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KFC offers high quality and great tasting chicken in a popular array of complete meals such as Daily Savers Meals, Snackers and Family Feast that enables the whole family to share a fun and satisfying experience with all the affordability and convenience of a Quick Service Restaurant. continue reading
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It has been quite a while since I last ate breakfast at KFC. Then I came across an advertisement for their new Chocolate Banana Pancakes with Eggs & Hash Brown breakfast and was sold by the time I finished reading the words "Chocolate Banana Pancakes". We went to the KFC branch at Fuchun Community Club in Woodlands. We were expecting it to be less crowded than the branch at Causeway Point and to our surprise, there was already quite a number of people having their breakfast. However, there were still several empty seats and so we just chose one near the window. Despite the small crowd, the place was still very clean and neat.We ordered a set of Chocolate Banana Pancakes with Eggs & Hash Brown ($2.95) and a set of Blueberry Pancakes with Eggs & Hash Brown ($2.95). It took a while to prepare our order but we were okay with it since it meant that our food came hot and freshly prepared! Unfortunately, they gave us the wrong order and we got two sets of Chocolate Banana Pancakes with Eggs & Hash Brown instead. We decided to just accept it instead of waiting for them to redo our Blueberry Pancakes order.The pancakes were quite soft and there was a generous amount of chocolate chips in it! I ate it plain and also ate it with the maple syrup for the additional sweetness and I found that I prefer to have the pancakes plain since the chocolate was already sweet enough. However, I thought the banana taste was underwhelmed by the chocolate and I couldn't really taste the banana in a few bites. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the meal! The egg were done just right for me (I added a little butter to it for additional flavour) and the hash brown was crispy on the outside, which added quite a fair bit of crunch when eaten hot! You can also add on a cup of Iced Milo for just $1.00 with the Chocolate Banana Pancakes with Eggs & Hash Brown set, which we did. Unfortunately, the Milo was a bit of a disappointment as I found it too watery and mild in taste. We also got the Egg Tart ($1.00) to try. It was actually written as $1.30 on their menu but the guy who served us took the initiative to inform us that it was only $1.00, which we didn't mind of course. The crust was quite flakey although the inside was like a slightly smoother version of the scrambled egg. However, it was pretty decent in taste! Overall, the price was quite reasonable and affordable for a fast food restaurant. The fact that the food was yummy was a big bonus, although for the pancakes, it'd have been better if taste of the banana was a little stronger. Nevertheless, I still found it to be value for money. Do give the Chocolate Banana Pancakes with Eggs & Hash Brown set a try if you're going to KFC for breakfast! Personally, I'd also have love to try their new Chocolate Lovers' Cake ($2.00) but unfortunately, this was only available at lunch time. I guess perhaps this just mean another trip to KFC again pretty soon! continue reading
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Level3 2013-02-21
always wanted to try out the kfc breakfast roast chicken sandwiches and the my friend wants to try the net blue berry mini pancake set meal . therefore we meet up early in the morning 10am ! head to fuchun community centre there as there is a kfc branch . to satisfied our craving !actually kinda disappointed as for my friend cause she was so craving for the blue berry pancake set meal out it turn out , really very very mini and the taste wasn't very good.as for me im kinda sataisfied with my order meal . cause the taste was really nice ! my friend set meal cost about : $4.50while mine set emal cost about : $5.50 continue reading
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Level4 2011-08-02
I tried KFC new cheesy chicken and i was so disappointed! i don't why but the cheese powder that they sprinkle on the crispy chicken did not go well together! the chicken as always was very oily and unhealthy. the cheese is so fattening, top with the chicken. i feel so sinful! continue reading
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