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Gamja-Tang (Pork Back-bone Stew) Korean BBQ Buffet
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Level1 2017-11-19
2 hours dining time, with 2 different types of buffet to choose from, normal $28.90++ or premium $49.90++ for weekend dinner.The premium consisted of about 4 different types of beef, 2 types of pork and tiger prawn. Al fresco or indoor dining is available but if you don’t want to smell like a bbq meat after your meal. You can choose to dine al fresco, but it is abit stuffy. Overall dining experience was good, a variety of marinated or non-marinated meats to choose from, prawns and squid. There is also cooked foods to choose from like noodles, tteokbokki, pancakes and more. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-01
It was a Sunday, and bf suddenly craved for Korean BBQ. There are so many restaurants serving Korean BBQ, be it buffet or ala carte. Thanks to Google and recommendations from local food bloggers, we finally decided to eat at K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet at Orchard Central.Perched on the 7th floor of Orchard Central, this restaurant has indoor and outdoor area. If you choose to eat at outdoor, you can enjoy a great view of Orchard Road and its vicinity. As a K-Pop lover, I really like this place because they play K-Pop songs the whole time haha. There is also a big screen showing Korean variety shows, concert, or MV, but unfortunately it was off during our visit. There is a kind of queue machine, which will tell you whether there is still available seat. If there isn't any, you can leave your phone number, get your queue number, and they will call you once there is a vacant seat for you (keep your eye on your phone haha).Included in the buffet are free-flow BBQ ingredients, cooked food, canned drink, rice, and fruits. The BBQ ingredients themselves are rich in variety. There are beef bulgogi, beef rib eye, pork belly, pork collar, spicy chicken, squids, prawns (just to name a few), all of which are marinated nicely. From the cooked food section, there are japchae (Korean glass noodle), pajeon (Korean pancake), and tteokbokki (Korean rice cake).Instead of using charcoal grill, K.Cook uses non-sticky flat pan, so don't worry about the meat being charred quickly. The wide size of the pan allows us to put and grill many slices of meat at a time.More kinds of meat being grilledFruit cocktails for the dessertThe service turned out to be good as well. The staffs were friendly and prompt, they immediately cleared our empty plates. Overall, I highly recommend this place for all Korean BBQ lovers. From as low as $14.90++, you can enjoy the scrumptious Korean BBQ buffet with a great ambience. Oh ya, there is 10% discount if you finish within an hour or below.Buffet Price :Lunch : Mon - Fri (11.30am - 3pm) / Sat, Sun, PH & PH eve (11.30am - 5pm)Adult : $14.90++ / $24.90++Child (4-12 years old) : $8.90++ / $18.90++Dinner : Mon - Thu (5.30pm - 10pm) / Fri, Sat, Sun, PH & PH eve (5pm - 10pm)Adult : $24.90++ / $26.90++Child (4-12 years old) : $18.90++ (both)For more reviews, kindly visit http://ariellacahya.blogspot.com continue reading
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Just yesterday, I visited this newly opened Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant 고기 뷔페, at Orchard Central! Reaching there at about 6.30pm, I already saw many people having their buffet session and here I was, thinking that I could be the earliest as it was a work day. I was greeted with this cool queue machine, which they just installed one day before I went there.The Queue Machine.I tried the queue system (despite having a seat already, naughty me!) because I wanted to see how well it worked. And it was really cool! It allowed you to select an estimate number of people you will be eating with, and ask you to key in your contact number and name. At the final stage, it will check with you if you require a baby seat.My queue number was A26. I took a screenshot of their message, which was sent to me right after it generated the queue number. (Talk about efficiency!) ^-^They actually did call me later on, not once, not twice, but about 4 times when I didn't pick up my phone! (Sorry lah, busy munching away already, totally did not see the calls!)I kid you not, Singaporeans eat SOOOOO much meat. I went to take some of the Samgyeopsal 삼겹살 (fatty slices of pork belly meat), one moment it was there, next moment - gone! The restaurant staff were quick to replace a bucket of Samgyeopsal 삼겹살 and I was a happy girl.Overall, looking at the food, it was a good spread indeed. Here are some of the snapshots of the items they have there!I usually do not exactly like to eat too much of the side dishes in a Korean buffet, because it takes up space in your belly and you don't end up eating the good stuff, like the grilled meats. I did try a little of their side dishes and it was very satisfying. I loved the Japchae 잡채, tteokbokki 떡볶이 and one spicy stewed pork side dish, which I took second helpings of it. (So totally not me, y'all.)These are the side dishes.Make your own fruit salad!10 types of meats to choose from, for your grilled enjoyment~Being in this place is like being in a live South Korean TV station, watching Kpop performances. It can get a little noisy, with the music playing in the background and the sizzling of meats everywhere. But it all adds to the experience. I took this photo when the sun hasn't set, but you should really be there when the sky gets dark. The lights make a huge difference and the place is transformed into a really cool BBQ club. The lights and the scenery of Orchard Road makes it such a joy to dine here. Even better if you're seated near the glass windows.Decor~Grilling of meats are done on this huge grill (with the fire contained directly under it so it doesn't feel too hot. Also, the place is really open and has very good ventilation, which works very well for us. Even after so much grilling, you won't smell as smoky meaty as you will with other Korean BBQ restaurants, which usually are in an enclosed space.SIZZLE TIMEPrices are charged reasonably at the following:Lunch (Mon to Fri, 11.30am to 3pm) / Sat, Sun, Eve PH & PH (11.30am to 5pm)Adults: $14.99++, $24.90++ respectivelyChild (4 to 12 years old): $8.90++, $18.90++ respectivelyDinner (Mon to Thurs, 5.30pm to 10pm) / Fri, Sat, Sun, Eve PH & PH (5pm to 10pm)Adults: 24.90++, $26.90++ respectivelyChild (4 to 12 years old): $18.90++, $18.90++ respectivelyThey also offer a 10% discount if you meet either one of these clauses:- For those who dine in less than an hour for buffet food- If you pay up before 7pm for dinner from Monday to Friday.Overall, my take on this restaurant is that it offers good value for what you get, with a good, standard favourite selection of meats to choose from and good side dishes. There is good ventilation as well, which is really important! The staff also provide good service and I'm absolutely impressed with the follow-up generated from the queue machine.Location: #07-01, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 23889Tel: +65-6884-7282To find out more, visit their Facebook page now!Directions to K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet:Take the train to Somerset MRT Station (NS23 - located on the North-South Line / Red Line). Exit towards Orchard Central Exit. Take the lift up to the fourth floor. Look for an escalator and go up all the way to level 7. Look to your left and you'll see the restaurant:View from EscalatorMy Ratings (the higher the score, the better it is!)Food: 4 / 5Ambience: 4 / 5Bang for your buck (Value): 4.3 / 5Service: 4 / 5Average scoring via my F.A.B.S rating: 4.08 / 5 (Must try!) continue reading
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K Cook Korean BBQ offers both indoor air-conditioned and open air sitting, with a huge LCD screen playing popular K pop MTVs in the open air area, entertaining its mostly young teenage customer base.First of all, K Cook Korean BBQ Buffet is created for those who love meat – the whole point of BBQ. So health buffs, don’t come here expecting too much healthy fare!Sides dishes were average. But the Kimchi was one of the dishes that stood out amongst all!Our verdict, with the affordable pricing and the variety of BBQ meat available, K Cook BBQ Buffet is a natural magnet for youth and young adults looking for a good place to chill at night.Please refer to www.ieatandeat.com for details review.  continue reading
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Level3 2014-09-11
K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet restaurant has a very practical setting. The high ceiling enabled it to be equipped with a big screen & the huge commercial fans reminded me of those in the MRT stations.The gangway was very narrow, there's only enough walking space for one person at any one time between the tables.It is uncommon to see an establishment (in this upscale town area) spotting different tables & chairs. The whole look is chaotic & rather unsettling for me. Perhaps the owner has not decided on a fixed design or it's just that all the different furniture are just too comfortable to be left out. Anyway, we were very fortunate to be seated at a corner table next to the counters, in the air-conditioned area.Very tempted to just hand over all the plates of food.Better to weave through the congested walkway as hands-free as possible. Each table was fitted with a very big BBQ Gas Hotplate & a small stainless steel drip bowl (for excess oil/charred pieces from the Hotplate).There was hardly any space left for other dishes.All the instruction on the Hotplate were in Korean, it's very unique. Perhaps they're specially imported as we've not seen them in the market before.We proceeded to pick up the Sujeo at the self-service counters.There were 2 baskets, 1 filled with the common stainless-steel Sujeo while the other is of copper (presumably, as they're slightly heavier). I've also noticed that some were delicately engraved with flower designs, even on the mouth piece of the spoon. I liked this detail. Although this is clearly a meat-eater's paradise, I'd expected it to have more than just the common local lettuce...to compliment the 10 types of meat served here.Some similar restaurants in the Heartlands are already serving Romaine, Butterheads & Iceberg. Quite Disappointing... The vegetable pancake is not crispy but was filled with veggies & not oily... The Bulgogi Beef was flavorful & tender, very delicious...The big pieces of mildly spiced rice cake was chewy & cooked with generous pieces of fish cakes, quite filling...We liked this Spring Onion Kimchi very much. It's crunchy, refreshing & the sourness just opened up our appetite, salivating...The pickled raddish is thick, bland & not crisp, very unappetizing...I like to eat BBQ Seafood but they only serve 2 types of seafood, prawns & squid rings.These squid rings were relatively large in size & tasted very springy.Perhaps because they were always kept in containers filled with ice.Very gratifying...The 10 types of marinated raw meat were thick & needed a little longer to cook.I liked to eat the Beef Bulgogi, Hot Sauce Chicken & Pork Belly very much.The beef & chicken were well-seasoned while the Pork Belly was lean but not tough.Very delectable...Everything had to be self-service here. Wished they'd also let us clear our used dishes on our own as the staff were a little slow with collecting them. Maybe they were short-handed because tonight was extremely crowded.They were kept very busy with refilling the food stations & mopping up the water seepage from the Ice & Drink Station (next to our table).The Soup pots were empty tonight.Eventually, they'd stopped refilling the Seafood containers.I barely had time to try the salad & fruit station.In fact, our group was ready to leave when I was just about to get a drink.Verdict: It's considered quite reasonable to charge nearly $30 per person in an uptown joint like this.Personally, I will not travel so far. *** Did you know (source:wikipedia)***Sujeo (수저) is the Korean word for the set of eating utensils commonly used to eat Korean scuisine. The word is a portmanteau of the words sutgarak (숟가락, "spoon") and jeotgarak (젓가락, "chopsticks"). {A common reference to the Korean Chopsticks & Spoon.}Bulgogi (Korean pronunciation: ; Korean: 불고기) is a Korean dish that usually consists of grilled marinated beef. continue reading
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