rolled in large sheet of seaweed - tasty and crunchy.They brought us our Sake Maki - salmon sashimi with mayonnaise. The tiny dices of salmon sashimi bits stuffed into sticky Japanese rice, rolled into seaweed and sprayed with mayonnaise - was a combination of crunchiness, tenderness and deliciousness all rolled into one.For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/03/lunch-at-ikoi-japanese-restaurant.html continue reading
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Level1 2013-10-28
If you like to have free flow of good sashimi. Ikoi is the place to go! They offer quite a variety on their buffet menu and there are complimentary dishes once in awhile. The grilled salmon and mackerel is tasty! Must order that! The stir fry veggies is good as well. They also do have veggie sticks in a cup which is good if you like to refresh your tastebud. However, as it is always full house, the food might take some time to arrive. Must make a reservation before you go. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2013-10-25
In my honest and unbiased opinion, Ikoi is the best Japanese restaurant there is and it serves up the freshest sashimi you'll ever find. Located in Hotel Miramar near Great World City, Ikoi offers an ala carte buffet everyday and don't expect to be able to walk in and get a seat without any reservations. Reservations are pretty much done in advance and the restaurant is always full.Ikoi's ala carte buffet menu offers a huge variety - Don, Udon, Noodles, Sushi, Nigiri, Sashimi, all kinds of side dishes etc Everything is prepared on the spot for you. What takes the cake for me would be of course their sashimi. Free flow of sashimi is one thing, but free flow of fresh sashimi of premium quality is a totally different and appealing matter altogether. Most of their dishes are decent and average, and their sashimi exceeds all expectations. Do order several plates, the sashimi comes pretty quckly as many people orders it.Ikoi isn't really a very big restaurant and has limited space so make sure you book ahead in advance, maybe a week. The seats might be a bit small and cramp so do bare with the constraints! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
We have come for lunch to celebrate our assistant manager's farewell. As the restaurant is quite popular and our group is quite big, reservations is being made weeks ahead. The place is quite small and we are separated into many different tables. The seats are quite small, a problem for big sized person. The ordering system is quite messy as certain dishes are served without been ordered. There are dishes which we ordered but never serve. The food tastes average. The service sucks as they cannot keep track of our orders even we have repeatedly ask the staffs about it. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-22
Ikoi is one my favorite Japanese buffet places to go, located at the ground level of Hotel Miramar. Honestly speaking, I feel that only the unlimited amount of the Sashimi is worth visiting. I can just sit there and order as many sashimi as I want. I like their sashimi here as it is very fresh and tasty and they are not stingy on the amount given to you when you place your order. I also realized that sashimi orders are quite fast to arrive at the diners table compare to other cooked food.I also like their Donbiri which is limited to one serving per pax. The soup broth is so rich that I can finish the whole pot of soup and polish the ingredients inside. Reservation is definitely recommended as bookings are mostly taken up fast especially during weekends. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)