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KARAFURU is a Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand and desserts cafe that highlights the little things in life that make it sweet. continue reading
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Level3 2015-11-27
A brightly lit and clean place was the first impression I had when I stepped into this highly raved desserts place for the first time. All white is the theme. Pretty surprised that the whole place was empty on a Saturday afternoon around 2pm.My friends and i were introduced to the whole range of eclairs and parfait sets at the counter. As the name says it all, "Karafuru" which means colorful, so you can really expect to see many colorful eclairs available.There were at least 15 flavours to choose from and its not easy to decide which ones to get. In the end, we gave up (hahaha) and blindly chose 4 eclairs and a Hanami parfait set.(1) Matcha Azuki $6.00- Matcha creme, azuki beans and matcha sables. Although I'm not a matcha person but this flavour do catches my tongue notice. The cream was smooth and matcha taste was distinctive. The soft azuki beans' paste blends in well with matcha creme, adds sweetness to the eclair while balancing the slight bitterness from the matcha.(2) Cafe Au Lait $6.00- Milk coffee creme, chocolate sables and edible gold dust. I like this flavour most among the rest of our choices. Being a coffee and chocolate lover myself, coffee and chocolate combi usually works pretty well together for me. Coffee aroma was so fragrant and the milk coffee creme inside so creamy. The chocolate sables adds additional crunch to the eclair. Although gold dust wasn't any necessary but it does makes the overall looked prettier.(3) Black Forest $7.00- Kirshwasser creme, candied wild cherries, raspberries and dark chocolate. Felt that the pairing of kirshwasser creme, dark chocolate and berries was a mistake. These elements doesn't taste good together. Brandy taste wasn't clear and when combine with sourish berries and chocolate, it's simply weird. I would suggest to skip this.(4) Sakura Rose $6.00- Sakura rose creme and marzipan. Having the most pretty color among the rest 3 eclairs, this eclair smells really floral. First bite into it eventually stops me from having the second. Taste reminds me of pink cough syrup from clinics; A very strong dose indeed! Yucks! Sorry but I do not know how to appreciate this highly raved flavour.(5) Hanami Parfait set $20.00- Sakura soufflé, Vanilla pudding, Sakuru syrup, cereal crunch, hanami dango, raspberries, strawberries, red fruits coulis and Sakura langue de chat. A detailed crafted plate of dessert comprising so many wonderful elements.Milky yogurt softserve was smooth and creamy. Paired with the sourish red fruits coulis provided was brilliant. Sakura soufflé was very soft and cotton-liked. The fluffiness made me fell in love with it immediately. Vanilla pudding texture was coarse and the sakura syrup (cough syrup taste) drizzled over it made things worst. Hanami dango were really chewy and I liked the greeny piece most because matcha taste was distinctive. Not forgetting the cereal rice puffs that gave this dessert the crunchiness among all the soft ingredients on the plate. Overall look of this pinkish parfait set was pretty and attractive, girls will definitely choose this.This $20 parfait set comes with a pot of tea and we chose "Soba seed stem" tea to go along. Made using aromatic soba grains and stem tea, this blend was light with slight sweetness aftertaste. A great choice to have after all the sweet treats. The mini brown sugar madeleine that comes with the tea was yummy too!! (Better than the eclairs)Verdict: For me, their parfait set was more worth the calories. As for their eclairs, the choux dough texture were too soft and dry inside for me liking. Appearance definitely scores but as for taste, it's really subjective among all 5 of us. Not much to rave about this place but just another instagrammable dessert place with colourful instagrammable food. I might step into Karafuru again for other parfait sets as there are many selections but for their eclairs, it's definitely a "no-no".  continue reading
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Opening their doors in August 2015, Karafuru Desserts is among the most trendy new dessert cafes in Singapore at the moment, for 2015. Karafuru Desserts specialises in French style desserts, namely parfaits and eclairs, made with Japanese ingredients and flavours. Their incredibly photogenic and pretty plated desserts have been flooding social media sites since they opened!Ambience at Karafuru Desserts calls to mind the Japanese minimalist zen. A large, spacious interior, with straight lines and white walls with minimal patterns. A high ceiling and low warm lighting casts a welcoming feel, a clean, neat, inviting atmosphere. Rows upon rows of neatly arranged eclairs, bursting with colour, draw the eye to the dessert display. Bowls of water, decorated with flowers, sit in the middle of tables, a completely tranquil feel despite the noisy crowd.Service at Karafuru Desserts is completely self-service, with ordering, payment, and collection done over the counter. At least staff are friendly and engaging, they're knowledgable enough to accurately describe the desserts available, and make astute recommendations. Beyond this, there's very little else that's memorable about the service.Food at Karafuru Desserts is all about desserts, either parfaits or eclairs. These French style desserts are made with Japanese ingredients, creative and beautifully designed, very photogenic. But I tend to find it only decent in taste, not terrible, but not memorable either. Portions are designed for individuals, but can also be shared. Prices are rather high for these desserts, budget about SGD $6 per eclair, and about SGD $15 per parfait.The Yoghurt Parfait Hanami (SGD $15) features a surprsingly soft and moist sakura / cherry blossom souffle, a millky smooth vanilla pudding on a sweet crisp wafer, tart and sharp red fruit coulis (strawberry, raspberry), a cereal crunch, sakura / cherry blossom syrup, sliced strawberry and raspberry, a hanami dango / sweet glutinous rice dumpling balls with 3 flavours (plain, strawberry, green tea), and a sakura / cherry blossom flavoured langue de chat / cat tongue cookie. Despite the sakura / cherry blossom syrup having a medicinal taste, the overall dessert was above average.The attractive Eclair Matcha Azuki (SGD $6) features a soft, chewy choux pastry shell, stuffed with a grainy matcha / green tea paste, and layered with a smooth matcha / green tea cream on one end, with an earthy azuki / red bean cream at the other end. Absolutely loved the combination of flavours in this. Highly recommended!Full Karafuru Desserts review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/11/karafuru-desserts.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)