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Level4 2011-12-28
I brought my friend to Indian Times for her Birthday and I liked the idea that it was so close to the beach! The restaurant was nestled behind the beach area and it would be easy to miss it. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful decor of the restaurant. Tables were also positioned in a way to give customers privacy. There was a mini grill at every table so customers could cook their own kebabs as well. My friend enjoyed the hands on experience as much as I did!We had the vegetarian indian buffet which came with vegetarian kebabs too! The rice was very fragrant and all the dishes were served piping hot. We were served the appetizers first, followed by the main courses and dessert (Gulab Jamun) The main dishes consisted of biryani rice, dahl curry, paneer methi (indian cheese), a potato side dish as well as a basket of naan's.The food was fantastic though a tad expensive. However, it was definitely worth it for the fun experience we had with grilling kebabs and the generous amount of food. I liked the idea that we did not have to queue up for the buffet (which is usually self service at most restaurants). Indian Times is all about good customer service and we'll definitely be back for more mouth watering dishes! continue reading
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Level4 2011-08-19
i went to indian times with a couple of friends. As we were saying that it is hard to find a really good indian restaurant, one of our indian friend decided to bring us there. the ambience of the place is really nice. The food is awesome. Their nan, masala and kebabs are really good. I love the kebabs the most. really tender and juicy! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2011-08-08
my colleagues brought me to try something new. i normally do not eat this stuff cos i find it too spicy for me. but there is always a first time for everything right? so there is was at indian times eating indian daal and curry. my indian colleague did the honour to order something delicious for me and there i was, eating daal and curry. the food at indian times are really good, very fragrant, full of spices, i really enjoyed my food despite downing alot of water. but nevertheless, i would not mind coming here more often! continue reading
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Level3 2010-12-30
Before I stepped into Indian Times, I relish the thought of feasting countless sticks of kebabs. But reality turns out, that after hitting on other dishes, my tummy couldn't handle so many kebabs.Basmati rice with green peas: I love this rice. Not much pungent Indian flavour. Simple yet tasty and goes well with all of their dishes.Raitha: Yogurt mixed with onions, tomatoes and cucumbers. This dish may sound like a dessert from the description, but it doesn't look and taste like one. I would say it has an exotic taste that opens up your craving for more food.Dal Tadka: Yellow lentils with spices. Can't remember much about this dish as I tried very little of this.The Paneer Makhani (cottage cheese cooked in tangy gravy) and Aloo Methi (boiled diced potatoes), though did not have curry in their description, tasted of curry.Kebabs: I tried the chicken and fish pieces. There was only one type of fish and I find that after grilling, the meat was a bit tough. The chicken kebabs, though more variety, meat is tough for some as well. I wouldn't fancy grilled onions that are big as there's just too much onion taste in one bite. It's best to order the kebabs first as some time is needed to grill them.Other than the above-mentioned dishes, there's another one that tastes like curry puff, with potato and green peas filling, but less crispy. Do not mistaken the green paste for wasabi. It's their yogurt sauce. Talking about sauces, they also have barbeque sauce great for dipping the kebabs into it! They also serve crackers and naan to your table, with additional servings upon request. Crispy crackers but I just can't take my hands off the naan! It's a thinner version of roti prata and tastes like it. More spring onion added would give the naan better fragrance. I dip this into their sauces and curries! Lastly, the desserts..Caramel Custard: A smooth dessert with lots of syrup.Semiya Payasam: A dessert made up of semolina, milk and cashew nuts. Very interesting dish but it takes time getting used to the taste.Gulab Jamun: Deep fried milk balls in sugar syrup. The texture of the dessert is similar to butter cake but it's milk balls soaked thoroughly in a lot of syrup. Too sweet for me.Prices are a bit overrated, but still worth visiting for its classy and comfy environment and unlimited servings of kebabs. continue reading
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