Inspired by the grace and old-school charm of kissatens, the fresh flavors and ingredients of Japanese cuisine, together with French artisanal cooking techniques, Miam Miam promises a delicious experience through and through. Using only the freshest, sustainable-sourced ingredients, Miam Miam takes pride in bringing the best of both French and Japanese cuisines to you. continue reading
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Miam Miam Capellini Pain Perdu The French Toast Vanilla Souffle
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Level4 2015-08-08
Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2015/08/dinner-at-miam-miam-tampines-one.htmlHave heard and seen a lot about this Jap-French style cafe before my visit to Miam Miam. The food and drinks menu here is extremely similar to Hoshino Coffee, another hugely popular Jap-French style cafe. However, Miam Miam does chocolate flavor desserts while Hoshino only does Matcha and original flavors. I am here specifically to try their chocolate dessert.The cafe has a cozy industrial style decor, the vibe is neither French nor Japanese though, but I do like the sight of the cheerfully colored chairs.Menu with lotsa pictures and description to aid patrons in their food choices.I picked out a main course of pasta, a chocolate dessert and a drink to go with the meal. The Ice Matcha Latte w/ Softee $8.80++ was not too bad, the matcha ice cream dissolves slowly into the latte making the green tea taste richer as dinner progresses, nice.The Chicken Teriyaki Spaghetti $16.80++, came with pan seared chicken slices, shimeji mushrooms, Japanese leeks, smoky bacons, topped with thick Nippon sauce and sprinkles of Japanese nori and roasted sesame seeds. This dish hits the spot with the tender juicy chicken in delish teriyaki sauce, complimented by big chunks of savory bacon to accentuate the taste, which pairs perfectly with the al dente pasta. I love it!Big chunks of baconChocolate Molleaux $9.80++, dark chocolate cake with molten center served with vanilla softee. Very good quality dark chocolate was used in this dessert, the choco flavor was really dense and aromatic. The warm molten center did not flow out like lava but was moist and creamy, rather well executed I would say.My solo dinner at Miam Miam went better than I expected, the food though pricey was well prepared, with good quality ingredients and scored well in the taste department. I would recommend it for an occasional splurge. continue reading
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