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KYOAJI mean “Taste from KYOTO”. Located at the heart of Singapore, the restaurant is set up with warm Japanese ambience to embrace you with the warm of Japanese culture and cuisine. continue reading
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Grilled beef with goose liver sauce Sashimi Tempura Gozen Premium Bento
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Level4 2017-06-29
The restaurant was headed by Executive Chef John Phua, used to be from the well known Fukuichi Japanese Dining, which used to be located across the street at Triple One Somerset. Fans would find a number of familiar items on its menu.Kani Tofu ($6++)Crab Meat Bean CurdFelt that it should had been renamed pitan tofu as the taste and smell of century egg was the most distinct here. The rich creamy century egg sauce topped on the silky smooth tofu, making it a party in the mouth.. Chirashi Zushi ($35)Box of sushi rice topped with assorted sliced raw fishMoist plump short grain rice which tasted slightly sweet, topped with shredded seaweed, sakura denbu 楼田麩 (salty sweet, fluffy pink flaked fish condiment), takuan (pickled radish), gari (pickled ginger), wasabi, mirin marinated mushrooms, cucumber slices, tamagoyaki (japanese rolled omelette), crab stick, white fish slice, snapper slice, tuna slice, salmon slice, ika (shredded squid), ikura (salmon roe), ebi (prawn), scallop.It looked so colorful with so much liao on top, that one simply forgotten about the sweet moist rice below. The plump slices of raw seafood were fresh and smooth in texture, without any fishy taste.Toumorokoshi Kaikiage ($15++)Corn Tempura The corn burst out with sweet juice as one bit it in the mouth. Would be better had the tempura batter be crisper.Kinoko Tofu ($10++)Deep Fried Mushroom Bean CurdThe bean curd was packed with mushrooms inside. The texture was most interesting. Instead of the silky smooth which one was expecting, here it was more like gooey texture, which reminded on of Orh luak.Su Gyomen ($13++)Hot Fish NoodlesInstead of ramen, the noodles was made of fish, served hot in soup with fish cakes. It was like eating fish cakes which looked like noodles with QQ texture. continue reading
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