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Level2 2014-11-08
The main purpose to visit this restaurant was to try this unique dish called, Deep Fried Pork Rib. It is a must-to-try dish. According to them, the pork rib is chewy and easy to bite and I believe the taste would be great and goes well with their special sauce.The fish was fresh and tasty. It did not overly cooked until dry. I believe this is also one of their speciality.It is a nice claypot noodle with more than generous amount of ingredients inside. The soup based was a little spicy but not salty. It came with meatballs, I am not sure is what kind of meat, sausages, lots of vegetables and I saw white fungus inside. It is a kind of unique combination. They also gave generous amount of noodle. Yummy! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-01
Most of the patrons are actually native Burmese, so i'm pretty sure that its authentic Burmese food. Its a cafe style setting at B1 of this old shopping mall. I was just seated a chair outside the shop so shoppers are just walking behind me but human traffic is quite low here. Without a clue what to order, i tried the mandalay mee shay w/ Pork $4.50 and Kong Pao w/ Chicken. The menu is a simple laminated piece with some photos but not all. The mandalay mee shay is interesting, came as mainly dry styled, it comes with this translucent gluey sauce added to the white thick beehoon. Shredded pork is also added, not too bad tasting i must say, just that i do not like the pig skin that was given. i didn't like the sauce that they gave me as well. The gong bao chciken was fortunately not too spicy, it was nice tasting but a tad too oily for me. Anyway i will definitely return here next time as i want to try the spicy steam fish which looks like our teochew fermented bean paste steam fish. continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-13
Recommended from a Myanmar friend. She said must try the dry rice noodle special dishes from Myanmar, the ingredient is import from Myanmar. The dry rice noodle it have chicken or pork. I ordered is pork. it come with some peanuts, spring onions, minced meat and black sauce with the noodles, remember mix it all together. I like the noodle, is taste delicious. something special for me, i enjoy it =) continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-10
This is my first time trying out Myanmar food which my friend recommend me. I was excited to try it out and curious about how the taste will be like.We had a rice noodles, claypot noodle and of course their specialty deep fried pork ribs.Rice noodles taste well with their special sauce in it. Got to mix everything well and eat. Noodles was soft and easy to chew on it. ingredient will be minced chicken meat, onions and their special sauce. It is totally a new experience for me to try out a new cuisine.Saw this dish in their menu and was tempting to try it. The soup base is tasty enough and also it comes along with meat balls, vegetable, corns and hotdog. The serving is generous as you can see from the picture shown above. I liked the taste so much that I almost wanted to order another serving. Since we are here and got to try their specialty for it. The meat is tender and easy to chew on. Meat is well fried and the taste is wonderful. I had almost half a plate of the meat by myself. Wanted to order another serving but my friend is too full to eat another round. Overall experience is fantastic, will come back to try their other dishes really soon. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-08
For a complete review, visit http://rachelays.blogspot.sg/2013/07/mandalay-style-authentic-burmese-food.htmlStreaky Pork Belly Salad ($8.00)appetizer dish. The dressing complemented the pork belly well but I am still not a fan of it as I do not like pork belly. Spicy Mix Vegetables ($6.00)this dish is moderately spicy. People who can't take spicy food would not be able to tolerate this. I love how they use several types of vegetables to make this dish. They give the dish more variety and make it more colourful. This is great to go along with rice. Chicken Legs Soup ($3.50)Fancy something healthy? Here's a bowl of chicken feet soup! The broth was extremely flavourful and there was no oil at the surface. However, I find that the taste of the soup was too strong and I could not tell if it was naturally flavoured or because of the M.S.G. Most people (including me) do not take chicken feet as it might be an acquired taste. Good for you if you do as chicken feet contains a lot of collagen! Pork Legs Soup ($3.50)Another collagen-laden soup, drink this and you are on your way to looking more youthful (that's why most chinese people look younger than their age as compared to their western counterparts). This soup was quite spicy due to the chopped chilli padi inside. It was still manageable for me though. Deep Fried Pork Ribs ($6.00)Don't be fooled by its unappealing appearance, they actually tasted good! I had 4 mini pork ribs! The meat was tough yet tender enough to chew and digest. It also came off the bone easily.Kong Pao Chicken ($6.00)This dish is mildly spicy, with many chunks of bite-sized chicken fillets, dried chilli and mixed vegetables. The meat was tender and seasoned well. Mandalay Mee Shay (4.50) (Thicker Noodles)Meeshay noodles are rice noodles mixed with meat sauce. Some found it spicy while I don't. I still prefer my chinese noodles though.We also tried the Shan Rice Noodle ($4.00) (Thin & Sticky). This bowl of noodles was the more popular version among the foodies and I have to agree.Steam Fish with Special Sauce ($15.00)This has got to be my favourite dish for that evening. The sauce complemented the soft and tender steamed fish very well. While the sauce was rich in flavour, the fish - plain on its own - went so well with the sauce. There was a subtle taste of peanut and mild chilli which I felt was gentle on the tastebuds yet really flavourful at the same time. Overall, the meal had a very homely feel and a sense of satisfaction came over me as I finished my meal. If you are looking for yummy burmese food, check out Mandalay Style. continue reading
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