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Marutama offers an authentic Japanese ramen experience with its half-boiled aji tamago and aosa seaweed topping, complete with melt-in-your-mouth char siew. At Japan, Marutama's half-boiled seasoned egg rewarded as "the best tamago". Its unique texture that fully boiled at the surface but yet still half boiled on the inside blended perfectly with the seasoning. continue reading
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Level3 2017-02-25
Urge for Ramen so chosen to visit The Central. This place is quite at this hour and not much people Ordered our popular , Marutama Ramen ( $13.00 )and Karashi Ramen( $13.00 )with Yaki Gyoza. ( $6.00 )After a short period, it was served our olrder. This ramen is thinner type with special chicken soup which it not so thick but the smell is good with a lot of seaweed and spring onion. You can also topup with fried garlic which is also fresh made on each table. The Ramen is soft and thin which it is good mix when place in your mouth. Do opt for a tamago egg too. Should not give it a miss. continue reading
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Level2 2015-04-01
For full review, visit http://molly-mia.blogspot.sg/2013/09/mias-review-marutama-ramen.html Their choices of ramen flavour is not really extensive. A very typical menu of an authentic humble ramen-ya. I ordered for myself a daikon and their Nama Karashi Ramen while Airmeli got a Tori Dango and their Aka Ramen. Daikon - $4Yes, you might feel that $4 for 2 pieces of radish (although they're quite big pieces) is pretty much a rip off, but I didn't really care much for the pricey-ness of it because:1. I really love daikon2. They're really damn awesome!The daikon is served almost piping hot in a rich & flavourful savoury broth, which tastes like tonkotsu/chicken broth, and is cooked down extremely well to be amazingly soft throughout. Each and every bite is 'stuffed' full of the savoury taste of the rich broth. I need not even chew on them, but just pushes my tongue towards the roof of my mouth to mash it up and release the broth that was soaked up within. Heavenly. Definitely a must try for all daikon lovers out there. Tori Dango (Chicken Meatball) - $5The Tori Dango is definitely a disappointment, and yes, it's not worth the $5. I expected the dango to be of, well, chewy dango texture. (duh!) But the first bite brought nothing but disappointment to my face. Nothing in this meat-packed ball is chewy. Instead, the entire meatball is soggy and crumbly. A soft bite to the surface easily breaks the dango in half and a few more bites just literally crumbles them into distinctive separate chunks in your mouth. Not my favourite kind of texture in a meatball. However, from a cooking noob's POV, I also wonder if it's because they're using a lot of real chicken meat and very little flour.As for the taste wise, I can't fault them on it but shan't commend them on it either. It's a "typical" meatball taste, flavourful yet nothing distinctive that screams: I'm a chicken meatball! I guess the only thing that hinted it's chicken and not pork is the crumbly texture.Nama Karashi Ramen - $12It looks just like a normal chicken broth ramen, yeah? But it's actually spicy ramen! This is one thing that is kinda intriguing to me. A 100% non-spicy looking spicy ramen! The broth is rich, flavourful and has the spiciness level just right for me. I think I'm just an average spicy food eater, and I do not like to eat challengingly spicy food as I believe it doesn't do justice to the ingredients and preparer of the dish. Comparing the richness of flavour to Santouka and Ippudo, Marutama is definitely smack in the middle. I feel that their broth is definitely richer than Santouka's yet still manageable for me, unlike Ippudo's, which almost killed me. Went Ippudo once, and plans never to return. I do get a little thirsty while eating the ramen, due to the salty flavour of the broth, but I'm attributing it to the fact that I'm more of a lighter taste person. My preference for lighter taste is blatantly hinted in my obvious dislike for Ippudo's ramen. As for the noodles, it hovers between chewy and hard imo, deviating slightly more towards hard. I'm a chewy (softer) noodle person, and Marutama's noodles really came this close to making it right for me. It was just a little bit too close to the hard side, but I can still accept it as well made noodles. The char siu was also pretty well done, having a good mix of lean and fatty meat, cooked to a savoury tenderness. I'm also rather disappointed that the ramen wasn't served with menma (bamboo shoots) and it wasn't offered as an additional topping or side dishes either. And as seen from the picture, the ramen doesn't come with the flavoured egg (typical of many ramen shops) but need an additional $1.50 for an add on. Just look at the pictures, need I say more? The $1.50 is a MUST SPEND! I do feel that Marutama does their flavoured egg better than Santouka and Ippudo. And in addition, Marutama offers Kaedama for those big eaters. With leftover broth and an additional $2, you can get your noodles refilled and eat to your heart's content! I'm not sure if it's a full portion refill though, because there's absolutely no way I can ever go for a kaedama. