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The first Ji De Chi concept of creating delicious and comforting dessert was conceived from a humble beginning with three partners. Their passion and quests for great mouth-watering dessert that make perfect ending to a meal brought them north to Hong Kong where they learnt the art of double-boling, consistency check and perfect timing. All these skills were mastered and they brought back with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that culminated into several outlets today serving up hot and cold desserts of great quality. continue reading
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Durian Pomelo Sago Durian Snowflakew Black Glutinous Rice Mango Pomelo Sago Mango Pomelo Sago w Grass Jelly Mixed Fruit Ice Jelly Yam Sweet-in-Heart Sago
Review (53)
Level4 2014-02-09
To have a sweet break, we came to Ji De Chi after walking about an hour. Recipe was actually brought from Hong Kong, their passion was to create more and more mouthwatering dessert for their patrons. Business was growing fast, popular among youngster even elderly. Rich-flavoured snowy ice was a perfect choice to suit summer weather at Singapore, nothing beats having a soothing dessert. Durian paste was heavily laid on the plate, pearls were generously given too. $5.50 was a steep price, but it can be shared up to 3 persons due to huge portion. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-23
My family and I went to Ji De Chi for desserts one fine afternoon and we ordered Snow Ice, and Mango with Pomelo Sago with Herbal Jelly. The latter is more for my Mum who fancies such desserts better than shaved ice. Anyway my sisters and I digged in with our Snow Ice dessert which came with slices of strawberry and mango cubes. It's quite interesting how they manage to incorporate the flavour into the shaved ice and come up with such a pretty colour. Anyway I like it since it's soft and creamy, a bit like ice cream but without the strong diary taste. The fruits also provide a nice texture to go along with the shaved ice.For the Mango with Pomelo Sago with Herbal Jelly, the pomelo is abit bitter but i guess that evens out the sweetness of the mango "soup". Overall i think i like the Snow Ice range of desserts better for it seems at most dessert shops, they seem to like to pair pomelo and mango together.The service is quite efficient as they always try to find ways for customers to get seats, thus saving on the waiting time. Though it may be inconvenient to some who may end up shifting seats. The food is also served quickly and this helps with the turnover of seats in the small dessert parlour. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-11
One of my favourite dessert place. The price is considered affordable. Service is great, staffs are attentive however the shop can get abit crowded sometimes. The Sawdust Pudding typically made of crushed biscuits (sawdust) and cream. We ordered the Green Tea Flavour which came with Red Beans. The pudding had 2 layer of biscuits between the cream. Sastifying! One of the flavourite among many customers due to the hot weather was the Mango Flavour Snowy Ice Nata-De-Coco. Value for money and best for sharing with a group of friends! Worth a try!!! continue reading
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I absolutely love classic Hong Kong styled desserts. Ji De Chi is one of the many franchise chains that offers the usual shaved ice, puddings, mango-fruity desserts, sesame paste and so on - there's also Mei Heong Yuen and Honeymoon Desserts. I like how Ji De Chi is less fuss-free and straight-forward in their menu selection and has all the simplest desserts which looks unassumingly boring... but lovely to sweeten my palate after a dinner.Almond Paste - $3My disclaimer above is to defend for the interests of my official new favourite dessert at Hong Kong dessert places - the almond paste. It is subtly sweet and has a super almond fragrance. Some people find that almond paste tastes like medicine; I used to think the same too. There's really a psychological barrier you have to get past but once you learn to appreciate it... it's really godly. Definitely recommended for almond lovers. The fact that it's a hot dessert also makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Perfect to counter Singapore's chilly weathers. Blueberry Snowflake Ice - $5.50The blueberry flavour in this lavender-hued icy dessert tastes rather artificial, not for the health-conscious. Snowflake ice desserts are naturally refreshing and there was another dimension to the dessert with the burst of the lychee and also chewy glutinous balls. I wish there were more glutinous balls though. I would recommend the other flavoured shaved ice though.Swing by this dessert shop located at The Marketplace of Jurong Point on the third floor to enjoy Hong Kong desserts served by efficient and polite servers. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-01
Mango With Sticky Rice $4.80i really love this dessert of theirs! it is so goood! the chewy skin coupled with the coconut flakes was complemented well with the sweet mango fillings in it.chocolate snow ice the chocolate flavour could be richer as everything except the toppings are made from ice. love the plain mini tang yuans beside as wlel as the chocolate chips toppings on top. sawdust pudding with red beanthey have one of the best puddings ever!! i really love the "sawdust" texture. this is not your usual pudding. when you put it in your mouth, it sort of melts. they were also very generous with the red bean sides. service was also efficient, resulting in a high turnover rate of customers. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)