A Sichuan restaurant specializing in Ma La Xiang Guo, a hotpot filled with a variety of ingredients cooked in a spicy mala soup. continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-25
Located at POMO, next to the elevators to the car park is this hotpot that is known for their 99 cent pricing of hotpot ingredients. Having lived in China for half a year, I do miss the Chinese local food. Though most of the local szechuan food is spicy, drenched in oil and not for the health conscious, there are some dishes that aren't spicy that I can still enjoy!Their menu is pretty similar to that of any tze char restaurant, so there's something for everyone.I was told that they were running low on dumplings and short ribs and that I had to make a reservation via phone before I could order them. Best sellers maybe?1. Zha Jiang Mian $5.99This may look like a very simple and humble bowl of noodles, but the minced meat was well mariated and wasn't too salty or oily. The noodles were very chewy and I enjoyed every mouthful. Even though we were so full from the rice and the egg dish, we still struggled and managed to finish this delicious bowl of noodles.2. Egg Fried Rice $5.49Does anyone want to guess how many cups of rice is in this fried rice plate? The portion is so huge! Definitely big enough for 2 hungry adults or every 3! We were stunned to see such a huge plate. The rice had some wok hei and tasted great for the first few mouthfuls and after a while, we realized that it was very salty and they do not serve water. They charge for mineral water bottles. When I ordered I had asked them to add less oil in the fried rice, as I read somewhere that the fried rice was very oily. So, thank goodness I asked for that as the rice wasn't too oily. But it wasn't the same case for the Fried egg with tomato.3. Tomato Fried Egg $7.99Does anyone want to guess how many eggs went into this dish? I'd say at least 4 eggs! The portions are really huge! The egg was very well done, there was slight charring on the thin omelette. Very similar to that of fried oyster omelette. However, the egg was super salty and was swimming in a sea of oil. The tomatoes were sweet and everytime you bit into it, a tinge of saltiness from the egg would offset the sweetness of the tomatoes. Back in my days in China, this was my go-to for scrambled egg cravings. Hence I actually loved this dish, but I would definitely tell them to lessen the oil and salt on this dish next time.This restaurant is nett priced, so after you order and pay at the cashier, wait for your number to be called on the LCD screen, walk up and pick up your food and utensils. It's a small restaurant so it's pretty convenient. All in all, a great place for family dinner, when I say family. I mean, bring at least 3 pax to finish that one bowl of $5.49 fried rice. For a chinese style restaurant near Dhoby Ghaut/Bras Basah MRT, their prices are very reasonable. continue reading
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Popped by this restaurant again for lunch, this time bringing my two colleagues who were a little sceptical that Ma La Xiang Guo will not be spicy for them.They are not big on chilli and tend to go easy on chilli with their food.The concept is you pick the ingredients that you like, before handing it over to the cashier who will weigh the ingredients and calculate the purchase. There are different prices for different ingredients, with vegetables costing less and meat items costing more.We picked a couple of items from the chiller in the front of the restaurant (beancurd, sliced lotus root, brinjal, bamboo shoot, broccoli, straw mushroom, seaweed, black fungus, crabstick, quail eggs, luncheon meat & Chinese white transparent noodles)Here is the verdict:- Ma La Xiang Guo: All the ingredients that we picked from the chiller were fried together. You can ask the chef to prepare the food according to your preferred level of spiciness. You can choose no- spicy, to 3 levels of spiciness. We opted for the least spicy option. The spice level was good enough for my colleagues (who can’t take chilli). Fried crispy peanuts were also added to the dish. If you don’t peanuts, do ask them not to include in the cooking process.- Fried Rice: This was simply rice fried with eggs. It was good, although it would be better if it was less oily.- Boiled Dumplings: Restaurant made dumplings boiled in water and served. Good!With the weather turning cold this time of the year (Nov – Dec 2014) with lots of rain days, I will be back to have some spicy food to keep me warm! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)