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Spicy Steamed Fish Tom Yum Kung
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Level4 2013-09-30
This shop does not seem like an authentic Thai shop, with it selling curry fish head as well. However, it is one of the better thai food i have had in Singapore. The milk tea is very sweet and thick! For the price of $1.50, it is a very worth it drink. Pineapple fried rice was unlike the picture,which was served in a actual pineapple shell. The pork floss on top of the enhaced the flavor of the fried rice. Quite a nicely done dish. Fried squid, a huge portion was served, such that it is impossible to finish if there is only 2 people having it. Their clear Tom yam soup is good too, spicy and slightly sour. Tasted authentic! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-18
Mata Thai is a popular Thai food restaurant near Bishan central and is quite crowded during dinner time. The food can be quite value for money, especially if there is an ongoing promotion on certain dishes like curry fish head. However, the promotion is now over and the price has reverted to $18. The curry went really well with the fish head and wasn't too spicy. The fish head itself was quite fresh and fish meat was tender. continue reading
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Level4 2012-11-18
Mata Thai is a Thai restaurant located at Bishan Street 11; a stone throw away from Bishan MRT station and CPF building (Bishan). They are having a promotion for their Curry Fish Head. It cost only $10 instead of $18! Nearly all the tables ordered Curry Fish Head.The Pandan Leaf Chicken was disappointing. There was no pandan flavour and it was oily.The Signature Curry Fish Head cost only $10, Thai style. The curry was very nice and robust, best eaten with Rice! There were too little curry given! The fish head was very fresh! Despite the fact that only half the head was given and the curry was very little, it was amazingly value for money. The Thai Style Fried Kangkong was a simple but delicious dish! The vegetable was well fried and still had a crunchy bite to it. In terms of flavour, it was light yet tasty. Moreover, there were slices of tiny chillies which provided it with a spicy kick. The Fried Garlic Squid was average.Interesting way to serve the Tom Yum Prawns! Allows the Tom Yum soup to be kept warm constantly.The Tom Yum soup was cloudy and orangey. Although there was no chilli oil, do not be deceived by its appearance. It was quite spicy and sour with lemon-grass fragrant. It was served with prawns and Japanese mushrooms. The Tom Yum soup was delish however, the prawns were not fresh.Fresh Young Thai Coconut ideal for cooling down on a warm day.Carlsberg to cool my friend down from the warm humid day.Overall, I would say Mata Thai is very value for money. Moreover, the food quality was good too! The Curry Fish Head is a must try! At such a price, where else can you find such quality curry fish head! In terms of service, it was very good. In fact overly-friendly.Detailed review: http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2012/06/mata-thai-bishan.html continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-12
The pandan leaf chicken came nicely wrapped in the form of 6 little dumplings. We did not really both about the glossylooking surface as the chicken inside was what mattered most. Fragrant and so tender!Pineapple rice was not bad and had generous amount of floss, pineapple and cashew nuts. The portion was a little toosmall for 4 person to share though.The fried squid were served crispy and puffy (batter). We all could have eaten this dish on its own as snacks!Seafood Tom yam soup was a little too spicy for most of us. Luckily it was shared and we had a bowl each. Had someprawns which I did not eat, some squid and mushrooms. The mushrooms were really sweet as maybe because theyabsorbed the soup.A simple dish of onion omelette. Simple yet delicious!The mango sticky rice was disappointing as we felt that the rice was slightly hard, lacking the stickiness as well as thechewiness. Although we shared among ourselves, we still did not finish the rice. (About 2 bites leftover only) continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-26
Not many people will be able to spot Mata Thai which is hidden at the corner among all the salons. If not for the banner, I would have give it a miss.$10 fish head is really very attractive!There's both inside and outside seating and there wasn't much crowd so it was a very peaceful dining.The $10 fish head come in a serving for 2 and don't bother to take away as it only fill less than a quarter of the take away container. Thus, best to eat it there or you may want to request for the original price portion which is $18.The curry is not the usual curry, it is with the Thai element in it and it is not too strong which is accepted for us. The curry itself is thick, the fish head is fresh and spicy level is in between. Worth a try!Tom Yum Prawns $6You may think that we were crazy to order Tom Yum when we had fish head but well, the menu was a little limited you see.The Tom Yum was not too bad, decent not too overly spicy and it is those kind that you will keep drinking bowl after bowl in slow pace without realizing in. But I felt that since it is the Tom Yum Prawns, there must be adequate prawns in it! We could only scooped 4 pathetic prawns for the 3 of us.Roasted Chicken - $12This dish is just like the Ayam Penyet, expect that it comes with the green sauce which I don't know what it is but it tasted sweet. The roasted chicken is worth exploring as the green sauce is really special.Prawn Cake - $8A must have! I love it, love it! It is crispy and fill with prawns and with the sweet and sour sauce just make it less oily. Perfect!Sour Plum Drink - $1.50I like the sour plum here, it is home made and the ice is squash so that the ice don't melt and dilute the drink.I will definitely come back if I am nearby as the pricing is pretty reasonable! continue reading
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