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(Non-member) 2012-06-14
I'm a big fan of Lao Ma Zi Steamboat Restaurant. I usually frequent the restaurant once a month for its steamboat (They serve other ala carte dishes as well). The chicken broth is excellent and the "ma la" (spicy) broth can be adjusted to one's level of spiciness. Just let them know in advance! I have many praises for the chicken broth and it's one of the better ones I've tasted. On the other hand, I do not enjoy spicy food so I didn't enjoy the spicy broth but my sister seems to like the latter very much.Drinks are sold separately but prices are definitely reasonable. They cost about SGD 2-3 per can? It's a price one can expect when dining outside. I prefer Lao Ma Zi to other restaurants namely because they serve the dishes to order. Simply tick what you wish to eat on the menu and one of the servers will bring it out for you. It feels a lot cleaner that way compared to some steamboat buffets. Service is very prompt. Your food will be served quickly! A highlight of the restaurant, one which I simply enjoy, are the fried buns! They are delicious when dipped in condensed milk or eaten alone. They're free and they might be out to enjoy some time of the day if you're lucky! Nevertheless, in my opinion, I love this restaurant and my friends whom I bring to the restaurant had many positive feedback on the place as well! continue reading
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Last week, I was visited this restaurant with my five of my friends to eat it's steamboat buffet. I happily went in, but came out with dissappointed and annoyed feelings!!The foods in this restaurant were not as good or fresh as I expected! And the choices also not so much, plus no fruits, no free drinks, no cakes, no ice-cream.... no.... no.. no..The actual price was $18 per head, so I expected that six of us have to pay $108.00. BUT, the bill showed that we have to pay extra $42.00 for our drinks! So the total bill was about $150.00!!! My first impression when I looked at the bill was: CRAZY!!! The drinks that we ordered were just as comman as other shops, such as Loh Han Guo, canned drinks etc... But how could it be summed up to $42.00??? I just want to ask them:"Hey, do you think you are Starbxxks????"The point is: I felt that I'm being cheated by this restaurant as it stated as $18.00 per head but I never think that their drinks could be sold in such expensive rates!!!In conclusion, I would never step in to this restaurant again in future, or recommend to my friends, neither you nor him!!!! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)