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Headed by Chef Peter Teo, Kaiware offers more than reasonable food portions and prices, mainly Japanese claypot and his famous Sashimi raw cut Over the years of business, Chef Peter Teo has also gained a lot of loyal supporters. Being a veteran in authentic Japanese food preparation, he has gained many good reviews along the way. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Chirashi-don Haru Chirashi Sushi
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Level4 2016-05-17
Located in orchard road but in the sleepy and quiet TripleOne somerset is Kaiware Japanese Restaurant. Helmed by the Japanese food veteran Peter Loo, set your expectations high and they will be met! The menu seems to offer a bit of everything, raw, cooked, fried, even a kids meal. There's something for everyone here. My friend who brought me here wouldn't stop raving about the quality of the sashimi here. Even though I do love sashimi, I decided to go with an oyako don as I hadn't had a good bowl of oyako don since my last japanese trip!1. Oyako Don $10++For $10++, I was surprised to see such a huge serving. The japanese rice was definitely quality japanese rice. You could taste the fragrance of the rice. The rice also quickly absorbed all the sauces from the omelette and the chicken making it extremely flavourful. I could totally eat a whole bowl of this rice on its own! They were extremely generous with the numerous cubs of juicy and tender chicken meat that was doused in the sweet teriyaki mixture. Served together with the don, is a miso soup which a tad too salty for my liking, but I happily fished out and ate the seaweed. Alongside, you will also get some watermelon slices. 2. Ikura Chawanmushi $8++I decided to treat myself with an Ikura Chawanmushi. I love ikura and I love this even more as the Ikura was super fresh and almost melts in your mouth. The chawanmushi was steamed to perfection. It was almost like eating a pudding, a baby with no teeth would have no problem eating this. The steamed egg had a mousse-like textuyre yet withholding the characteristic notes of the egg, prawn and mushroom flavours.I'm definitely ordering this again!Overall : great quality japanese food in a cosy setting. I do hope they settle smoothly in their new location in Tanjogn Pagar and I cannot wait for my next dining experience in Kaiware. continue reading
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