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Delicious yogurt parfaits decorated with handcrafted toppings, fine desserts and beverages. Either select from signature parfaits or you can design your own parfait. continue reading
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Citrus Combo Chocolate Divine Vanilla Raspberry
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Nice to note that there's a cozy little cafe instead of just a buy-and-go stall. I could sit and do my work stuff while enjoying a cooling yogurt parfait in this hot weather!I decided to try the Liliac Dream (SGD$6.80) first. A sweet, dreamy looking dessert delight made up of yogurt with lavender seeds at bottom, lavender sauce, lavender meringue, jello and blueberries.The soft-served, natural yogurt was silky smooth and light on the palate, flavour enhanced dramatically by the aromatic lavender items used, especially the tiny lavender seeds at the bottom. I loved the soft fragrance of the 1macaron as well as the very crunchy mini meringue. I am happy to give this darling yogurt parfait full scores for its lovely taste and burst of textured all within a cup of goodness.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://www.thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2016/04/honey-and-milk-yogurt-dessert-bar.html continue reading
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Being a dessert lover, I usually will not miss any chance on trying out new desserts. Having tried llao llao & Honey Creme, Milk & Honey has become the next on my list.We have postponed this trip many times due to our busy schedules which we eventually had to purchase coupons to make it happen.The shop is not occupying a very big space but it's enough to accommodate their flow of customers.Cute cushion not only makes the seats more comfortable but also liven up the whole place.The deal for our coupons is to choose any 2 of their signature yoghurt parfaits for the price of 1. So we get to choose 4 for our 2 coupons.Quite a number of varieties to choose from and we decided on the 3 recommended parfaits plus our common favourite flavour.Healthy Mix (S$7.80)Yoghurt with fresh blueberries, strawberries & mango, topped with green tea meringue & white chocolate ring drizzled with raspberry sauce.Yoghurt goes well with the fresh fruits. The raspberry sauce taste a little artificial though. White chocolate ring & green tea meringue are not too sweet whereas the yoghurt is a little sour in taste.Chocolate Divine (S$9.80)Paired with white chocolate crumble, brownie & dark chocolate ganache, drizzled with chocolate sauce and final touching up with chocolate twister & macaroon.Definitely for chocolate lovers. Brownie & dark chocolate ganache is soft and rich in flavour. Macaroon is not too sweet too. Royal Honey (S$8.80)Honey crystal jello & crunchy crumble are hidden in between the yoghurt with honey popcorn at the side. Decorated with orange chip & white chocolate stick with honey parfait right at the top.The best of the four.The crunchy crumble gives this a more textured feel. Honey crystal jello & honey popcorn are a little on the sweet side and the texture of the honey parfait taste just like a marshmallow.Matcha (S$9.80)Right at the bottom lies Azuki red beans and green tea crumble just above with green tea meringue at the sides. Sprinkled with chocolate pearls and decorated with white chocolate stick & green tea parfait.Green tea meringue is crunchy but the Azuki red beans doesn't taste as good. Marshmallow-like green tea parfait is not too sweet. Overall, this doesn't have a very strong green tea taste.One of the main attraction of Milk & Honey would be the artisanal yoghurt they served. With so many foodies out there, their yoghurts are indeed pretty enough for the camera. continue reading
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Shortly right after the llao llao and Honey Creme craze in Singapore, a distinct pop-ups of all the various yoghurts and soft serves are hot right on their trails. Milk & Honey is one of the many that catches my attention because of their yoghurt parfaits. Well what’s yoghurt alone now, it’s too mainstream. We need something more than that, something not just only appetite whetting but also visually enticing.Milk & Honey has definitely fulfill this point. Not only do they have a variety of yoghurt parfait to choose from, each and every one of them just looks super tempting! It’s like a yoghurt filled with ingredients layer after layer. & the choices are rather refreshing yet with a good combination of both the all time favorites such as the fruity & chocolatey flavors and rising top sellers like the royal honey. & if nothing is to your liking, you can customize your very own parfait!As we bought a voucher to use, so our choices were limited as we can only choose parfaits that are of a particular price. & by the time we reached there, quite a few of their ingredients were sold out, so we got to replace it with some others kind. In the end, Citrus Combo & Mango Passion fruit were our last choices. I thought that their yoghurt tasted a little special, it’s kind of like those Meji, Alive series kind of yoghurt if you get what i mean, but the frozen version. The taste is much more sourish compared to the other frozen yoghurts. Their marshmallows were not too bad, a little soft and springy and i like their use of frozen fruits, the combination was kind of nice in my point of view. & the yellow looking thing at the very top of the yoghurt tasted like a mixture of marshmallow & mua chee. Chewy yet a little soft. But to pay between $7.80-$9.80 for it, i guess it is not attractive to the point that will make me return again. In fact, it's lacking of a distinct taste that is unique to them. We have to admit that with so many new yet similar concept stores coming up almost all at the same time, we are really not lacking of any choices and it’s really hard to attract and ensure that the customers are willing to go back the second time.https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/03/21/milk-honey/ for full review with pics continue reading
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Level4 2015-02-11
Located in the foyer, outside Metro, is this little but quaint Milk & Honey outlet. I've walked by here many times and they usually have little to no customers. I wonder if people get their yogurt to go, or just their business isn't doing too well at the moment.They have ample, comfortable sofa seating for 20 pax. Everything in here is very lively, even the choice of colours for the chairs and decorations.Here's their menu for their more infamous yogurt parfaits, the two young ladies at the counter will help advise you on what to get.The pictures were all so appetizing and I wanted to try them all. But at $7.80-$9.80 for one, I could only settle for one!Honey Parfait $8.80It does look as pretty as the picture, and it's also a lot bigger than I had expected. In the Honey Parfait, here's what they listed as the ingredients, white chocolate stick, orange chip, honey popcorn, honey crystal jello, crunchy crumble.The white chocolate stick tasted like a normal pocky. The orange chip was interesting, it was like a sun-dried, crystalized orange that in deed tasted like orange. The Honey popcorn tasted like any sweet popcorn. The honey crystal jello tasted like nata de coco which I thoroughly enjoyed the chewy texture with the soft and flowy yogurt. The crunchy crumble was my favourite. It was like eating little pockets of biscuit in every bite. There were also a good number of them.Having so many layers of ingredients requires you to put them in one by one before putting the yogurt on top. I understand that there is effort required by at $9 for one. I'm not entirely sure if that's a sensible pricing for this.No doubt though, this was a very pretty and yet good tasting yogurt parfait. continue reading
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