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Level4 2013-11-18
This vegetarian restaurant is located at a rather old HDB block, but run quite a brisk business. My family often comes here for vegetarian meal. The place is simply decorated, filled with mostly family crowds.I have Almond Tea ($2.00/ hot version), which is quite thick but a bit lumpy at the bottom. Mom and R both have Chrysanthemum Tea ($1.20/ hot version) each, while Nana has Yuan Yang ($1.50/ hot version).I have the Korean style Kimchi Ramen ($5.00). It is quite a big serving. But I am quite disappointed as the soup base has quite a funny taste. Not spicy but more of a sourness taste.R is having Ipoh Hor Fun ($4.00) which he finishes in seconds. Must be very nice since I didn't get to taste it.Mom is having the Fish Rice ($4.50), which is quite interesting as it is covered with chopped mui cai. Light and interesting.Nana has Japanese Style Chicken Rice ($5.00) which is one of the daily special meals and looks like sweet and sour cutlet rice, just right for her.We also order Cuttle Fish with Kang Kong ($8.00) which just tastes like the real deal, as well as, a plate of assorted mushroom ($12.00). Overall the food is not bad, and service is quite fast. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-04
Whenever it's on the 1st and 15th of the lunar month or when my 5th aunt and family are back from New Zealand, this is one of our favorite choice for vegetarian meal. For this review, i am going to feature three of my favorite and must order dishes whenever i dine here =)Abalone Mushroom with Sweet & Sour Sauce - I don't know if there's a way to fry the mushroom nicely but it's always has a nice texture to it and together with the sauce, this is yummy! I'm sure non-vegetarians will like it too unless you hate mushrooms! Haha.Cereal Prawns - Classic dish regardless of vegetarian or non-vegetarian. I don't know what they use but eat it while it's hot and it's super shiok! And i love the cereals ( taste equally good when eaten on it's own or mixed with rice ).Nonya Cod Fish - I love my fish (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian). I've always like the texture of vegetarian fish, i think beancurd skin is used to make it. And the nonya gravy goes so well with rice and i always like to mix some cereal in (from cereal prawns) and it makes a very combination for me. I've recommended quite a few friends to this restaurant and always got positive feedback so why not give it a try especially when you stay nearby =) continue reading
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My driving instructor was the one who introduced and brought me to this place. Mai Zhi Su is a new discovery to some, like me previously, this cafe serves purely vegetarian food. But be fooled, be amazed, don't just expect typical vegetarian food like fried bee hoon, stir-fried cabbages and other deep-fried vegetarian stuff like taro! Though yummy but this place is a whole different concept. They serve mock meat that taste EXACTLY like real meat, except less oily and healthier, I reckon.Their mock meat dishes seriously taste SIMILAR to real meat, even my driving instructor, who has been a vegetarian for more than 12 years, agrees so.I had a plate of lemon chicken rice ($4/$4.50). It was really delicious. I was in love with the mock meat chicken and lemon sauce that I practically finished my entire plate of food even though I wasn't starved to start off with. It also came with side steamed (not fried) broccoli. My driving instructor had the nasi lemak ($4/$4.50), I found the vegetarian chicken wing really cute as it looked so identical to real chicken wing... except that it was boneless, of course.These are just two of their many dishes that they serve. Not to forget to mention, they serve western cuisine too, like chicken chop, brown rice with salad and black pepper dory fish. They do serve Korean noodles too.It was a new experience to me. This was probably the best vegetarian food I have eaten in my life so far. Now that you're aware of this place, you should definitely give it a try too. After all, what's the harm! I'd say you'd be amazed too (; continue reading
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