L'Entrecote is a casual-dining bistro focusing on the season’s best steak paired with unlimited free-flow fries. The main course on the menu is complemented by a wide array of starters and 15 kinds of desserts. continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-14
For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/07/lentrecote-french-brasserie.htmlL'Entrecote is one of the new restaurants in the basement of the Fountain of Wealth, since the revamping. Situated just beside the flight of staircase leading to Tower One and Two, it does seem like an expensive place to dine at, yet also look like an express version of a French cuisine.Spacious interior, with red table-cloths to make it look classy and elegant for a dining experience.It can easily made into a 3-course meal, with entree, mains, and desserts. Without much of a variety, I felt rather troubled when I am trying to look out for some steak options!Honestly speaking, I am not a person into French dining, specifically. Thus, I was a little surprised when I received this plate of Walnut Green Salad on my table. This plate of salad actually comes with my ordered steak, as like an appetizer. It does whet my appetite a little, and probably also the reason why I was disappointed by the steak afterwards.As mentioned above, ordered their Steak & Fries ($29.90) for a classic size, that comes along with the walnut green salad. Had wanted to ask for a rare-cooked steak, but shortly changed to medium-rare. Due to my lack of understanding, medium-rare (Entre à Point et Bien Cuit) in French cuisine could mean a little overcooked. Steak wasn't juicy and the type of rare-cooked steak wasn't of my expectation too. Perhaps should have gone for the rare (Saignant), which could have been a little nearer to my expectation.Sea Bass Filet ($17.00), also known as Le Bar, is served with a portion of French fries, and also with either steam rice or fresh vegetables. It comes with a creamy sauce to go with the filet, and besides that, filet is easy to slice apart, meat stay almost firm, and skin is crispy.Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Profiteroles with Hot Chocolate Sauce ($12.00), also known as Profiteroles de “L’Entrecôte”, can be pleasing ending item on the menu…..For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/07/lentrecote-french-brasserie.html continue reading
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The husband and I walked past this bistro a few weeks back when we saw a menu signage at the entrance that featured its value-for-money lunch sets for steak & free-flow fries. Being a steak frites lover, this was something I couldn’t resist so we had to return over the weekend to try it out. We hadn’t been to its flagship restaurant at Duxton Hill, so it was a good chance to compare their steak frites with my all-time favourite, Les Bouchons’. So how did it fare?We did call to make a reservation the day before but it seemed unnecessary to do so as the restaurant was quite empty when we were there just after noon even though its neighbours were all quite packed with customers.We were first served a mixed greens salad with whole walnuts and a lightly sharp mustard dressing.Next up was the duck rillette served with pickled gherkins and grilled buttered Poilâne bread. One mouth of this and I was on cloud nine. Simply to die for! I had good duck rillette at Melt – The World Cafe (Mandarin Oriental Hotel) before and this was on par if not better. Shredded duck meat processed in duck fat that turned out smooth, tender, a little creamy but with texture. Just spread over the crispy toast and top with a gherkin, the flavours that burst in the mouth were just indescribable. A must try starter indeed. The only downside was, the portions of rillette and bread (only 2 slices of really thin toasts) were probably enough for one person rather than for two to share.And here was my plate of steak with over-flowing shoestring fries. The steak was pre-cut into slices and then drizzled generously with their signature sauce. There wasn’t a need for a knife because each slice of beef was of bite size. Despite that, I still preferred the usual way of cutting my steak, lol.Even though L’Entrecôte’s winning formula was supposed to be the sauce, I found the sauce lacking in flavours, in fact, it was a little diluted. To make it more palatable, we had to add a dollop of Dijon mustard to boost the flavour as the beef was under-seasoned.The fries on the other hand were really outstanding. Hot, crispy and just addictive. I was happily eating the fries with my hands unlike the ‘dainty’ husband who had to use his fork. And because my portion of beef was quite small, I had space to order a refill of fries. The service staff then brought out a plate of freshly-fried fries which she then hastily slumped (and slided) onto our respective plates when she could have used a pair of tongs instead.The husband’s Large portion which wasn’t a huge difference with my Light.Even though the steak was nicely done with a pinkish centre and little blood juice, the meat was a little hard and chewy for my liking. Perhaps I should go for Medium Rare the next time.The Large meal came with a dessert of chocolate mousse which we shared. This was chocolatey, smooth and not overly sweet. Portion was small but good enough as a luscious finale to the meal.For full review and pictures, please go to http://www.springtomorrow.com/2014/02/16/lentrecote-the-steak-fries-bistro-suntec-city/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-07
The interior of the restaurant was a little confusing, it kinda looked like it was trying to look like a fine dining place but did not have enough budget for it :S There were a few selections for their appetizers and desserts, but there were only 2 options of main course.I ordered their burger which was served with a whole lot of fries. The burger consisted of a thick beef patty with mushrooms, onions and cheese, with mustard by the side. I quite liked the mustard and the fries were not bad. However the patty was kinda dry and tasty hence the burger was just soso.My partner ordered the steak with fries, which came in 3 sizes. He ordered the 'light' portion ($19.90) which was a decent serving size. The steak was served sliced with lots of fries and walnut salad. The steak was ok, nothing fantastic.Everything was just soso - won't be coming back again. continue reading
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Level2 2013-11-26
Went there for dinner. TBH the restaurant setting is pretty confusing, it appears to be french/italian style, slightly high end setting but hires really young, 17-year old waitresses that looks confused and scared (or i could be looking intimidating!) and small table... they tried to fit a soup, salad and main on the table and there was absolutely no space. And serving cheap kopitiam-style fries (don't get me wrong, they are yummy fries)Light - 160g; Regular - 200g; Large - 300g of steak. I ordered Medium well (came Medium but it was fine), well marinated and succulent. I didnt like the sauce that came with it, too buttery.Dinner came with free flow fries, and a salad. Fries were kopitiam style, decent, warm and crispy. All in, i wont be returning as i find the quality really average, didn't like the sauce, and I would like a better ambiance for the price. continue reading
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