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-20
I have to say this is one of my favourite ramen shop in Singapore. Even though the variety is limited, the price is not exactly cheap, I am still here for a couple of time liao. That's rare okay! Consider that I go round eating, to spend $$$ in the same shop again and again, that says a lot about the quality wor.The ramen here reminds me of the ones that I ate in Japan itself. The soup base is more tasty, and every ingredient is prepared delicately. In fact, even though the soup base is considered more salty ( but bearable), I will still finish every single drop.. Tamago Ramen This was the basic ramen, with just seaweed and one slice chao siew. The chao siew was tender, with just enuff fats to give a soft touch. The ramen was Q to the max. Well, I dunno whether it would become soggy if left for a period of time or not. Coz that will never happen! I can finish the whole bowl like within 15mins... Haiz, a bit wasted hor. I was actually "complaining" that the ramen was too much at first, but I still finished everything, ramen and soup...Aosa Ramen This was the ramen that I would usually ordered. Basically it was just additional seaweed ( $4 extra) on top of the basic one. I simply love the seaweed here! It was definitely different, and I dun seemed to eat it elsewhere. So no choice, whenever I got the craving for the seaweed, got to come here... The chef " cunning" lah, used special ingredient...Ajituke Tamago Well, the ramen doesnt come with the egg, so got to order it as a side order. But the egg was actually cooked the same way in Japan oso. Dunno how they do it, it was not the half-cooked one like Ya-Kun, nor was it fully cooked.. It tasted well cooked, but the egg yolk was still semi-watery.. There was so much "knowledge" in making the perfect egg man.. Heng, I'm only "responsible" to eat and not to prepare!! HohoAnyway, I think everything here is good! The egg, the seaweed, the daikon, the char siew, the ramen, the soup... Must try!Visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg for more reviews! continue reading
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Level2 2014-05-04
Marutama Ramen branch is located on the third floor of Clark Quay Central Mall and it is a popular lunch venue for CBD folks. This is the restaurant to go for a delicious bowl of ramen noodles served in tasty chicken broth! Make sure you check it out! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-30
Sisters and I decided to have lunch at The Central mall on one of the weekend. We were recommended to Marutama Ramen which is located at level 3 of the shopping mall. The restaurant serves only ramen with chicken broth and that is rather different from other ramen restaurants.We ordered Marutama Ramen @S$12.00 which is known as the chicken soup ramen with toppings (non-spicy). The broth taste savoury and light compared to pork broth. The noodles are springy and chewy. As for the sliced char siew, the texture is soft and tender. The ramen tasted better with the fried garlic chips that were placed at every dinning table. We loved the crispy fried garlic and this enhanced the flavour of the dish Additional toppings of ingredients are available in the menu for you to choose from. The prices range from S$1.50 to S$5.00 depending on the items that you ordered.We also ordered Char Siew Gohan @S$5.00 to try. The tasted of the dish is fine and the portion wise is just nice for a pax. We shared among 4 of us just to have a taste of it. But I would suggest going for ramen when you are dropping by. Serving time was efficient and fast. The staffs processed the order within 10minutes time. They are quite attentive to the services as our green tea is re-fill promptly. We would be glad to patronize the restaurant in future with the reasonable price offered and staff services. continue reading
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