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Level4 2013-11-03
-Menu showing the prices per 100g- My personalised mala hot potThis stall at the level 2 foodcourt (The Kitchen) of Star Vista offers a rather interesting concept. Like a yong tau foo stall, you get to choose from an array of ingredients. Besides several types of vegetables and mushrooms, they also have different types of meat and seafood (mainly fish) available, much like the fresh choices you get for steamboats. Once you have picked your items into a big metal bowl, a lady there will separate out the different types of ingredients, weigh them separately, then add up all the prices on a calculator. If you are a meat or seafood lover, you can unwittingly chalk up quite a bill, as they are the most expensive items. You might be surprised at how little 100g of meat is. I chose all vegetables and mushrooms, yet my dish came up to be almost $5. A chef at the back will then fry up your chosen ingredients with a mala sauce - you can indicate how spicy you want. I chose the lowest level of spiciness and it's already very spicy! The mala sauce is appetising but it can be quite salty and oily towards the end of your meal. continue reading
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