The 200-seat MEDZS restaurant, located at Orchard Central’s basement 2, is the first few food and beverage outlet in Singapore to serve up various Mediterranean fare – such as Spanish, Moroccan, French, Turkish and Greek − in a one-stop, integrated open dining concept, providing an exotic dining. continue reading
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Medzs - Famous for their Signature Rainbow Cake, is a popular casual dining Mediterranean Restaurant. They have the similar dining concept as Marche but I think their food quality was so much better than Marche.They offer massive range of cuisines from places like Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, France, Italy, Greece and Asia... (Note: Asia Cuisine is only available at the Millenia Walk outlet)Grilled Sea Bass Fillet: Though it's charcoal grilled, the sea bass was still quite tender and nice with the yummy mashed potato.Pan Fried Pacific Dory Fish: Served with Thyme & Garlic, Green Leaves Salad, Mashed Potato, Braised Aurbergine & Tomato Concasse. This is a Must-Order item! The spices on the exterior were very very flavourful, aromatic and addictive! I love dory fish as they're always very tender. So tender fish with fantastic spices = Shiok! Not forgetting the great mashed potato too! Excellent Dish!Rosti with Smoked Salmon: The exterior of the rosti were all very crispy and soft on the inside, complemented very well with the tasty smoked salmon! Must-Order too!For full review and photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2015/01/medzs-at-orchard-central-181-orchard.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-21
MEDZS concept is about the same as Marche, just that MEDZS offers Mediterranean food (such as Greek, Moroccan, and Turkish food) while Marche offers Swiss food. This was my second visit to MEDZS. My first visit was only to buy their churros to sneak into the cinema haha oops (btw their churros was quite good plus cheap, seriously it's just $3.90, although it resembles youtiao a bit).Tropical Paradise - $7.80pineapple, apple, orange, and lemonThis drink is under 'Detoxifying Juice' section. Look at how the pulp's floating on the surface! This was my friend's order, no complain from her though. Strawberry Smoothies - $7.50strawberry, milk, and vanillaWhen it comes to strawberry and milk, I'm totally a sucker! However, I think it's quite dear to pay such price for smoothies. And seriously, it's not really satisfying. The smoothies was hard to suck, it tasted too diluted for my liking. Hais, Smoothie King is just a few distance away. MEDZS Signature Rainbow Cake - $6.90It's undeniable that many people have been raving about MEDZS' rainbow cake. Ladyironchef even put this on Singapore's Top 8 Rainbow Cakes That You Must Try. Indeed, no regret ordering this! Served on a stone board, the cake looks tidy and visually pleasant. On top there's a slice of strawberry, two tiny chocolate sticks, and dollop of whipped cream, also accompanied by salted caramel and vanilla cream garnish. The cake was decent, it was moist with right amount of cream in between the layers. I like the vanilla cream, I don't mind them to pour it all over the cake lol.Very neat is it? Did they slice it using a ruler? Haha.I've tried MEDZS' desserts twice and all didn't disappoint. No service charge becomes another nice factor, despite that it's the staff who will deliver the food to your table. However, it's quite hard to catch staffs' attention. The waiting time was relatively slow, took like 25 minutes for my rainbow cake to come when I thought they would just slice and take it from the cake display! Fortunately it's all paid off within my first spoonful of the cake.For more reviews, kindly visit http://ariellacahya.blogspot.com continue reading
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Level1 2014-12-10
Located at the basement of Orchard Central with a card payment system. I was recomended to try their signature pork belly dish and it was very shiok! Well marinated, juicy and tender cooked over the grill. Meat lover - this is the one for you! I like that they perfected the cook of the pork belly. Love the sauteed mushrooms that came on the side with it, nicely cooked with a hint of butter. My partner had the carbonara which was pretty good too. I like the smoky flavour of the bacon tossed with the cream sauce. Usually I get bored of the creaminess but this pasta cream sauce was good enough for us to polish the whole plate. Overall, a good dinner place when you're in town.  continue reading
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Level1 2014-09-20
Visited this place for an early Saturday dinner at 6pm. Considering it was dinner time, the crowd was thin. This is our first time and will be our last to this place. Service staff are not attentive and not well trained about the menu. I pointed to a pic on the set menu and she didnt know what it was. They dont seem to know what kind of food they served in the restaurant. The food quality is below average. Paella was average at best, the moroccan beef and caramellized apple didnt have a hint of caramel, instead, 3/4 of a green apple in the stew. We ordered 2 drinks and one of them took a couple of reminders before it came. By then, we were nearly done with dinner. Although the environment is nice and cozy, it's a 2 star at best. continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-05
This restaurants concept is like Mar Che you ordered what you want from the food counter than pass them a card to swip At the end of the meal you proceed to the cashier to pay for your food. The lunches at this restaurant is cheap and good. Most of the main course are between $8 to $10 ++. The restaurant is decorated like a Mediterranean country We ordered grill chicken with watercress , the chicken was grilled to perfection , still tender and juicy and not overdone. The mash and watercress is yummy too. Than we ordered a chicken calzone to share although the waiting time for the calzone is slightly long , took about 20 mins, but it is very very good. The crust is buttery and crispy and the chicken filling is a lot. Dipped with the tomatoes sauce that comes with it is heavenly Than we went on to order a rosti for sharing. The rosti is crispy on the outside and soft fluffy inside. Very tasty with sour cream. After all the main course is dessert time. We ordered chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and sauce. The chcolate lava cake is warm with oozing liquid chocolate and the vanilla sauce is cold and creamy. Plus the ice cream. It is really delicious. Total spending about $50 continue reading
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