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Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine is proud to be a part of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Renowned for its excellent service and the high quality of its food, the Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine's stellar reputation is known throughout Singapore. Specializing in Cantonese cuisine, this classic establishment offers lucky patrons a golden opportunity to taste some of the best Chinese food in the region continue reading
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Teochew-style Cold Flower Crab Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Beijing Duck
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While craving for a delicious Custard Bun, my friend brought me to this recommended fine dining chinese restaurant.Flipping around their menu with the head of mind thinking of Xiao Long Bao.But it such a what pity. They don't have my favorite 小笼包.It's a cozy ambient with a visible glass window facing Casino hall.Don't worry the crowd and noise of Casino are not reacheable to the chilled restaurant.Enjoying a nice dimsum in this good place.On the other hand, they are not mainly serving in Dim Sum but they have varierty a choice of chinese ala carte and food package.Full food review : http://cennds.blogspot.sg/2014/06/dimsum-imperial-treasure-fine-chinese.htmlTeochew Steamed DumplingDefinitely worth it for peanut lover as long as you don't mind with the chives.It really taste good with the spreading of peanut around Chicken FeetA nice chicken feet especially the sauce with a little bit of spice that triggers your tounge and mouth to like it if you are a spicy lover.Egg TartA small nice egg tart filled with a crispy custard surronding the tart. And really love the softness of its tart.Siew MaiA steamed well of siew mai with no raw tasted and soft skin. Baked BBQ BunA cripsy and big baked bun that you should try .it really taste good and definitely you won't regret . Eat it when its still crispy Custard BunCustard BunSimple white bun which it looks nothing at outside and seems very plain .But when you bite it, the salted egg yolk is definitely starting to drill down from your mouth. And its gonna be the best dishes continue reading
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A couple of us got together for dinner at Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine @ MBS even though I had a less than stellar experience there a few years back. Well things change, don't they?Interior & MenuWell the interior hadn't changed since my previous visit; Modern with warm lighting and lots of glass. One issue I had this time round was the noise level, probably due to the easily excitable patrons seated in the neighbouring tables. But I digress.Peking DuckThe Peking duck was carved up table side and came in 3 courses. First up was the crisp skin dipped in sugar ala authentic Peking style, which would have been great if the skin had been less greasy. Following up was the overly greasy meat and skin wrapped in limp crepes that tasted really bland. Thank god for the hoisin sauce! Presentation was also very shoddy for a fine dining restaurant. For our third course, we opted for the meat to be chopped up and served. And strangely enough, for all the greasiness in the first two dishes, the meat was a tad dry and overall this was a very average dish. So much for being an Imperial Treasure signature dish.Sauteed Beancurd with MushroomsSilky smooth with a nice savoury taste, topped with copious amounts of deletable mushrooms and sitting on a bed of greens. Just a wee bit too salty but perfect if eaten with rice. Sauteed Prawn BallThe sauteed prawn ball boasted fresh, huge prawns that packed a crunch in every bite. Came with lots of celery for that extra crunch. Simple and unadulterated goodness. A large portion entitled each of us (6 pax) to 2 prawns each. Would have been nice to have more though. Broccoli with MushroomsOur necessary greens for the evening, a nicely sauteed, crunchy broccoli dish topped with huge mushrooms. Very appetising.Truffle MeepokThe highlight of our evening, the truffle meepok, which isn't on the menu but it's available at many of the other Imperial Treasure outlets, including my personal favourite, Imperial Treasure Cantonese @ Crowne Plaza Hotel. Silky meepok with a strong taste and aroma of truffle oil, topped with mushrooms and beansprouts; Simple yet delicious. Just be sure to share. BillDinner wasn't bad, save for the Peking duck which clocked in at average. And at almost $41/pax, it wasn't too expensive either. Service was decent but not exactly friendly, which is typical of alot of Chinese restaurants in Singapore. But at such a price point, Imperial Treasure Cantonese @ Crowne Plaza does a better job and that is where I'll be sticking to. Final Verdict:Ambience: 7/10Service: 6.5/10Food: 7/10Value for money: 6.5/10Overall:7/10Address: L2-04 Marina Bay Sands Casino. Access via Bay Level (L1) lifts at UOB and Grand Colonnade North, as well as from Casino.Contact: 6688 7788Opening Hours:Monday to Saturday 11.30am to 10.30pmDim Sum Available from 11.30am to 4.00pmSunday 11.00am to 11.30pmDim Sum Available from 11.00am to 4.00pmWebsite: http://www.marinabaysands.com/Shoppin/Shop/Imperial_Treasure_Fine_Chinese_Cuisine.aspx continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-28
Came here for dinner one saturday evening and ordered their signature cold crab. The presentation of the dish was very presentable with carrots being used to carve out bird shaped figurines. Crab was cold and very fresh, being meaty and delicious tasting. This is a very good way to enjoy the natural sweetness of the crab without other contrasting flavours to mask its flavour continue reading
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Level2 2010-10-12
Food and the ambience may look good here, but the taste is horrible, especially for the price you are paying.The pork ribs which was highly recommended by the supervisor turned out to be super disappointing. Meat was so hard and it just tasted horrible.Everything is bland. The only saving grace was probably the noodles in soup, but still it is not worth a try. continue reading
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