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I had family visiting from North America... I wanted to give them the full hawker centre experience, they wanted to eat seafood - so we ended up at Newton Food Centre.First off, it's worth saying that the touting is even worse than I remembered. As soon as we crossed the pedestrian bridge from Newton MRT there were touts trying to direct us to certain tables and to order from certain stalls! Also, during the meal, a guy selling fake gold watches kept approaching us! Anyway, I refused to order chili crab from one of the touts, so walked around until I found a stall where it looked like locals were ordering from and wasn't harassing tourists. That led me to stall #46 operated by Edward. I ordered a chili crab, fried squid, and, of course, man tou! The price for the crab was $4.50 per 100 grams. I honestly never eat crab so don't know if this is too expensive? I know it's cheaper than No Signboard Seafood at least.Anyway, Edward was really friendly and brought all the food over to us when it was ready. He also gave us tons of tissue - chili crab is always a messy meal! The chili crab was a big hit. It was partially cracked so it was easier to eat, and the sauce was really good mopped up with the man tou. Yum yum! The squid on the other hand weren't as popular. I liked the spicy sauce, but found them to be kind of rubbery. I rarely like squid though, so don't take my critique too seriously! I think it was $12 for a medium portion. I don't think I'll be going back to Newton any time soon, but if I did I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this stall for BBQ seafood. It's one of the few honest spots at Newton. continue reading
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