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Kuriya Japanese Fish Market prides themselves to maintain the freshest quality, premium fishes and a wide variety of fresh seafood that are air-flown from Japan thrice weekly and sold immediately. Party platters of handmade sushi and sashimi, as well as Japanese fruit, seasonings, condiments, frozen food, rice and snacks are also available. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-10
Wanted something light so I went to Kuriya for their range of sushi. As they are also sharing the premise with Wadori and Ichiban Bento, the place was very crowded when I went. I changed my mind about dining in and decided to takeaway instead due to the lack of seats.I love the rows of colourfully displayed sushi. Despite the variety, everything was well organized and neatly arranged with carefully placed signs stating the sushi name and price. Service was also decent. While it was mostly pay-and-go for me, I noticed that the counter lady was patient with the customer before me who took her time paying. I got the Egg Mayo Sushi ($0.70), Tamago Maki ($0.60) and Kani Mayo Sushi ($0.80). The sushi came with one packet of soy sauce. I like that the sushi were very fresh. I chilled them for a while upon reaching home so that they were cold when I ate them and they tasted great! These sushi are best eaten fresh and chilled!I also got the California Handroll ($2.40), which had crab stick, tamago, cucumber slices and roe wrapped in seaweed. It was very fresh and tasty. The crabstick and tamago were firm and slightly springy - not soggy - and the seaweed was crisp. The cucumber slices also gave an additional crunch to the handroll!I have also tried a few of their sushi previously, such as the Inari Sushi ($1.80) which was basically beancurd skin stuffed with a decent portion of rice inside and was delightfully sweet.Other than sushi, Kuriya also sells a range of Japanese desserts such as Konnyaku Jelly ($1.20 for one piece), Mango Pudding ($2.10), and Mochi ($3.00 for Peanut, Match and Red Bean, and $3.20 for Strawberry, Chocolate, Mango, Yam and Black Sesame). My favourite dessert from Kuriya is the Coronet ($2.40 for 2). This chilled pastry came in custard or chocolate filling and was delightfully sweet and delicious! To my disappointment, this was not available for sale when I visited Kuriya this time. Instead, I got the Fiesta Mini Japanese Cheesecake ($2.40) which was also sold at Kuriya. It came looking somewhat like steamed cake with a cute cow embross on it. It was very, very light and airy and had a slight cheese taste. I liked that it was not too sweet, though it was just a tiny wee bit dry and broke off way too easily. I have also previously tried their Chocolate Mousse ($2.10), Peanut Mochi ($3.00) and Green Tea Mochi ($3.00). The Chocolate Mousse was very smooth and creamy with a decent chocolate taste. It was also slightly thicker than I had initially expected. The Mochi were very soft and chewy and the fillings were smooth and tasty. Overall, their food, especially the sushi, were very fresh. Their prices were also reasonable although Kuriya's sushi costed slightly more than the other nearby sushi store at Woodlands MRT. However, when it came to quality, Kuriya won hands down. The rice portion was also slightly more at Kuriya and their sushi were more carefully packed. I personally felt that it was worth paying a bit more for the quality and freshness! Other than their sushi, I'd also recommend trying the desserts at Kuriya, especially the Coronet, Cheesecake and Mochi. Just be sure to check the expiry date of the desserts if you plan on keeping them for a while as I have noticed that most tend to expire within a few days. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-21
RE&S has various Japanese eateries under it. One of its outlets is located at the basement of Causeway Point Shopping Mall. Here there is 3 different eateries located in the same location. At the one side is the Kuriya Japanese Fresh Fish Market, selling various food items such as sushi, sashimi and sauces. The other side is the WADORI, YAKITORI which sells grilled food items. Behind both is another eatery called ICHIBAN BENTO selling order to made bentos. Therefore it is like an outlet housing 3 different eateries.For ICHIBAN BENTO, order is made at the cashier counter right inside. But food is to be collected at the WADORI, YAKITORI side. Remember to look out for your number on the receipt to be flashed on the LED screen. I have ordered Hawaiian Katsu which costs $7.80 and topped up another $2 for steamed egg and miso soup.The Hawaiian Katsu is actually chicken cutlet topped with ham, assorted capsicum, pineapple, and tartar sauce, appetizer and rice with noritama furikake. The pineapple tartar sauce is creamy and cheesy, very tasty. The chicken cultet is crispy and juicy but is a bit too salty. As for the appetizer which is seasoned lotus roots and carrots which tastes soft and sweet.The steamed egg has quite a strong mushroom smell but taste wise is still alright.The miso soup tastes light with beancurd and seaweed.Overall quite a filling and tasty meal. The place can get quite crowded during meal time. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-10
Hitched a ride from colleague to Woodlands after work, so I went to window shop for awhile, at the same time to grab dinner. Initially wanted to take away, but end up dining inBought a stick of 2 pc big, fat & juicy Hotate @ $3.80. Main dinner was the Salmon Teriyaki Bento @ $9.50 which comes with multi-grain rice, a seafood gyoza, hald a pumpkin croquette & of cos a slice of Salmon. Quite a thick slice of salmon & the freshness of the salmon can still be felt even though with the teriyaki sauce. Alo add on a Chawanmushi @ $1.90, which consists of a chunk of chicken, 1/3 stick of imitation crabstick & few slices of mushroom. Texture of the Chawanmushi is really soft & its a little sweet. continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-22
Kuriya has really good sushi! My favorite part of sushi is usually the rice! The rice has to be of the right consistency and taste having the capacity to make or break a dish ! Kuriya a achieved this well in the California roll that I had for dinner last week. Being a premium roll there was lots of egg roe and even real crab meat present inside the sushi. There was a good ratio of rice to filling and all these made for a really great sushi experience! continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-29
i got myself the tuna and jelly fish sushi from kuriya fish market. I must say their jelly fish sushi is one of the nicest one I have tasted. I like how they seasoned the jelly fish. It taste a little sweet and there were chilli bits in between. The rice is sour due to the vinegar so there is different layers of flavours which makes it really delicious. the tuna one was good too, the tuna did not have those fishy smell. continue reading
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