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Established in Jul 2009, Mai Thai Restaurant is a casual fine dining restaurant with both indoor and alfresco seating, offering authentic Thai cuisine and warm hospitality. continue reading
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Basil Chicken
Review (2)
Level4 2013-07-23
The place was like 3/4 filled with customers when we stepped in at around 1.30pm. YY said that the food here was good, so each of us order a dish to try. We ordered as follow and my review: Red Chilli Sea Bass ($32) - Not bad is deep fried with the thai sauce Morning Glory (Pak bung aka kang kong) ($12) - Not too spicy ... will be good if it is more spicy2 tom yum soup ($17) - Portion seems more like for one person instead of two. Taste was good and I love the clear soup base!Grilled Chicken ($15.50) - Very tender and juicyGreen Curry ($15.50) - Very normal nothing to rave about Basil Toufu ($13.50) - Big portion of this not too bad 2 pineapple rice ($29) - Flavorful! Fish cake ($12) - Normal... tastes nice.3 Coconut ($16.50)Lemongrass tea ($4.50) Mango Sticky Rice ($8.50) - This was really good, love it! The total cost for this meal is $205.92 (inclusive of GST & service charge). Nice ambience & good food! Will come back for more and it's my first time in Greenwich. Shall come back to explore more! Thanks YY for the lunch treat! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-01-30
Ka Pao Gai at $15.50. Perhaps basil and minced chicken costs more than I realise these days. This was high on salt content. And very savoury. Goes awesomely well with rice but eat and don't look too long at the dish. The amount of oil in which it is soaked in would turn anyone off this dish.Did I already mention that one serving of rice costs $2?With little more than just apologies for not being able to cope with just one head chef and two assistants for a restaurant with 15 people?Last I checked, this was a restaurant- with a seating capacity probably double of that, at 30 people. Good luck to the diners that come after me.The service was impeccable, wait staff were very obliging and terribly apologetic but really, for the price paid- I won't be making a return visit anytime. Period.What I would give for my basil chicken and fried egg rice pack for 25B in Bangkok right now. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)