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Men-ichi’s rich tonkotsu soup derives its wonderful essence from a perfect balance of pork bones, chicken bones and vegetables. The soup is first boiled for over 12 hours, during which the fire is carefully tended and scum meticulously skimmed off the water’s surface. This long tedious process yields a full-bodied broth containing exactly 408g of pure essence. continue reading
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Chicken Teriyaki Ramen Paitan Tonkotsu Ramen
Review (28)
Level4 2014-12-27
Men-ichi has undergone a revamp (located at the japanese food street stretch) since my last visit. I didn't quite like the harsh lightings but the decorations were pretty unique. Service was on the slow side.Salmon Teriyaki ramen $14.90: Salmon was soft, moist, and nicely cooked. The teriyaki sauce wasn't salty and complemented the salmon well. The soup was light-tasting and I felt it lacked the richness of a ramen broth. Ramen was al dente, much to my liking.Cha Shu don (<$10). Cha shu was moist, tender and not very fatty. The meat had also absorbed the essence of the gravy. The gravy also complemented well with the plain rice which wasn't dry/lumpy. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-10
Walking around the many restaurants at Jurong Point, we decided to have our meals over at Men-Ichi Japanese Ramen Restaurant as both of us had eaten at this restaurant before last time and always been wanting to have it again here.Small and fully utilized kitchenThe restaurant was located along the Japanese Village of Jurong Point Shopping Mall with a very small shop front though their signage is quite big. There were quite a lot of people having their dinner fix here too but we were lucky to be able to get a seats without much waiting.Tables and chairs are all placed near to each other due to small restaurant sizeAs for the space of the restaurant, due to smaller space constraint, the tables and chairs are placed near to each other though that did not bother most of the people in there due to nice ramen being served here.They provide Free Upsize for noodles (Ramen)There are quite a few dishes to choose from mainly ramen and it does not take a long time before we decided to our dishes. As the restaurant give free upsize for their ramen, I just get it upsize as I am quite hungry from all the windows shopping and etc.One thing which attracts me from coming back for more of their ramen is their marinated vegetables which are very nice and crunchy. The taste of these are very nice as a starter or as a side compliment for the ramen. Sometimes, these are not being placed on the tables and you need to request for it. The staff there are quite friendly and willing to give you if you request for them nicely.The ramen are very nice, firm and chewy while the soup base is great. Based on their information, Tonkotsu is a cloudy white broth resulted from boiling pork bones over long hours and they are rich in collagen with hearty flavour and creamy consistency. The Charsiew are very tender and fully marinated and powered by the nice soup base.Even their menu shows that the Charsiew served in Men-ichi were selected from good quality bara niku (Boned rib) and pan-fried lightly to bring out its natural flavour. Each piece was boiled for 2.5 hours and left overnight to fully absorb the flavour of its sauce.The soup based of Shoyu is a bit darker than the Paitan version and a bit more saltier though the overall taste was still as great as it was to be. Other than the different in flavour, the rest of the taste is actually the same as they used the same ingredients for their ramen including the 70% boiled braised egg (half).Based on their menu, their noodles are 100% homemade using numerous rounds of research and trial, yielding a medium-thick noodle 1.4mm in thickness and 30cm in length. Each strand boasts the aroma of wheat and an irresistibly springy texture which I believe they are truth due to the nice taste of their dishes. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-28
My friend was craving ramen so we decided to try this small establishment amongst the japanese section at Jurong Point.The bowl had plenty of ramen noodles and not enough broth--one of their promotional seasonal items. I'm always tempted to ask if the broth can be refilled. I felt like there was a lot of care in cooking my ramen and the pieces of charsiu were thick and filling. The bowl looked small at first, but I was full before I was even halfway done. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-13
This place can be rathered crowded even on a weekday night. The limited seating means that it is not a place for dwelling too long. Food is served rather promptly and tables are cleared pretty fast. On this night, my partner and I ordered the shoyu tonkotsu ramen, which was approximately $15 each. It came with some slices of char siew, which was well-flavored. As for the soup, it was strong, without being too salty. The portion size was decent enough for a single person eating. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-24
I had very strong cravings for ramen and decided to settle at the nearest ramen place because I was near the Jurong West area.Did not really check what was really nice here, and just ordered what I am interested in, and it really didn't disappoint. Went to the place a few days again two days later because I had cravings for the ramen!Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen (2pcs charsiew) (SGD12.90)For 5pcs charsiew, it's $15.90. The broth was super thick and flavourful! I am not really a fan of pork esp the fatty parts but the charsiew was so good I had everything including the fats and this is saying something!! I love everything about it.Top up for the eggs as well, because I am a fan of such eggs!I actually feel this is better than Ippudo or Ramen Santouka! :/Paitan Tonkotsu Ramen (5pcs charsiew) (SGD15.90)Both the broth actually taste the same to me but I still love this!! By the way, for big eaters, upsizing of ramen is FREEEEE!Some things to take note, the restaurant is a little small though and if you are going in a big group, you might have to wait a while. I went there alone so I opted for counter seat. Oh and sometimes the staff are not really attentive when you want to make an order! continue reading
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