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Lai Wah Restaurant was the world's 1st restaurant to serve Chinese New Year Yu-Sheng in 1964. They also invented the modern-day method of serving Yu Sheng with a pre-mixed special sauce instead of customers mixing an inconsistently-concocted sauce. They also serve fried rice and noodles consistent with traditional tastes. continue reading
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Sharks' Fins with Crab Meat and Dried Scallops Yang Zhou Fried Rice
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Level4 2013-09-05
After the late lunch @ Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert & Just Like it! at Tampines1, we went back to office for the Lunar 7th Month dinner. This is the 4th or 5th year I'm attending. This year no reason to escape from the dinner cos the venue is directly opposite current office! Combination Platter - Fish Ngoh Hiang, Fish Fingers, Scramble Egg, Spring Roll & Jelly Fishw/Shredded Chicken! Everything taste pretty much normal, except for the Jelly fish which we all feel it has got to be weirdest combination of all cos it's paired with shredded chicken & the sauce taste like a combination of chicken rice chili & dark soy sauceShark's Fin Soup taste quite good & thickRoasted Chicken is tender & slightly salty. Nice. No need the additional salt which usually comes at the sideSteam fish which is very fresh & soup is salty due to the salted vegetable used to steam the fishPork Ribs - Tender & sweetAbalone with Sea Cucumber & Carrots - sea cucumber is very soft. Broth used here is very sweetStir Fried Prawns are fresh & taste quite nice. Slightly Sweet & SpicyNoodles taste normal continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-30
The FoodI ordered the Pi Pa Duck, Mandarin Stewed Chicken and Beancurd with Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber and Vegetables.The duck skin is very crispy and the meat is tender on the inside. However, I find that the accompanying sauce was overly sweet hence does not go really well with the duck maybe because the duck itself has a strong flavour. Next will be the Mandarin Stewed Chicken served with tau kee and black fungus which is my all time favourite. The chicken is very delicious as is stewed till it's nice and soft and has absorbed the essence of the sauce which keep me having mouth after mouth. Lastly will be the Beancurd served with Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber and Vegetables. The silky and smooth Beancurd is also very nice and tasty and more importantly, it goes well with the braised sauce that makes the dish fantastic! The PriceReasonably priced at $80++ for the whole billOverallI find that their food is pretty decent and the restaurant has lots of hidden "treasures" that I have yet to try out! continue reading
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Full Lai Wah Restaurant review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2013/05/zi-char-lai-wah-restaurant.htmlService at Lai Wah Restaurant is excellent. Staff are well trained for service, and it shows in the small details. When we requested to change a spoon, the waitress who brought the new spoon handed it to us, then waited a short while when we glanced at it to inspect for stains. Only when we placed it down, then she excused herself. Drink cups are regularly kept filled, and food is served quite fast. Cleanup and turning over of tables is done within 5 minutes or less. Thumbs up as well for the complimentary desserts! The Crispy Squid With Salted Egg Yolk has a rather bland presentation, but it's only when you put it in your mouth... Ummm! The combination of crispy, savoury saltiness and the freshness of the squid made this a winner! A traditional Cantonese dish invented by this very restaurant in Singapore, the Yam Basket With Prawns And Cashew Nuts has spawned numerous imitators. The crisp and well fried yam basket is warm and savoury, and the mixture within of deshelled prawns, cashew nuts, bell peppers, mushrooms and onions is fresh and simple, yet so flavourful. continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-02
Lai Wah.The restaurant that prides itself on serving the first yusheng in 1964.One of the four heavenly kings.We were here for ah kong's birthday celebrations.Where better to bring the family than to an old school style Cantonese restaurant.Okay ignore the fact that none of us are Cantonese in roots.But hey, you gotta admit.This dish was impressive to say in the least.Red garoupa done two ways. At $50, this was a scary investment if it turned out a disaster.But nope. It was good. I much preferred the steamed rolls than the fried fish though.The ambience within is a blast from the past even after renovation works. Nestled below the HDB blocks, this was inviting enough for a daily affair. continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-15
Lai Wah Restaurant offers tasty home cooking. It has quite a long history, and definitely is one of those restaurant that reminds you of childood memory. Their mix rice in tomato sauce ($8) is my all-time favourite. The rice is topped with yummy tomato sauce cooked with lots of ingredients, including fresh prawns, chicken, cauliflowers, and finished with a raw egg in the center. You have to mix everything together before enjoy it. Very lovely! Omelet ($10) with small prawns, char siew and lots of onions and chives is simple but tasty. Anothe rmust-try is their Tofu ($10). The tofu is cooked in the starchy egg gravy with mixed vegetales, looks good in presentation. The tofu itself is a blend of tofu and fish paste, that's why the texture is firmer than usual tofu, but has a better seafood flavour too! continue reading
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