<br>Located at the uber-hip Martin No.38, KHA adds spice to this residential enclave popular for its Bohemian vibe. KHA specializes in modern interpretations of classic Thai cuisine lovingly prepared by its brigade of talented Thai national chefs. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-12
Helmed by Executive Chef Adam Cliff, a protégé of the acclaimed Thai cuisine chef David Thompson, Kha has shifted from its previous location at Hort Park to Martin Road. Having been trained in a Michelin star restaurant and through his travels around Thailand, Chef Adam specialises in the “Isaan” food, a style which features fresh ingredients, grilled meats and salads.Som Dtum Malakor ($16) – A wonderful, sourish appetizer to whet your appetite at the start of the meal. The crunchy green papaya strips were enhanced by the nuts and tangy dressing. The candied pork tasted like a sweeter and meatier version of bakkwa and I absolutely loved it!Pla Phao Glua ($30) – A signature dish of Kha. When served, the server lifted up the entire salt-crusted fish skin to reveal the meat under. The seabass was meaty, moist and extremely tender. When eaten alone, you can taste the unadulterated freshness of the fish; when accompanied by the sauce, the flavours were augmented. On the sauce, it was a complex one – slightly sweet, with lots of fish sauce and chilli, but not as spicy as expected. Definitely a must-try at Kha! For full review and more photos, please visit http://foodiepink.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/kha-38-martin-road/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2013-06-18
Visit my blog at www.ms-skinnyfat.com for more reviewsWhen i dropped by KHA for the media tasting, I swear i was so full i wanted to die. BUT from the first mouth of papaya salad till dessert, i ate like a starving woman. That is how much i enjoyed the dishes at KHA. The spicy and refreshing Northeastern Thai 'Isaan' dishes were absolutely appetite inducing that i couldn't help myself but devour my food.We started with cocktails ($12 each) (what's a meal without drinks right?) I much preferred the Tamarind Whiskey Sour which was tangy, sweet and refreshing. Even if you don't like bourbon, you would like this. At least that's what my dining partner B said.The Iberico Pork "Moo Yung" ($23) was absolutely delicious. The tender meat was first marinated in thai garlic, coriander and pepper, then chargrilled tossed with chopped chili, garlic and lime moorish. I kept coming back to this dish even as our table got piled with more food. The Fried Baby Squid "Pla Mauk Tort" ($14) was cleaned up by the 2 of us. They remained crispy even till the end of our very long meal. This is the perfect beer snack with it's flavorful red tumeric and garlic seasoning. The "Gai Yung Esaan" ($15) was another dish that was polished clean. Chunky and juicy Chicken thigh marinated for 24 hours in garlic, pepper, coriander and grilled till crispy. The marinate was so good on its own it didn't even require the "jhim jeaw", a tamarind sauce with rice powder and coriander that tasted like a combination of maggi and marmite. Definitely one of my favorite dishes!The traditional dish of grilled Salt-crusted whole seabass "Pla Phao Glua" ($30) was rustic and homely. The fresh fish was stuffed with lemongrass, pandan and Thai basil stalk and then slow cooked over fire and served with a green chili dipping sauce. And it's only 30 bucks for a whole huge fish. Go easy on the sauce though as it's just a lil spicy. No matter how stuffed you are, you HAVE TO EAT desserts. I was first MIND BLOWN by the Sweet Mango Sticky Rice "Khao Niaw Mamuang" ($12). I've never tasted a mango sticky rice that is this good. Soft and sweet glutinous rice with juicy thai mango and the surprise was the salty coconut cream that accompanied it. Sweet and Savory! My favorite kinda food. When i thought it couldn't get better, we had the MIND BLASTING Warm Coconut Rice Dumplings "Kanom Dtom" ($10). It doesn't sound at all appetizing on the menu but oh boy you can't miss this. Fireworks were going off in my mouth as i bit into the little rice dumplings stuffed with shredded coconut and gula melaka. And that salted coconut cream and fragrant roasted sesame were just fab with this. KHA has ruined rice dumplings for me forever. I'll never have another bowl of regular Tang Yuan anywhere else!KHA is definitely my other favorite Thai restaurant in Singapore, apart from the hawker style Nakhon (Read review here). In fact, B was so impressed that he brought his parents there the week after just to have the dishes again. Head on down to KHA. You wouldn't be disappointed. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-21
This curry is really special and unique as the chef has used duck meat instead of the usual chicken, beef or mutton to cook it. The duck meat should has been cooked for quite several hours, which has become really tender, soft and juicy. The curry gravy is thick, with abit sweetness in it. Although the appearance may look really spicy as it is quite dark red in colour, but the actual taste of it quite alright and not really that spicy for everyone. Do order their fragrant plain rice to eat with this duck curry and you will certainly be satisfied with your meal. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2011-11-29
