A cozy cafe in town, Kokomama sells fusion food, beverages and desserts at affordable prices. You can expect to find French pastries, Korean bingsu and Japanese-Asian rice bowls to name a few. continue reading
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This is my third visit to Kokomama and they have a slightly upgraded menu. With all the salted egg croissant craze, Kokomama has quickly come up with their own rendition of a salted egg croissant as well as other baked main courses. Their location, in Dhoby Ghaut, makes it very easy to locate and they also have a strong human traffic cross flow. Their prices are nett price and very affordable for the huge student population that surrounds Kokomama.Right next to the cashier, you will notice their array of baked goods. Lots of croissants, both savoury and sweet. The pizzas are also laid out here.1. Chilli Crab Pizza $7.90This was a new item on the menu. It looked pretty big for one person and even when sliced in half. It was very filling for me. The crab meat was mainly crab stick, which was disappointing, but the cheese was so good. It was sinful, but it was melted and the texture was consistent throughout the entire pizza. I must say, Kokomama did inherit some A grade ovens from the previous tenant, 3 petiti croissants. All their baked items all come out good results. I couldn't really taste the chilli crab and it really wasn't spicy. What threw me off slightly was the crust of the pizza. The entire base of the pizza seemed to be one giant slab of bread. The crust of the bread was crisp all over the edges and even in the center, it was hard as a huge biscuit.The staff also forgot my order of pizza, until about 30 minutes later when I went up to the counter to ask for it and then they apologized for their mistake.2. Salted Egg Croissant $6.50I've tried other salted egg croissants and this is the first salted egg croissant I've tried whereby the salted egg was very pale in yellow. It tasted very buttery as well. The croissant stayed crisp despite an overly long photo taking session. The salted egg taste wasn't evident enough for me. The croissant was buttery and flaky but it didn't have enough layers to make me want to come back for more. The salted egg croissant didn't flow as much as I had expected either. It took some "persuasion" to get the salted egg to flow out. The salted egg sauce wasn't over whelmingly sweet which was good for me. But it quickly became gerlat for me and I highly recommend you to share this, if this is your first time trying a salted egg croissant.3. Baked Seafood Rice I've tried a few baked rice dishes here at Kokomama and all of them were okay in my opinion. The cheese was what made me like them and order them again, but the ingredients were lacking. The seafood baked rice was one of their pricier options. Ingreidents included a ring of squid, crab meat and a clam. The ingredients weren't marinated as such, they tasted bland. The rice didn't have any sauce to it, so underneath the layer of melted cheese, sat a bed of white rice. Luckily, the staff offered us saucers of minced beef pasta sauces which I quickly spooned together with the rice! Overall : An easy to get to location, with simple comfort food at affordable prices continue reading
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Level3 2016-03-08
Original post is on http://www.nahmj.com/2016/02/26/kokomama-marketplace-new-pizza-croissant-menu-sota-singapore/Kokomama Marketplace has taken over Three Petite Croissant at the School of The Arts (SOTA). The design of the cafe hasn’t changed much but the menu is much more than bakes alone. I have been wanting to visit Kokomama to try out some of their Mains but keep couldn’t find time for it. Finally, thanks to the invite.At a glance of Kokomama menu, I wasn’t quite sure of what the focus might be. As the name of the cafe suggested, “Marketplace” and indeed it was. As you find French, Korean and Japanese dishes whipped by Kokomama kitchen. I like varieties. And with the salted egg craze happening in Singapore, Kokomama has also jumped in to introduce this trend food together with other flavours and 3 new pizza.Beside the Kokolava Salted Egg Croissant ($6.50), Kokokmama has also introduced 2 other flavours; Kokolava Peanut Croissant ($6.50) and Kokolava Custard Croissant ($6.50).Custard being the lightest was the first to be consumed. The custard was lightly sweet and flowed like lava, true to its name Kokolava Custard Croissant ($6.50). But personally, I prefer the custard to be stronger in flavour and thicker in consistency.Next on the list was the Kokolava Peanut Croissant ($6.50). It uses Kokomama secret peanut butter recipe. A pity, it didn’t flow like the Custard one. It has the typical peanut butter aroma. This is a hit among peanut butter fan.Lastly the Kokolava Salted Egg Croissant ($6.50). I tried the Salted Egg Croissant about 2 weeks ago and was disappointed. But the improved recipe version, I was impressed. It could easily be on par with the current best. The salted egg cream flows, was creamy and smooth and we could savour the salted egg fragrance. The cream has a slight sweet tint which I suspect some may not favour over it. But I do. In fact, I thought the sweet tint was the key to make the totality taste better. Anyway, that’s my personal preference, I suppose.Over to the pizza, 3 new flavours; Chilli Crab Pizza, Salted Egg Seafood Pizza and Smoked Duck Pizza. We enjoyed the Smoked Duck Pizza most. The pizza offered at Kokokmama does not consist of the usual tomato sauce and it is topped with the various ingredients on a freshly baked baguette. As such, the pizza flavour is light.The Salted Egg Prawn Pasta ($14.90) has prawns, a small cup of mushroom soup and a garlic bread. I thought this was value for money. We enjoyed the pairing but personally, I would prefer a more al dente pasta.The popular Korean dessert, Bingsu was also offered. The Matcha Craze ($12.90) is the top seller at Kokomama. Shaved Ice quality was fine and lightly milky and sweet. In it was Yuzu mochi, green tea powder dusting, with a ring of red bean around the scoop of green tea ice cream.Mango Madness is the other hot favourite; available in either Baby ($8.90) or Giant ($12.90). We were mesmerized by this bowl of bingsu. All 6 at the table voted this to be their fave, including myself. The mango ice cream was strong in Mango flavour, topped with fresh mango, it was simply heavenly.Lastly the Yogurt Fruity Flair ($14.90). This is also a lightly flavoured, refreshing and certainly fruity as it is topped with many different fruits.Kokomama Marketplace whipped an array of food and freshly baked bread and pastries in-house each day. I felt the menu was designed with the students in the area in mind and at a wallet friendly prices for the students to enjoy.More reviews on http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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For the full review and more photos, head over to http://toroamtheworld.blogspot.com/2016/01/food-review-kokomama-marketplace.htmlKokomama is a casual eatery on the first floor of SOTA. The prices on the posters were affordable and the food looked not bad, so we went in to try.Volcano Chicken Rice Bowl ($7.90): Their rice bowl series allow you to choose a side serving of sauce - chilli crab, mushroom or curry. My friend chose the first one. She said the chicken was quite tender and the sauce was nice. But it wasn't a very outstanding dish.Tuna Mayo Panini ($7.90): My friend said this was comparable to Subway. Hahaha.Ham and Mushroom Baked Rice ($9.90): Under the student meal, you get it at a discounted price ($7.90) plus a drink, of which I chose ice lemon tea. The rice was flavourful and there were sufficient portions of ingredients given! It was also cheesy enough for me.This place really stands out on its affordable food. Taste wise some were good, some ordinary. But they really serve a wide variety of food: baked rice, curry rice, Japanese rice bowls, ramen, pasta, sandwiches, Bingsu and even homemade artisan breads! Plus they are very accessible. continue reading
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