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Level4 2011-05-05
This stall sells a nasi lemak set at $2 which is a good enough breakfast. It comes with a fried chicken, a hot dog and an egg (covered by the chicken) as seen in the picture. The fried chicken is very crispy and it does not smell of re-used oil. This is something that stall owners of fried food are usually quite guilty of. The hot dog taste like normal ones nothing really special. I think the egg will be better if the yolk was not fully cooked. One very important thing of nasi lemak is the chilli but I think the chilli failed for this stall. It does taste and smell good, just not the type of chilli for nasi lemak. However, the rice is still not too bad, pretty fragrant but I think they can add more coconut to the rice to have that nice coconut aroma. In general, at $2 for this breakfast set I think it is still of reasonable quality though not the best nasi lemak that I have tasted. continue reading
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