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Located at the place first known as the “Qun Zhong Eating House”, Jing Hua was one of the first occupants of a row of recently refurbished shophouses along Neil Road in Singapore’s Chinatown. Over the years, the family slowly adapted their Shanghainese recipes to suit Singaporean tastes. The result is a tight menu of dumplings, noodles and desserts that is appealing to people of all nationalities who travel through the small island nation. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-30
This place is very near Chinatown, so it fits into the culture of the place very nicely. However, it is not in the heart of chinatown, just a little bit away (near the Buddhist Relic temple). This place is crowded in the moring time, lots of tourist comes here too. Food takes a while to arrive so you need to wait. Every dish we tried were so good and satisfying. I personally think the xiao long bao better than Ding Tai Fong, and much cheaper too! The red bean pancake has a crispy coated skin with lots of sesame with smooth like silk red bean. If you are a read bean lover, this is a must try!The hghlight is the pan fried meat dumpling. The shape is different than normal shapped dumplings but we loved it this way. It goes perfect with the vinegar and ginger. Definitely juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Yummy!  continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-11
Full review and pics: http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2014/11/jing-hua-xiao-chi-25-years-of-home.htmlOops...the skin of the Xiao Long Bao broke apart as I attempted to pick it up very cautiously, and the beautiful guts spilled out uncontrollably onto the parchment paper. This is both a good and bad sign; the good thing is that the skin is delicate and the bad sign is that I am too rowdy with this plump meaty babies.Having been serving these Xiao long baos for 25 years, Jing Hua Xiao Chi started as a humble eatery in one of the refurbished shophouses along Neil road by native Singaporeans Mr & Mrs Han, who believed in serving home-style goodness cuisine. Currently in the hands of their son, Guo Guang, Jing Hua stays true to their original menu, which remained unchanged since Day One. According to Guo Guang, “Jing Hua is the legacy of the Han Famiy and represents years of hard work and passion. I hope to uphold the reputation of the restaurant and spread the word on our cuisine so that future generations can enjoy and experience the true tastes of Jing Hua."These are not empty talk without substance. In fact, the Xiao Long Baos 小笼汤包 ($7++ for 7pcs) are near perfect--the ball of minced pork at the center, loose and yielding, as if itself in midmelt. My 2nd XLB landed in my spoon intact and buoyant, and I popped the entire thing comfortably in my mouth. There could be a little more of that liquefied pork gelatin but I'm just being greedy. Other dumplings variations include the steamed vegetarian dumplings 素饺子 ($7++ for 7 pieces), stuffed with taupok bits and crunchy turnips which even non-vegetarians will delight. The Seafood and Pork Dumplings 三鲜饺子 ($8++ for 10) had a slightly chewy feel but the ingredients tasted fresh and not too greasy. I prefer the pan-fried version 三鲜锅贴 ($8++ for 10 pieces) which transformed the original chewy skin into delicate crunchy bites with tantalizing burnt aroma. This gives the pan-fried dumpling more character, as if it was a golden pillow case 金枕头. Perfect if there were more chives. The mastery achievement goes beyond the dumplings to the noodles and the desserts. The Noodle with Minced Pork & Soya Bean Sauce 炸酱面 ($5++), is wonderfully alchemized by the minced pork and age-old calculus soya bean paste that Iess salty than other specimens. The Osmanthus soup with glutinous rice ball soup (桂花汤圆) ($3++) arrived hot and fragrant with warm floral inhalations. Hand-made with a spot-on dough-to-filling ratio, each tiny pop is rolled with a different flavour; lotus and walnut, black sesame, red bean and peanuts. Another must-try is the Crispy Red Bean Pancake 豆沙锅饼 ($10++) that is prepared freshly upon order. Expertly deep-fried till they are like crunchy fritters, the dark brown parcels oozes dense, sweet red bean paste with charred sesame aroma. After such a satisfying meal, I am convinced that the Han's decision to leave the menu unchanged was a right one. Consistent quality food that can stand the test of time. Sounds unbelievable in our modern age but here is a true story. continue reading
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Level3 2013-11-24
One of the simplest traditional Ja Jiang Mian I have eaten. There is only La Mian, Ja Jiang sauce and shredded cucumber in the dish. You will not meet the crowd if you reach before 7pm. But if you hit the peak hour for dinner, the wait can be rather long due to the small sitting capacity of the restaurant. And there is no waiting area, so you will just have to stand outside the restaurant to wait till someone leaves. Parking can also be a challenge with the limited parking lots around the restaurant. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-10
Wanting to have some vegetables after couple of days been having lots of junk food during my meal hours. Pass by this Chinese restaurant and decided to order a few vegetable dishes. Bought their spinach with oyster sauce ($8) which the portion was quite generous and the spinach was really crunchy and fresh. Not too salty and really easy to eat. As for the beansprout with minced pork with bean paste ($8) was abit too salty and the minced meat was abit too dry. But the beansprout was very fresh as well. Service here was fast and friendly and restaurant is clean with simple furnishing. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-14
This place has since expanded to occupy the unit next door, they have also refurnished the entire place with new furnishing, deco etc. Gone were the times where u see uncle sitting at the counter, not sure if he's gone to the bugis outlet instead. Ordered the Chinese pizza $10, xiao long bao dumplings $7, minced pork noodles $5 and hot and sour soup $3. 10% svc charge and 7% gst applies. The pizza was still good, it was so well made that i almost thought its machine produced but i confirmed with the worker that it is still hand made. The hot and sour soup was a tiny little bowl though but was enough to cure that szechuan craving. the minced pork noodle and dumpling were pretty average for me today. Somehow this visit did not excite me as much as before, perhaps I'm expecting more dishes innovation or something continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)