Keisuke Tokyo serves authentic Japanese ramen created by 'Ramen Revolutionist' Mr Keisuke Takeda. Constantly selected as No. 1 in popularity contests for best ramen, Keisuke has a sterling reputation for its noodles. continue reading
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Outlet will be Closed from 23th Feb 2014 onwards.
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Beef Ramen Eoi Ramen
Review (16)
Level4 2013-12-23
for photos and the full review, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.sg/2013/11/the-best-ramen-in-singapore-ramen.html i declare this the BEST RAMEN I'VE EVER EATEN. i'm usually not thaaat discerning when it comes to ramen - i usually like it because of the soup/charsiew, or i just find it alright, but this ramen...this ramen is different. we started off by digging into this cold dish of bean sprouts. it comes on the side and you can help yourself to as much of it as you like! it's super refreshing and crunchy and we totally devoured half a bottle (it was quite a big bottle) among our whole table haha.i ABSOLUTELY L.O.V.E.D. my bowl of ramen. i do concede that it's not the most photogenic thing on earth (even just compared to the other two below) but i personally felt that it tasted the best! ^^ just a simple Tokyo Style Pork broth ramen with flavoured egg ($13) and it was da-bombz!!!! so so so good! the soup was so deliciously rich and full-bodied, and you could really taste the essences of the tonkotsu within this luscious soup. as i slurped it up, the flavours sloshed on my tongue and i went to ramen-heaven ^^ what really made this bowl of ramen so awesome was that everything in it was good!! a lot of ramen places tend to either do well in one aspect of the ramen, but fail in others, while Ramen Keisuke managed to achieve the sacred trinity of rich soup, bouncy noodles and well-executed ingredients. the cha shu was delightfully soft and the flavoured egg was done to perfection, producing a brilliant concoction that had me squealing with joy. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-20
I tried Keisuke Tokyo at the Oishii Japan Fair, where 3 ramen stalls were set up for free sampling. Keisuke offered shio ramen with hint of blue crab stock - sounded delicious so I went for it. It came with pieces of cha siew and wanton. I didn't really like that there were lots of spring onions in the soup, and it was rather oily and salty, we were very thirsty after finishing the ramen. Guess I'm not a fan of shio ramen, and the broth didn't have crab taste. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-10-02
We ordered 1 shoyu ramen with flavored egg ($13) with additional portion of noodles ($1.50),1 chicken katsu ($5.40 after 50% discount).The beansprout pickles here are really good.They are well marinated and crunchy.Do try them if you are here and they are free!!!However the shoyu ramen was too salty in my opinion. However the chicken katsu was really good. As compare to other branches,this branch was relatively less crowded.Overall,it was a good dinning experience. continue reading
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I think I am obsessed with ramen these days. This was my third bowl of ramen within a week. After doing IPL at Musee Platinum, it was already around noon and in the moring, I had a Pilates class. Thus, I was starving! I craved for something piping hot and soupy. Didn't want to go too far, I decided to step into Keisuke Tokyo for a bowl of hot ramen.It was rather quiet during lunch hour. My order - Crab Stock Ramen and Egg ($15.80). Everything else I selected "normal". They provide beansprouts and chopped onions for every table. After quite a long wait, my ramen finally was served to me. You can see the the soup was really very thick. Overall presentation of the bowl of ramen was very nice. I am not too sure what the the "curly red threads" in the bowl, but they sure added colours to the presentation. The bowl used seemed to be different from those more spherical ones that I saw in other food blogs.The noodles used are the broader and thicker ones. I took some beansprouts, very appetizing.After service charge and GST, the total cost for this bowl of ramen is $18.60, which is steeper than many of its competitors. I think this meal was worth it for the food and experience. However, I may not revisit anytime soon as there are still many ramen restaurants in Singapore that I have not tried! Yes... the famous Santouka and Ippudo are next in my list! continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-15
Decided to satisfy my craving for ramen here at Keisuke Tokyo. I visited on a weekday lunch time, just before lunchtime when crowds of office workers descend to the restaurant. Instead of the usual tonkotsu ramen, they also serve a special crab broth ramen at this outlet. Curious about how it will turn out, I decided to place an order for a bowl. One thing about Keisuke ramen restaurants- there is free flow of boiled eggs and bean sprouts which you can help yourself to!The crab stock ramen soup is very special indeed- it came in a thick, orangey hue. It also had a nice seafood flavour to it, which made the ramen really special. Unfortunately, there were no actual crab meat to be found inside, you are served with the usual ramen condiments- pork slices, runny eggs (which was done really well!) and seaweed. The ramen noodles served in this dish is also slightly different- it is much thicker, a little like the yellow noodles found in our lor mee. Not sure why thicker noodles were used, but all in all, this bowl of ramen is very satisfying and filling! continue reading
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