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Just Acia offers a dazzling array of Asian noodle and rice sets, which comes with free flow drinks and ice cream. continue reading
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Review (12)
Level3 2014-11-27
We order the Creamy chicken spaghetti set $9.50, and it comes with free flow of cappuccino, soft drinks and icecream. Quite value-for-money. The spaghetti is cooked just nice, soft and creamy. Servings of mushroom, chicken within are generous, not too salty and is suitable for children. There are many selections of drinks and icecream. While yummy, I think the icecream’s quality is not as good, not much of milk taste, only icy cold and sweet. So having it once a while is fine for the sweet tooth but not worth the calories for such quality of icecream. Staff is prompt in clearing the tables and are friendly. The place is quite nosiy during weekends though. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-03
Enjoyed the chicken cutlet set during lunch hour as is really cheap for $5.90 and goes along with free flow soft drinks, coffee, tea and ice cream. The portion is very generous and the chicken meat is very crispy and not too oily. The meat is also juicy and goes very well with the plain rice. There is hot seaweed soup that taste quite nice as well. The restaurant is quite squeezy but still cooling, service is alright as well. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-18
Red and loud, that was my first impression of Just Acia, which offers Asian dishes from the "Best of Asia" at "great value". While the decor is attention grabbing, I find the environment, with the somewhat casual canteen-style seating arrangements, to be suitable for groups of friends and family to have a nice, chatty meal together.There were not much people when we went on a weekend mid-afternoon, so we were seated pretty quickly by the friendly staff and given a piece of order form for our orders. Basically, you just write the quantity of the items you want on the order form and bring it up to the counter to place your order and pay for it.The food offering here is a fusion of Asian influences, with most of it being Chinese, Korean, Japanese and some Thai. There are set meals featuring the standard Asian staple, the rice, as well as noodle like the Japanese udon or ramen. Alternatively, there are also Western-style pasta sets for something a little more diverse, like the Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Chicken Teriyaki set. We decided to get the Steamed Dumpling Rice Set for ourselves. This was a late lunch and we were hungry, so we also ordered a few sides before our main sets came.Samosa ($0.90 for 4) First dish to come to our table. And yes, it's only $0.90 for 4 pieces! The skin is quite crispy with a crunch to it and the curry-tasting flavour is aromatic but not overwhelming.Deep Fried Chicken (Small) ($3.10)A rather tasty treat, the chicken is very crispy with a slightly powdery batter on the skin. The meat is quite juicy and I like that the oil has been well-drained and it didn't come across as too oily.Steamed Dumpling Set ($6.30)There is really a mix of Asia in this set, with a set of dumplings, a bowl of white rice, miso soup, and a side of kimchi. The dumplings are decent but the skin, though slightly chewy, is a tad too fragile. It breaks apart easily upon picking up, but the dumplings are quite soupy on the inside. We also like the miso soup, which is full flavoured and not diluted like some soup I've tasted elsewhere.The coffee, soft drinks and ice cream that come with the set are free flow. There are two types of ice cream here. The soft serve ice cream is nothing to scream about as it is not very smooth and feels a little like finely crushed ice. But the ice cream from the tubs, with a variety of flavours like cookies and cream, peppermint and strawberry, fare slightly better with its creamy texture. For better tasting beverage and dessert, feel free to mix both soft drink and ice cream together to make your own ice cream float!At just $6.30 for the dumpling set meal with free flow drinks and ice cream, it is really quite a steal. While the main set and the free flow ice cream are more than filling enough for the average diner, we find that it is also worth spending a little more to get extra sides like the tasty Deep Fried Chicken to go with the meal (maybe cut back on the ice cream a little to make space for the sides, although we still went for two helpings of ice cream each!). Even with sides, each of us paid less than $10.00 for a complete meal here. And despite sharing the sides among us, we still left the place feeling very bloated! Service is also not bad here. The staff are friendly and quite helpful with queries. While paying at the counter, we asked if the samosa contained any meat like beef. The staff wasn't sure and we thought that was the end of it, but he took the effort to go and check with the kitchen for us, which we appreciated. And they don't even charge service charge here!All in all, the food is decent enough for the price (and certainly very filling). If you are undecided on the type of cuisine to have for lunch or dinner, you can consider Just Acia to get a mix of Asia on your plate! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-08
Being a weekday, it is quite quiet here. There is rice set,and noodles set, etc. For week day, there is also special value meals too and comes with free flow drink and ice cream.If you have ordered 2 set meal and have a kid with you, you only need to pay 50% for the lower priced set meal. Good meal isn't it. The Chawan Mushi ($3.10) here is served in a tea cup. The steamed egg is very smooth, with some shredded chicken inside.The Siew Mai ($0.80) comes highly recommended by the staff, and tastes quite nice.Tonight I am having the Creamy Curry Chicken Wing Spaghetti($7.90). It is too jelat for me and I give up eating after a few mouthful.The value meal comes with free flow assorted drinks and ice-cream. There is about 6 flavours of ice cream available such as yam, lime, matcha, jackfruit,and cookies and cream. There is also soft serve available too.Overall it has fast service, but the food standard is getting from bad to worse. continue reading
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Level2 2013-05-27
This is my uncountable time eating at Just Acia. I just loved the prices, the food, the environment (free seating) & especially free flow ice-cream and drinks.All sets comes with free flow drinks & ice-cream. There are the usual soft drinks, tea, coffee, more unusual are root beer, green tea sachets, hot chocolate, peach tea, lime juice & home-made milk tea.The veriety of ice-cream changes slightly day to day. But most of the time, there are chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, coffee & vanilla. Sometimes, you can see mint, cookies & cream as well as coconut ice cream.Chicken Cutlet set Very tender & juicy insides. You can see the juice on the meat. There are 2 strips of chicken instead of one! Fried Salmon setI feel that it is overly fried and the fish loses most of it's rich omega-3 oil. Overall, I would still enjoy dining at this outlet as the staffs are very friendly & they won't bother you too much. continue reading
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