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IndoChili introduces you to Indonesian cuisine's rich heritage. Orchestrated from traditional Indonesian recipes and infused by fresh spices, they believe their food is an exquisite offering that will not only satisfy your palate but also redeem your sense of taste. continue reading
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Level3 2015-09-11
 It's a nice surprise!  I almost want to finish this critic with this one simple sentence.Although I haven't been to Indonesia at least I believe it serves authentic Indonesian cuisine, not to mention that the taste of the food is great!  We ordered (I tried to memorize the names of the fishes here) Sop Buntat a meat soup to me matched with rice and served with salted egg and prawn chips and I really appreciate the details of it because it's not just a mash of gravy but you could taste the real taste of meat are all dissolved in the soup.  The chips matched with it also gives good taste of it as my wife ordered the chicken soup and they gave a different kind of chips.  The salted egg added to it gives an extra layer of flavour to it.The next dish we ordered is the chicken soup (Sop Ayam?).  It's cooked with chicken with chicken skin and thus the soup is not those clear type.  The herbs added are very interested as it gives you the taste at your upper palate and you could taste the immense chicken flavour on your tongue.  Fantastic!The chili served with the 2 dishes are different and they gave you the hotness in different part of your mouth!  Mine is more at the tongue and the one with chicken soup is at your throat!  But be careful they are very hot!Also the service is very good and they are attentive. continue reading
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Ron and i are Indonesian food lovers. Whenever we are in Indonesian, we will definitely eat their local food because we simply enjoy it. In Singapore, if we come across any stall or restaurant that sell Indonesian food, it is always the case... "Lets try it". Because we really miss the food in Indonesian. And recently, we found one that is REALLY good in Singapore that we really want to share.IndoChili Indonesian RestaurantIndoChili is the leading family friendly Indonesian Restaurant. They are the winner of Food Republic Hawker King Challenge and one of the restaurants rated 4.5 out of 5 by 8 Days Magazine. Currently the restaurant is located along Zion Road which is just opposite Great World City. The most important thing is they served authentic Indonesian food!!!!!They have both indoor and outdoor seating. Given the space, it is spacious. It is also a ideal place for family/friends gathering. It is baby friendly too. This is really nice to know that the restaurant believes in NO MSG!!!!Cah KangKung ($8.80) Tahu Telor ($8.80) - This beancurd omelette is a MUST order dish!!! I have to say that this is very very very yummy. The savory sweet peanuts sauce is way too awesome. Ron and i love it very much and it is by far the best Tahu Telor we have eaten. We give you 5/5. Sate Ayam Madura (5pcs) ($7.80) - The chicken was not tough and it went very well with their sauce. It is my favorite dish as well. Udang Bakar Jimbaran ($17.50) - Prawns were fresh.Ayam Bakar Kecap ($8.80) - This grilled chicken was not dry at all and quite tender being the fact it was grilled. Ron's favourite dish. Left: Kiwi Cream Soda ($5.80) ; Right: Es Kopi Duren ($5.80)If i have only one item to pick in the drinks menu. I will go for Es Kopi Duren. Both of us really like this drink. Basically, its DURIAN COFFEE ice blended. It is very rich and tasty. Honestly, I am missing it now.Overall, it was a satisfied dinner for sure. Food was authentic and nice. Ron said their food "有水准" (Got standard) with good customer service. We will come back for sure, specially for Es Kopi Duren and Tahu Telor.Kueh Lapis Legit Durian (Medium) ($32.00) - I wanted to buy home the original flavor but they have sold out. This shows how good the Kueh Lapis is. But lucky, we managed to get this which has durian flavor. Ron bought home the medium size and ask the staff in the restaurant to cut it half for us. So this is the half portion for my family. Try and Tasted! Thumbs up! continue reading
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Level2 2014-10-08
IndoChili Indonesian Restaurant serves top notch traditional Indonesian food with a rich heritage. The owner was inspired by her grandmother and came up with dishes infused with lots of herbs and spices which are beneficial to health and yet very delicious!Some of the dishes which i recommendxtail soup is really robust and I truly enjoyed it.Tumpeng Mini, rice was extremely fragrant and meat of the chicken very tender too.Their grilled platter is something worth trying as well. Grilled pomfret covered with sweet sauce is very tantalizing.Full review here: http://ilovedawn00.blogspot.sg/2014/10/food-review-indochili.html continue reading
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Located along the shophouses just opposite the popular Zion road Food Centre, Indochili brings traditional and home-style authentic Indonesian cuisine to Singapore.Dark wooden timber dominates the interior; the tables, counter, partition and outdoor alfresco dining deck – all built with dark timber, a typical Javanese decor element.We ordered Frape Choco S$7.80 / Avocado juice S$6.80,Tahu Telor S$8.80,Cah Kangkung S$8.80,Rendang Sapi (Beef) S$9.80,Combo Bakarak S$42.80 and Es Delima (Thai red ruby).Our verdict – Indochili is definitely a good spot to enjoy sumptuous and authentic Indonesian cuisine. If we had to recommend a good Indonesian restaurant, we are pretty sure Indochili would be on the list! Tahu Telor and Rendang Sapi are a must try!Please refer to www.ieatandeat.com for details review. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-09-15
My image of Indonesia cuisine tends to overlap with Malaysian cuisine--a lot of Sambal, spices, rich gravy that contains coconut and that belachan that gives the dishes a very defining "shiok"-ness. After visiting Indochilli, I like to add an essential word to the list and that is "sweetness". Gado Gado-vegetable As a spicy food lover with a sweet tooth, I love the fact that most of the dishes are not shy on the sugar which gives them more character. For instance, the Chicken Satay Madura ($7.80 for 5 sticks) featured juicy charcoal-grilled chicken dressed in sweet peanut sauce. However, I felt that the Tahu Telor ($8.80) and the Gado Gado ($6.80) could hold the sugar in tighter rein. That said, the omelette in the Tahu Telor was deep-fried till puffy, creating a delectable textural contrast with the beancurd and the dark luscious chunky peanuts. The first few mouthfuls of the Cah Kangkong ($8.80) were too salty, but somehow the spice and sourness began to emerge as we dig further down where a pool of red liquid could possibly dilute and balance the overall flavour. I had to restrain ordering anything too spicy since the little one has yet develop her tolerance for spicy food. So for families with kids, the ikan baker ($21.80)-- grilled fish in Indonesian sweet soy sauce, might be a safe option but do not that there is still hints of spiciness. It would be a bonus if the fish was fresher. We all loved the Sop Buntut ($14.80), a robust oxtail soup whose acidity can be managed with some squirts of lime and sambal belachan. Served with belinjo crackers or more commonly known as the Emping crackers.If I were to pick a dish to have again, it would be this traditional Javanese Royal dish known as Tumpeng Mini ($9.80), not because of the delicious array of side ingredients, but because of the YELLOW rice which were exceptionally fragrant and moist. As I continue to lament at the shortage of such good Southeast Asian restaurants in Singapore, I have discovered an all-new love for Indonesian cuisine. All thanks to the sambal.Full review and pics: http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2014/09/indochilli-sweet-sambal.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)