Signature Dishes
Yong Tau Foo
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Abandoned my usual lunch partners, I followed the other team for my lunch today. We drove all the way to Tanglin Halt Market, looking for delicious and cheap foodies. My attention fall on Yong Tau Foo stall immediately when I stepped into the hawker, decided to eat that. One of the signature recipes was the Laksa soup, thickly when I saw from the pot. Boss highly recommended the Laksa, so I gave it a try.It was definitely a well-balanced Laksa, neither too heavy coconut creamy nor too diluted. I would say that, a nice bowl of Laksa was something I can finish it one scoop by one scoop. Nothing beats its fragrance, spiciness was satisfied. Portion of rice was filling, perfectly matched with savoury curry broth. Additional $0.50 was for the Laksa option, price at 3.50. continue reading
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