i brought my family to kha for a nice meal, treated them to some delicious and authentic thai food. We ordered the kab klam ruam, it has three of their main appetizers, the chargrilled chicken, thai spring rolls and crab cake. The chicken is grilled perfectly, very tender and juicy. the crab cake is one of the nicer ones I have eaten. You can taste the freshness of the crab. We also ordered the tom yum goong, there were king prawns in there. the prawns were so fresh and succulent. The soup was quite spicy and very sour. Really good. my mum and sis wanted the som tum. Since we had it in Thailand, they have developed a strong liking for it. we ordered kheaw wan poo which is soft shell crab in green curry. it is not too spicy, the green curry is very tasty. the soft shell crab is very juicy. everyone enjoyed their meal! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2011-07-12
Kha, a modern Thai restaurant under the Epicure group (which also counts modern Australian outfit, Graze, in it's stable of restaurants) has not so recently relocated from it's original site in Hort Park to No.38 Martin Road, a rather upscale residential condominium. To that note, I had the opportunity to dine there one evening, courtesy of the restaurant.The restaurant is dim by default and I like the use of dark furniture and various vintage items to bring out a contemporary yet authentically Thai feel to the whole place. The faded Thai newspaper lookalike menu completes the picture. One gripe I have though, is that the place is a holding area for noise due to its boxed up interior and concrete ceilings, to a certain extent.Ruby Starlet ($12) - This mocktail was great - lychee sweetness coupled with a refreshing breath of mint in a lemony twist. So good that I couldn't resist the offer of a second glass.Rare Grilled Red Curry Rubbed Wagyu Beef ($29) - The wagyu beef was very good. Well grilled, as evident by the dark lines running down the meat, yet succulent with a nice brush of salt and smoky tenderness. Great way to start off the meal!Tom Yum Goong ($18) - Nicely spicy but overly salty with the prawns a little too soft for comfort. Personally I also thought that the soup could do with a little more tartness.Toad Man Poo ($17) - Meaty without being overly nausea inducing due to the use of minimal flour and the addition of sweet chilli sauce. Probably one of the better crab cakes I've eaten so far.Papa Adun's Phad Tow Hu ($14) - The tofu cubes were crisp but boringly pedestrian. I couldn't make much much flavour from the tofu itself and the center seemed hollow. The supposed three flavour sauce was almost non existent. A richer sauce would have probably saved this dish from the deep abyss of disappointment.Phad Pak ($8) - Greens are healthy but this wok fried vegetable dish was laden with so much oil that it was gross. And there was no wok hei even though the vegetables had a nice fragrant whiff to it. Tasted more like a dish of convenience than one of quality.Kheaw Wan Poo ($30) - The soft shell crab green curry wasn't anything to shout about in my humble opinion. The crabs had a nice crispy layer but somehow the overall bite was missing. I didn't quite take to the curry as well as it seemed a little lacking in flavour.Crispy Whole Chilli Filled with Pork and Herbs ($14) - I'll be upfront and state that I'm not a fan of stuffed peppers or chillis. So that means no stuffed jalapenos and the likes. But this was something interesting. For starters, the chilli was coated with a layer of batter and deep fried, giving it a nice crisp on the outside and as you bite into it, you get hit by a bitter taste which slowly melts into a hint of pork and herbs. Nice to try in small quantities but probably not something I would order again.Khao Neaw Ma Muang ($14) - I'm a sucker for mango/durian sticky rice so this dessert suited me just fine. I liked the coconut pandan sauce which infused the not overly sticky rice with a nice pandan fragrance. I can't say the same for the mango slices though, which lacked any discernible fragrance but still came across as sweet.Thap Thim Krwap ($13) - I didn't find the red ruby dessert to be anything really special. It was essentially chilled coconut jasmine syrup with shaved ice and chewy red rubies. There were also these flower petals that had a bitter taste to them.We ended our meal with a big mug of espresso. Great way to end off a filling but hardly satisfying dinner. There were honestly more misses than hits. Maybe I'm just not their target audience. Nonetheless, I must still thank Kha and its PR consultancy for presenting me the opportunity to dine there. Thank you!See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2011/07/kha.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)