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Level4 2012-07-18
It doesn't make sense for the charcoal to be so hot because most of the food in sticks gets cooked in seconds. However I really love how I can cook my food faster because I was famished. The person on the other table was complaining how it was simply too hot that he could not enjoy the grilling process, well I thought it was a gruelling process! You can choose whether you want to cook the food yourself or get the staff there to cook for you. And of course, being a true local girl from a modern city, we all pretend to be our own chefs outside but not at home. It was a fun process though!We had chicken breast, which cost $0.80 per stick. They marinated in a slightly sweet sauce but I am quite sure it wasn't honey, probably their own special home-made sauce. Anything and everything can be BBQ-ed in the charcoal here!The sausage here cost $1.00 per stick, and the same goes for the beef. The beef is really chewy, it takes several bites before you can tear the meat apart. The sausage smells like those of that you can get from Pasar-malam (Local night-markets in Singapore), and because of its' diminishing culture, it brings back a lot of memories that I had when playing the outdoor games in the night-market with a stick of sausage in one hand!The chicken wings here are a must-try. Costing only $0.80 each, one can appreciate the wings that stallholders sell in hawker centres. It takes skill to make great wings. Cook it to slightly burnt or extremely dark brown because you might not know if it is cooked inside. The meat was really fresh, it does not taste frozen. In all manner of due respect, these 4 pieces of cuttlefish cost $2.00, which did not give me much of a satisfaction. It tasted normal, average, yet expensive. I could get a bowl outside with more seasoning and even fresh vegetables which would be more worthy of my penny!My friends and I wanted to try something new, so we head straight for the duck heart. Adventurous, eh? The heart cost $2.00, and well, I was disgusted thinking that I was eating out of an animal's flesh and heart! Tasted like rubber, like octopus, like something you cannot describe. I just had one bite. Thankfully we shared this dish. We all felt like heartbreakers while we were eating the heart of a duck!Here's our well-cooked dishes which we were really pleased with! Anytime it gets cold, just put it over the charcoal to warm it up.This is an interesting dish which cost $6. You cannot tell by the picture but it's actually Pork Floss! Extremely nice, highly-recommended dish for all those who loves pigs. Another highly-recommended dish Shui Jiao, which consists of prawn, pork and leak as its' fillings. This dish cost $7.00 which can be shared with 4 people. I just felt so satisfied after having such a great time grilling, eating and grilling again! Drink lots of water while you are there, wear less (like a singlet or shorts) for it is quite hot. continue reading
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