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Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant takes pride in having created and preserved, for the past 32 years as an original Japanese dining experience in Singapore giving Japanese food connoisseurs the enjoyment of typical Kanto cuisine delivered in a casual yet elegant Izakaya style setting. continue reading
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Level4 2018-06-06
For more details visit https://www.umakemehungry.com/2018/06/kotobuki.html Kotobuki has been around since decades despite being located in an old school building in somewhere quite inaccessible. While translated from Japanese, Kotobuki means Longevity and perhaps so, this restaurant has been living up to her name. I could not remember when was the first time that I have visited their first restaurant which is this in Jurong. Till now, it still remains a very popular dining place with 8 private dining rooms and have approximately of seating capacity of 100 pax. An hour hour of dining there with our observations, you will realize that the number of Japanese expats patronizing the place. Interior furnishing was something that left me a great impression and perhaps the reason for my return now. They have a woody old Japanese style furnishing and environment is cosy. Apart from that, they are airing Japanese Channel on the TV too.For dinner, enjoy the Happy Hour at 20% discount from 5.30pm to 7pm.For drinks, the green tea is refillable and I pretty enjoy their service with Green Tea promptly refill by their attentive staff. Set comes with appetizer of the day (which is potato salad), fruits, miso soup and rice with each item occupying one corner of the tray. With the main dish placed in the center of the tray with shreded cabbages and tomatoes as sides, as a whole, i find that its appetizing. Ginger sauce were evenly coated on eat piece of pork in the "just right" portion. Each piece of meat is generously served in its rights thickness and do not worry, you do not have to bite on any tough meat as they are quite easy to chew on. Presentation was the same for the Teriyaki Set. Main dish was wonderfully created with charred grilled edges on the teriyaki chicken thigh. Chicken Teriyaki Sauce was given sparingly however, the dish was made perfect with dab on the Mayonnaise. It will be good to enjoy such meals once a while as they are unique from the mainstream dishes thatthe chain restaurants are offering. Price may be a little bit steeper than the usual ones but I would say it is value worth for money. continue reading
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Situated in a matured estate, Taman Jurong, this outlet is in the same neighbourhood as Jurong Superbowl.I have frequented this place numerous times and thought that this is their only branch. Only came to realise not so long after that they do have other outlets too.Simple decorated with authentic Japanese setting, this place makes you feel very at ease. It's no surprise why many Japanese visits this place.It has also been quite awhile since our last visit. So we proceeded to order what we felt like having today.Dashimaki Tamago (S$8)This bbq egg roll is served cold and it's soft and sweet. Japanese tamago has always been my favourite dish.Shishamo Yaki (S$8)My dining partner's favourite dish. This bbq pregnant fish was served hot and has no fishy taste even without adding lemon juice.Nabeyaki Udon (S$14)This soup based udon is served in a claypot. A small bowl was provided as it's too hot to eat directly from the claypot. The egg is still runny and the sweet soup enhances the flavour of this whole dish.Buta Naganeki Itame (S$11) with RicePan fried Japan long onion with pork belly. The taste is not bad, feels like the chinese style fried pork. The rice however doesn't taste as good as it used to, a little too moist. continue reading
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Level4 2012-01-18
Had a craving for Japanese food but didn't feel like Teppanyaki at Jurong Hill Top Restaurant so made my way down to Kotobuki with my gf.Located in a bustling small town centre deep within Taman Jurong, Kotobuki's unassuming presence is marked by 3 overhanging paper lanterns near the doorway and a quaint Japanese stand lamp with its name. Thats not to say its shabby or anything. Walk in and be comforted by the snug homely feeling complete with wooden tables, chairs and of course a small comics corner. The place can probably seat about 30 odd people with its 8 or so tables.I was wondering if Kotobuki's ramen would be as "sweet" as Marutama's initially but my fears were laid to rest when I took a sip of the soup. It wasn't artificially enhanced one bit. In fact, it was so bland that I couldn't really make out anything much. Ironically it looked the part. The noodles were of the egg variety and were definitely not hand made as they weren't springy and came clumped together. Did I mention that the soup was a little too oily tooThe additional pieces of char siew weren't fantastic either. They weren't melt in your melt for sure but at least there were minimal fats and taste wise was still acceptable.For $3.50 a stick, I didn't expect much from the Asparagus Bacon. But I certainly didn't expect the puny portions. I could stuff 5 such rolls down my mouth at any one time, no problems! Taste wise was rather lacklustre as well. The bacon was a tad too dry and so was the asparagus. Couldn't really make out much taste as well.A rather normal rendition of the staple Agedashi Tofu. Bang for the buck though, as $6 netts you quite a few pieces of soft silky tofu with rather elastic skin. A pity we left our tofu to soak in the sauce for too long, rendering the skin soft and mushy by the time we took to eating it.First looks, the California Maki looked every bit impressive with its aesthetic arrangement and mounds of fish roe atop glimmering in the light. However, thats where the positive comments end. The roe was mind blowingly salty and lacked the burst in your mouth feeling when I bit into one. Actually the rice itself was salty as well, which made the whole dish too salty for words.A must order dish everytime I step into a Japanese restaurant, the Ebi Tempura's batter was a little too thick but I derived consolation from the fact that at least it had a wee bit of taste, unlike the one I had at Sun with Moon. The prawns were reasonably sweet but the batter could use a little sprucing up on colour though as it did come across as a little pale.Finally an all meat dish. The Chicken Teriyaki was decent enough with the chicken being well grilled and the Teriyaki sauce not too sweet. Taste wise, it did falter a little though, coming across as less robust than what I would have liked.Average food, higher than average prices. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out whether its worth it. Only plus point is the decent service and cosy environment. continue reading
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restuarant looks authentic japanese setting.. calm and relaxingservice from the crew is just nice (attentive but not overly observant)food price slightly high but worth it for the service and quality tasteramen's (forgot the name of this dish) soup base is a wonderfully unique tasted!! must trygongza taste normal continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)